13 Online Jobs For College Students to Earn Extra Income

Last updated on July 22, 2020

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70 percent of college students work while they’re in school. They do this because they need to take care of certain expenses like groceries, school supplies and more.

Many hope to get a 9-5 job but finding an employer who will accommodate the kind of flexibility that you, as a college student need, is challenging.

Solution? Enter online jobs for college students.

What kind of online jobs can you do? Where do you find these gigs and how much can you earn? Let’s take a look.

What Are The Best Online Jobs for College Students?

Online Jobs For College Students

1.Freelance Writing

Gina Horkey went from earning $0 to $4,000 in six months when she decided to take up freelance writing as a career.

She didn’t really have any writing experience or a degree in writing. All she had was a burning desire to earn some income, as well as have a job that would give her plenty of flexibility.

If you have a passion or desire to write, have good grammatical, spelling and punctuation skills, you can become a freelance writer too.

Typical rates for freelance writers average from $50 per article but you can get paid as high as a dollar per word. Heck, some clients will pay you as high as $2000 to write them a white paper!

Where To Get Work

  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Problogger Job Board
  • Verblio
  • TextBroker

You can also start pitching to online magazines for work. There are plenty of pet, health and fitness, beauty, and fashion magazines that are looking to hire writers.

Freelance writing for college students – Some tips to consider

  • Instead of writing about everything under the sun, pick a niche or two, e.g tech, fashion, travel.
  • Create a portfolio. Potential clients will want to see what you can do rather than relying on what you say you can do.
  • Long-term contracts are preferable to short-term ones as they help to make your income a bit more predictable in a very unpredictable freelance environment.

Gina Horkey, the lady I mentioned earlier, has a remarkable e-course on freelance writing that will help you get the clients you deserve!

Trust me, the material in her course isn’t info that can be easily Googled.

This free workshop on how to build a six-figure writing career created by Holly Johnson is also worth checking out.

2.Transcription Work

GoTranscript Review

Having worked as a transcriptionist for over five years, I can attest that transcription work is a fun online job that college students will enjoy.

Transcription is simply the conversion of audio to text and you get to transcribe a wide range of audios and videos. From sermons to interviews to authors speaking into their recorders and more.

How many times have I laughed as I transcribed a humorous interview between two funny characters!

In terms of skills, you need to have good English, listening and typing skills. You also need to have good research skills.

You will from time to time have to look up names of towns, cities, countries and even people’s names so Google will eventually become your best friend.

Tools needed: A laptop or PC, good quality headphones, a comfortable (preferably ergonomic) chair, and Express Scribe transcription software.

Pay is usually calculated per audio minute and the industry standard is $1 per audio minute. That means you’ll earn $60 for a 60 minute audio file.

You’ll discover that in some transcription companies, you’ll start off as a transcriber, but as you submit accurate transcripts consistently, you’ll get the chance to become a reviewer, and review other transcribers work.

That means more money!

If you need transcription training before taking on transcription work, Janet Shaugnessy has a Free 7-Lesson Transcription Mini Course!  Janet has been a professional transcriptionist for more than a decade. Her free e-course will teach you everything you need to know about general transcription.

Where To Get Work

Freelance transcription work for college students – Tips to Consider

  • Transcription can take a long time, especially when it comes to long audio files. Try and stick to shorter ones, say between 10-30 minutes long.
  • Ensure that you invest in a comfortable ergonomic chair so that you back and shoulders are well taken care of.

3. Surveys for Money

surveys for money

Surveys, unlike transcription work, aren’t strenuous at all. They are typically short gigs that one can complete within minutes.

Companies liaise with survey sites because they need data to help them improve their products or services. However, the pay is low.

Many of the survey sites pay via points but there are a good number that pay you cash.

Again, don’t expect to earn a lot from survey companies. It’s generally money that will help you pay a couple of bills here and there.

However companies like Vindale Research pay up to $50 per survey. Respondent also pays up to $100. The latter is more of a market research company than your average survey site.

