25 Sites Where You Can Get Free Stock Photos: Rustic, Modern and Naturistic Photos

Last updated on March 22, 2018

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How many times have you been to a blog, website, or any social media profile where you immediately got turned off by either the quality, size or choice of photo used?

I can barely count mine. If you happen to be a graphic designer, fashion or food blogger or any blogger for that matter, you know that the choice and quality of your photos is critical in giving your readers a good experience.

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Back to photo quality. It is said that our brains tend to be attracted to visuals and according to this article here, about 50% of our brain is involved in visual processing.

In that regard, I have curated a list of 25 free stock photo sites where you can get sleek and fresh photos.

Most of these sites do not require any attribution but a few do.

1. Visual Hunt

Do you prefer using a search engine to locate your kind of photos? Then Visual Hunt has this feature for you. You can type a keyword and choose the preferred color then hit search. More filters pop up after this. No attribution is needed. 100% free

2. Kaboompics

At Kaboompics, you will notice a little difference from other libraries. For instance, they may post a similar photo in different formats (landscape or portrait).

Many other dimensions may be found. You can narrow your search using color. The photos are also absolutely free to use.

3. Stock Vault

On this website, you will find all types of photos, but most are cartoonized or animated. When you click on an image, it will display more works from the photographer or creator.

All the photos here are free and attribution is not necessary.

4. Stocksnap

Stocksnap will give you thousands of free photos licensed under the Creative Commons Zero. You can use them in any way.

They have a unique “trending” category where you can see the most popular photos. When you click on an image, there is a “similar photos” option where you can see related content.

5. Unsplash

They’re one of the best and biggest collections of high-resolution modern photos, not to mention the best for stock images.

Their team regularly combs through tons of new submissions to feature the very best of them on their homepage. The best thing is that all their photos are released free of charge under their [unsplash] license.

6. Stock Photos for Free

Here is another source of unlimited stock photos. You can download as many as you wish. Their products are free to use but you need to sign up before you can download them.

7. Pexels

Pexels have high-quality stock photos that are absolutely free to use as they’re licensed under the Creative Commons Zero License.

Their organization on the site is amazing as the photos are searchable, nicely tagged and you can use their ‘discover’ pages to find them more easily.

8. Gratisopraphy

Flora and fauna lovers will find their desires here. I was impressed by their huge collection of animal and naturistic photos in HD. All photos are free for personal and commercial use.

However, if you feel a little philanthropic, there is a “buy me coffee” button where you can donate to help with running the site. New pictures are uploaded weekly.

9. Pixabay

At Pixabay, you will find the biggest collection of art illustrations, vectors, and free stock photos. Their quality is definitely world-class. You can use their photos freely as they’re licensed under the Creative Commons.

Where Can I Find Good Quality Food Photos For Free?

10. Foodies Feed

If you’re a food blogger, and you’re looking for a great site where you can find high-quality food pics, foodies feed will be a great fit.

This site has beautiful and realistic pictures of food in HD. Food bloggers camp here for images. While their collection is not very huge, the quality is satisfying.

11. Free Food Photos

This is a photo library of food and beverage photos that you can download and use without paying. However, you need to attribute their images (quote the source). They have a bigger collection than the previous site.

12. Foodie Factor

Foodie Factor offers free drink and food stock photos. They currently boast of over 1,000 images in their collection, with more being added weekly.

You don’t have to attribute them upon use, but kindly read their terms.

13. Foodshot

Foodshot is the go-to site for handpicked food and drinks photos. You’re not bound to find any image that is unappealing. Therefore, food bloggers can find intriguing images here. They are pretty strict when it comes to quality; a theme they openly state in their guidelines.

The images are free to use without additional permissions.

Where Can I Find Photos of  African-Americans or Black People?

14. Nappy

Glad you asked. And let’s face it, you’re not the only one who has been curious about this. There have been a lot of complaints about the lack of diversity in many free photo sites.

It’s not exactly easy to find a good quality picture of a black hand typing on a laptop. I should know. I’ve spent a significant time searching for those kinds of photos. 

Enter Nappy. Nappy is an interesting stock photo store in that their aim is to improve the representation of black and brown people.

You will find a lot of images that are wittily created to send a positive message about this unique group.

They come with a Creative Commons Zero License so you can use them in any way. They encourage attribution but it is not mandatory.

