20 Female Bloggers To Follow In 2020 That Will Totally Inspire You!

Last updated on November 1, 2018

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When these 20 ladies started their blogs, they had no idea how much it would affect their lives.

Some of them were writing about stuff they were passionate about while others understood, right from the bat, that they wanted to make some extra money, and that their blog would be the vehicle that would allow them to do so.

Even in the tough times, they did not let failures deter them nor did they let challenges waver their determination.

Great! Enough with that pep talk.

It’s my hope that the stories of these 20 female bloggers will inspire you, especially if you’ve been thinking of starting your own blog. If you have, then this step-by-step tutorial will come in handy. Check it out!

  1. Elna Cain from Twins Mommy

Elna is a Pinterest queen!

She started off her online business career as a freelance writer and gradually transitioned into becoming a prolific blogger.

I love the way she connects so seamlessly with her audience, who are mostly moms.

She shares tips for beginner bloggers, with a special focus on how to grow your blog using the Pinterest platform.

2.  Arabah from Arabah Joy

Do you know why I looove compiling these kinds of blog posts for you? To show you that you can become a successful blogger in almost any niche. Obviously, the keyword there is almost.

Take Arabah Joy for instance. She’s the owner of arabahjoy, a Christian blog.

Her mission is to help women grow in intimacy with God so they live purposeful lives, filled with joy and passion.

Who knew a blog could be used to serve God, spread the Gospel, inspire women (and everyone) and make money at the same time?

She monetizes her blog mainly by selling her own products like a bible study binder, scripture cards, and other printables.

3.  Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog

Abby inspires me because while starting her blog in 2013, she wondered whether her blog would work out as she had planned. 

I had the same fears, and many of you do. Fast-forward to 2018, she has not only made it, but she brought her husband on board and now it is a successful family business. I almost forgot that she has 2 handsome boys.

Although her blog is mostly about printables and home decor, she has a great course on blogging working online and many ways to monetize a blog.

4.  Carly the Mommy from Mommy on Purpose

I introduced her as Carly the mommy but she calls herself a lot of cute things.

I have lots of admiration for this lady who once worked as a waitress. She’s a dedicated mom and shares her mom journey on her blog, talking about the joys and challenges that come with pregnancy and motherhood.

She shares info on postpartum care, working from home, breastfeeding and loving your babies to turn this otherwise overwhelming journey into a memorable journey.

Another thing I love about Carly is that she’s not afraid to test things out to see what’s working and what isn’t.

It’s that love of experimenting that has helped her become a smart affiliate marketer and led her to create her amazing course – Affiliate Marketing For Bloggers.

She shares her best tips and tricks on how to make money with your blog by promoting other people’s products. Do check it out!

5.  Mariah Coz from Femtrepreneur

Mariah is a bad-ass lady who likes to give it to you straight.

Her online business was successful by the time she hit 25, having tried different things like tour guiding, public speaking and selling products online.

Today, she has dedicated her life (and blog) to helping other people make money through digital products in the most precise way. You gotta love her energy and precision!

6.  Rosemarie from Busy Budgeter

Rosemarie is all about organization especially when it comes to organizing your time and money.

She talks about laundry, meals, how to have a clutter-free garage, and even how to make your own TV dinners so that you can save money.

There are plenty of juicy takeaways from her blog.

  1. Michelle from Making Sense of Cents

When Michelle graduated from college, she had accrued $38,000 in student loans.

Rather than panic, her female instincts kicked in and she devised ways of repaying her loan.

Listen; in just 7 months, she had repaid the loan in full. From there, she decided to use her financial skills to help other people live debt-free, make more money and get the best value from it.

Our lady here is so successful that she lives her life travelling the world.

On her blog, she will equip you with the skills she uses to live that lifestyle. The best thing about it is that it is all about making money online through blogging, affiliate marketing and saving money.

Awesome stuff!

  1. Monica from Redefining Mom

Monica is a work-at-home mom with 2 daughters.