A common issue many people have with surveys is getting rejected while taking surveys but thankfully, many survey sites will reimburse you for the time you took filling out the survey before you were cut off.

Where To Get Surveys

Vindale Research: Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Product Developers are willing to pay reviewers between $5 and $75 per completed survey.

Swagbucks – Get paid to watch videos, take surveys and play games. Swagbucks is currently the most popular reward site. Get $10 when you sign up!

Respondent: Pays as much as $100 per research study. Start earning today now!

OneOpinion: A survey site that pays its members between $1-$5 per survey.

SurveyJunkie: Get paid to complete surveys. Earn $1-$3 per survey. Register now!

Pinecone Research: Earn $3 per survey. Get a chance to do product testing as well. 

You’ll discover that you won’t be eligible for every survey so it’s a good idea to sign up on at least three if not all of the above sites.

4. Blogging

Blogging is one of my favorite ways to make money online, especially because it gives me an opportunity to make passive income.

Every day, millions of people visit Google for one reason or another, but mainly it’s because they want an answer to one of their queries. That query may be ‘what is the best laptop to buy?’

The Google visitor will then click on the first or the second link that he believes will best answer his query.

In the same way, you can also start a blog on a certain topic: fitness, dating, beauty and many more.

Note: If you are ready to get started, head over to Bluehost and get set up for as little as $3.95/month!

If you have a certain topic in mind and can think of 30 articles that you can write about within that topic, then you’re in the right track.

Once you start bringing traffic (i.e readers) to your blog, you can earn money via ads, selling your products or services or affiliate marketing.

Making money from your blog will take time but if you have patience and lots of persistence, it can help you earn a full-time income after a year or so.

Here’s a tutorial on how you can start your blog today and start earning month after month!

5. Online English Teaching Jobs

Magic Ears Review

Teaching online is increasingly becoming a popular online job for some. There are plenty of people who want to learn a second language, be it French, Spanish, Italian, etc.

The most common of these teaching jobs is teaching English online.

The pay starts at $15 per hour but can go all the way to $22 with sites like VIPKid.

The only downside to this online job is that some of these online teaching platforms require you to have a college degree. Thankfully, there are a few that don’t:

The tools that you will need are:

  • A PC
  • Webcam
  • Internet Connection
  • Headphones
  • Fluppy puppets and other entertaining toys if you’re teaching young kids.

6.  Pet Sitting/Dog Walking With Rover

pet sitting work

So you’re a college student who’s totally in love with dogs. Can’t get enough of those canine comrades? Then you and Rover will make a great team.  

Rover is a company that provides pet sitting and dog walking services to thousands of customers in the US.

It’s a site where customers can get daytime and overnight care for their pets, as well as a place where they can get people to walk their dogs.

Why Pet Sitting With Rover Is Great For College Students

  • You get to set your own schedule. You can pet sit in the evening if you have classes during the day or walk dogs during the day if you have evening classes.
  • Easily post your availability on the Rover site so that potential clients can view your schedule.
  • There are several pet care options to choose from. You can walk dogs, make drop-in visits, house sit, and more.
  • Set your own pay rates.
  • Get paid two days after each sitting or dog walk.
  • There’s a Rover mobile app that makes this gig so easy to do.

And finally, it really is a FUN and FULFILLING gig.

You can earn up to $1,000 per month just doing this part-time.

Sign up and get all the juicy details from Rover!

7. Delivering Food With DoorDash

More and more college students are signing up to become DoorDash drivers.

Tuition is increasing and so are daily expenses. Plus which college student doesn’t want to have some fun and unwind from time to time right? You need cash for that.

DoorDash hires independent contractors like you to deliver food to customers. You set your own hours and work with very little supervision.

Some college students have reported preferring DoorDash driving to Lyft  because in the former case, you’re only delivering food and not carrying passengers.

I believe that’s why the age limit is lower for DoorDash as well. You can become a Door Dash driver if you’re as young as 18 years.

Ensure that you keep an eye on your customer rating. With consistent excellent customer service,you can keep your ratings high, thus ensuring that you get more and more orders.