15. Create Her Stock

Here is some more Wakanda love for ya. The site, founded in July 2015, is curated for women of color and provides images to be used in furthering the agenda of promoting the black woman.

This has made it a favorite spot for online influencers of color, creatives and female bloggers.

There are two categories where one is premium and the other is free. If you are using a photo for your blog or for example, as an image to pin on Pinterest, that’ll be free. 

However, the site requires that if you use their content for major traffic or monetizing purposes, you need to purchase an extended license from them.

More great sites where you can find good quality photos include:

16. Free Digital Photos

When I first started blogging, this was the first site where I would source for images. Freedigitalphotos have tons of images in store.

On the right side of the site, you can filter and search your results for easier navigation. The images are free to use but you must attribute them.

17. Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons provides photos and images that are mostly informational. Photographers may also feature their works here.

All the content is free to download and re-use. However, read the terms of each photo as some might require attribution.

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18. Burst from Shopify

Burst is brought to you by Shopify. They have free stock photos mostly for entrepreneurs, released unconditionally under the CC0 license. Another bonus is that the photos are high resolution. 

Their aim is to help entrepreneurs in making better websites, products and marketing campaigns. I find them quite helpful for online entrepreneurs.

19. Pictography

The images here can be used for commercial use. You’ll find that most of the images on this site  “tell stories” and come highly recommended if you have a personal or lifestyle blog. 

The images are free, being licensed under the CC0 permit. They encourage attribution but it is not a must.

20. PicJumbo

Picjumbo has an inspirational story to it. When photographer and designer Viktor Hanacek’s photos were rejected by existing stock image sites before 2013, he decided to set up his own.

Two years after he created his own site, he recorded well over 2.5 million downloads. He has great photos in all categories, which you can use freely. However, if you are feeling generous, you can buy him ‘coffee’ via PayPal. 

21. Dreamstime

74 million high-quality photos are what this website promises you. You clearly have no reason to bore people with old, repetitive images found all over the web.

There is a section for premium as well as free images. In the latter category, all they ask of you is to attribute (mention them) in the photos you download.

22. Shotstash

Here is another site where you will find free stock images for commercial use.  The site also posts images of products from top brands such as Nike and Apple. In as much as they provide them all for free, they warn that such pictures might require third-party licenses.

They also give an option: that if you can modify the brand product images to be unrecognizable, they are all yours to enjoy.

23. Rawpixel

Rawpixel has a vast collection of images that can be downloaded and used for all purposes. They have a premium as well as a free section. This does not imply that the free photos are in any way inferior.

They have an outstanding feature i,e boards, similar to those on Pinterest. You can save images in different boards that you create within the site.

24. Freephotos

This post would not be complete without mentioning Freephotos.cc. They are rather popular owing to their layout in which they have grouped their photos in over 100 categories. You can also edit photos on the website.

They feature an amazing [free] photo every day on the homepage. You can download as many free images as you wish in the “free” category. The site also has a premium section.

25. Death To The Stock Photo

That name sure does sound like one is watching an epic movie from the 1600s. Aside from that, this site also has a good number of images.

However, you need to subscribe to their email list to gain access to 10 stock photos sent to your inbox every month.

They send you different varieties and categories each time. Images from the site come with their own license, so, once in your inbox, you have the freedom to use as you please.


It can be very tempting to pull an image from Google and post it on your site. But many of those images aren’t free for the taking. Instead of taking that route, choose a free photo from one of these fabulous sites above. Happy blogging!

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  • Hi Sheeroh,

    Thanks for this post. As in, this is real value. I’ve checked the first site and a few others, and they work.

    Sometimes you find that some sites are offering free stock photos, but you wonder are they really free yet the branding in the background kinda spoils it all! lol.

    I’ll be checking out more of these sites. Thanks a lot!

    Jackie n Jackline

  • Hi Sheeroh!

    Many thanks for yet another zesty and helpful list.
    I’ll definitely be checking the recommended sites out.

    This might sound strange, because I’m an “mlungu” (still proudly African though, born and bred 🙂 ), but I’m thrilled to hear about Nappy and Create Her Stock. I have seen for myself that representation of people of colour is lagging behind, and that’s just not acceptable, so this is an exciting development.

    ***Unity in diversity!***


    • Interesting! In Kenya we say “mzungu” 🙂 I agree. It’s about time we had more such sites. Glad you enjoyed reading and keep it TMM!

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