I define her as daring. Before 2016, she had been working for a Fortune 100 organization and actually QUIT to set up her own blog, which she later transformed into a business.

She works for herself now, and is very happy with the risk she took in 2016!

Her blogging business revolves around empowering moms.

She emphasizes quitting 9-5 routines and settling on more flexible lifestyles.

She focuses mainly on blogging as a business. However, you will get very informative content regarding family budgets, working as a mom, Pinterest marketing and selling digital products.

  1. Tasha Designer from Designer Trapped

Strap on your seatbelt for this one.

Tasha quit work as a civil lawyer to start a DIY blog business with her husband! That was years ago.

After taking several courses on how to become a better blogger, she launched her own product – Designer in a Binder, which has earned her over $65,000 so far.

What a lady!

From leaving her private practice of law business to owning a thriving blog on home decor and DIY.  Inspiring I would say.

10.   Suzi Whitford from Start A Mom Blog

Here’s another ex-Fortune 100 companies mom of 3.

When she delivered her first baby, Suzi confesses to feeling lonely and having lots of energy which she had no idea how to use.

It was then that she began blogging and connecting with other moms as a pastime. Soon after, she began sharing her motherhood experiences as well as sharing recipes and crafts.

Today, she employs her engineering background to create blogging methods that attract traffic and sales, catapulting new blogs to moneymaking channels in no time.

In addition to blogging, she shares tips on time management and also sells blogging ebooks. Her story so inspired me that I decided to check out her Income Journey ebook where she shares all the ups and downs of her blogging journey; the blood, sweat and [joyful] tears.

Find out how she was able to grow her blog from $0 to a healthy $17,000.

11.   Carolina from Mama Instincts

Our next star, Carolina, set up her blog with the mission of helping one mom a day. I think it’s your day!

She is a little unique in that her site is biased towards green living and a little parenting is added on the side.

A green environment is superb for ideal family life, and she shares tips on this on her blog. She writes about a lot of things, from honey recipes to how to make soaps, healthy desserts, and smoothies.

She monetizes her blog via selling DIY Kits and is also an Amazon affiliate.

12.   McKenzie Bean from Moms Make Cents

Bean has been blogging from 2012, particularly doing online marketing.

She was a victim of untimely layoffs when, together with her husband, they received massive income cuts. Worse still, this was just as she was about to deliver her first bundle of joy.

Long story short, the trying times pushed her into blogging, and that is where her success lay in wait! In about 6 months, she was making double the salary she was getting from her job.

Her majors are creating and selling her own products as well as affiliate marketing.

13.   Tiffany from Beautiful Dawn Designs

Of all the blogs that we’ve been discussing above, Tiffany’s is the one that is solely dedicated to blogging. In fact, she calls it a blogging school.

This is perfect in case you need to focus on setting up a blog first. In my opinion, it is one of the most newbie friendly ‘blogging about blogging ‘ websites out there.

She writes about all things blogging and every once in a while, shares freelancing tips as well.

14.    Sue Dunvelie of Successful Blogging

Sue and Tiffany are ‘blogging about blogging’ bloggers (those are a lot of b-s ha!

On her blog, Sue focuses mainly on three things: how to start a blog, growing your blog and connecting with your audience and how to blog as a full-time job.

You can find a free guide on her blog with all the above tips. This was one of the many sites I spent a lot of time when I started my blogging journey.

15.   Lena Got of What Mommy Does

Lena felt that educating women on financial literacy was key to having a family that was all-rounded. 

She thinks the school system doesn’t do enough of it. And that I definitely concur with. 

To attain this goal, she has a blog. On it, she teaches people how to set up their own.

Next, she shows them the way to budget, utilize and save money. There are bonus lessons on free printables and methods of making extra income such as affiliate marketing and selling courses.

16.    Kate Ahl of Simple Pin Media

Kate’s body, soul and spirit oozes Pinterest. She has a passion for helping bloggers and other online business creators grow their business using Pinterest. In fact, any time Pinterest gurus are mentioned, Kate’s name will almost always be mentioned. 