Some college students who have taken up DoorDashing report earning a cool $18 per hour, though that is more likely to happen if you take orders during dinner hours.

Sign up with DoorDash to start earning today!

8. Driving for Lyft

Instead of driving around with empty seats in your car, you can join Lyft and make money while still in college.

Lyft drivers earn around $377 per month.

Of course, you need to bear in mind that there are expenses such as gas and maintenance that you will be responsible for.

Still, Lyft offers you an opportunity to earn while you’re not in class and not only that, but YOU get to choose when you want to drive passengers.

Sign up for Lyft and get all the juicy details!

9. Test Websites

The first time I heard about this online gig, I was completely intimidated.

I thought it was the type of gig where one needed to know HTML, CSS and other technical stuff. Not so.

Testing websites is all about looking around a website or a blog and getting a feel of it: do the links work well? Is the font size too small? Does the add to cart button work as designed and more.

In other words, how functional the site is.

You then record your thoughts or write them down as a sort of review.

You’ll earn around $10 per test for this online job. Some of the companies that hire website testers are:

UserTest.io: Pays $10.50 per test.

UserFeel: Pays $10 per test. Payment is done via Paypal.

TrymyUI – Pays $10 per test. Tests take 15-20 minutes to complete.

10. Charging Electric Scooters – Lime App

Lime was founded in 2017 with the aim of providing earth-friendly and affordable transportation.  

The company has bikes, scooters and cars but our focus on this section is on the scooters.

Lime scooters need to be charged every day and the company hires ‘Juicers’ which is the term used for people who charge scooters.

You can expect to earn around $5 for every scooter you charge. 

If you decide to charge just one scooter a day, you can easily make $150 in a month for a job that will only take you an hour or two!

If you charge 3 scooters per day, that will net you a good $450 that month!

The majority of scooters are available for collection after 9 pm and need to be returned by 7 a.m.

If you are a college student who’s in a busy city, then you definitely should consider becoming a Lime juicer as long as you are atleast 18 years of age.

11. Sell Crafts on Etsy

Etsy is the go-to platform for crafty people.  No. Not that kind of crafty but crafty meaning you like to create stuff!

Well, what kind of crafts can you make? There are quite a couple. For instance:

  • Wooden spoons (purchase wooden spoons and put patterns on them)
  • Key chains
  • Purses
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Pillow covers
  • Dog collars

And more!

The fabulous items you make/design aren’t going to sell automatically so it’s recommended that you:

  • Take high quality photos of your products . This will help your items look more professional and therefore more attractive to prospective buyers.
  • Create discount codes for your Etsy shop. They are a great way to get more people buying from you.
  • Take advantage of social media. Open a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram account to get more eyes on your products.

Etsy comes highly recommended as a platform for college students to sell their crafts.

  • It’s pretty easy to open and set up your Etsy shop. It’s also FREE!
  • Etsy has a bajillion people who visit the site every month. That’s good traffic for your shop.
  • Etsy has a mobile app that makes it easy for you to manage your shop on the go.
  • Has great analytics to help you track your numbers and stats.

12. Become a Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

Virtual assistants do all sorts of things ranging from writing blog posts, to moderating blog comments to creating Pinterest images to social media gigs.

Thankfully, the virtual assistant industry is growing and there is a demand for VAs as more business owners seek to delegate the less essential tasks and focus on their core business.

Where to Get Virtual Assistant Work

13. Graphic Design Job

Do you have an eye for detail? Do you sometimes look at a brochure or a flyer and think of ways in which that flyer can be improved?

You could very well be graphic designer material.

Small businesses and website owners need graphics. They are looking to get business cards, infographics, flyers, Pinterest and Instagram images created.

You can charge $10 to design a pretty Pinterest pin and between $30-50 to create a logo. Once you begin getting return clients and referrals, that will easily turn into a good monthly income.

Where To Get Work

Online jobs offer college students an opportunity to not only earn money online but also to do so in a flexible manner.

I believe the options above will point you in the right direction. Get started already won’t you!

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