But it wasn’t always this way.  At one time, Kate’s family was living off government assistance and $1,000 a month. That amount, as you can imagine, simply wasn’t enough for a family of five.

So this prayerful lady started Simple Pin by first buying a domain in 2013 and later launching in January 2014 with three clients.  Before she knew it, three clients had turned into six and her business just kept growing. 

My favorite Kate quote:

“I believe all business owners need to remain teachable and must be willing to be lead by those who have gone before.”

17.    Chelsea Clarke of Her Paper Route

I can never forget super mom Chelsea!

She is another no-nonsense work-at-home mother who is against the spam of flashy ads that mislead women on how they would make them rich overnight.

She has her formula of success and gives it hands-on so you start making money from your initial blog posts.

She emphasizes on setting up a blog, monetizing it and turning it into a business. Simple as that.

And she’s not all talk.

Chelsea started a beauty blog which she later sold at the tune of $50,000 just this year! Enough said.

18.   Helene of Helene in Between

Helene began blogging mistakenly .. if that is even a thing.

Helene and her fiance sold all their property just so they could travel across Europe and find a way to earn while at it.

On one expedition, she fell during rock climbing and broke her leg. While in bed, she began blogging and from there, it has been a story of miracles.

She is a popular blogger in the travel niche and loves to travel as she shares tips on her travels as well as blogging tips. 

19.    Meera Kothand of Meera Kothand

Meera affirms what every online business person knows – that patience is key when building an online business.

She reveals how she would cry when after a series of marketing endeavors, only 2 people bought a course she had created.

She even crashed her site out of desperation. Experience later taught her that winners are only those who play the long game.

Today, she is a successful blogger, indulging in email marketing, blogging content and strategies, and affiliate marketing. She can teach you all these in her paid as well as free courses.

20.    Sarah Titus of Sarah Titus

Hers is a story of grass to grace. Sarah was once in $30k worth of debt and was so poor that she lived in a homeless shelter.

Her husband had neglected her together with her kids and their family dog. She coined the idea of earning from home when she was taken to court over her debt.

In her 12th month of blogging after that, she made over $10k in a month.

From the bitter experiences, she learned to survive on any income and even save, no matter how little.

Better still, she created a blog where she shows people the survival tactics she used to overcome her dark past. Of course, blogging tops the list, followed by lifestyle tips and multiple channels of earning online.


There are many more examples of successful female bloggers to follow who have also overcome certain odds and are role models to us. Do you have any in mind that I haven’t covered here? Feel free to share in the comment section!

Before you leave, here are some awesome resources that smart bloggers always check out!  

Tailwind – a scheduler that will save you loads of time on Pinterest, as well as show you how well your pins are performing. Did I mention that you get a free $15 when you sign up?

Grammarly – bloggers need not worry about having spelling and punctuation errors on their blog posts. Must have tool!

Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies eCourse – Learn how Pinterest can send you blog traffic with the tips and strategies that Carly’s shares. This ecourse is super popular and for good reason. It works!   

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  • Hello I appreciate you sharing this message. I recently decided to start a blog and to be honest I get cold feet every night. I find myself getting frustrated looking up female bloggers juggling through different blogs till I just can’t focus on one thing. Do you have any advice


    • Hi Ashley. Many times when you want to start a new venture, one will usually get cold feet. It’s an opportunity to get into new waters and no one knows what the future holds. I’d encourage you to focus on your ‘why’. Why do you want to start a blog? Is it to share what you know with the world? Is it for monetization purposes? Keep that why at the forefront of your mind and realize that this journey will have its ups and downs but it will be worth it in the end.

  • Hey Sheeroh,

    These ladies are so inspiring. I restarted my blog in Jan this year.

    Yeah! I started writing blogs in 2017 but had to leave it due to personal reasons. But this time, I have decided to be consistent and recently started getting appreciation as well for my work.

    Keep up the great work.

  • Ok I admit my first thought was this might be a great way to create another income stream and give me the time to get healthy but I clearly don’t even know where or how to begin.

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