3 Best Freelance Writing Job Boards

Last updated on August 25, 2020

Best Freelance Writing Jobs

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If you’re starting out on freelance writing to earn extra income or you’re just seeking more professional writing opportunities, there’s no question that you’re among the millions of people who have discovered the potential of professional freelance writing.

As the digital nomad lifestyle expands, so do the resources of writing tasks.

There are several websites where writers can fish for freelance writing jobs. The most popular ones include Fiverr.com, iWriter, Upwork, Guru, Peopleperhour and so on.

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However, as freelancing grows in popularity, spreading your wings a little doesn’t hurt.

In this post, I will reveal three best freelance writing job boards  where writers can get writing jobs.

1. ProBlogger

ProBlogger is a good job board to get writing gigs. As the name suggests, it mainly features blogging jobs, meaning blog writers are best suited here.

Writers applaud this site owing to its regular updates, meaning there are fresh writing jobs posted, on average, after every two to three days.

Also, the quality of clients is quite good, as clients have to pay $70 for a job to be posted. 

As hinted before, most jobs here are blog posts. All the same, ProBlogger is still a good market for other writing tasks.

The best thing about this site is their interface. Immediately you log onto the site, all available jobs are posted there.

Better still, you can see the latest jobs marked with a “NEW” icon.

These are the best since your chances of being the first to work on them are high. You can also use keywords to filter for the niche you feel best in.

Every client will post their job along with the offer price. It is up to you to decide whether the pay is okay or not. You will find jobs paying as high as $0.05 per word.

The good thing about the Problogger job board is that you can see the name of the client before you apply for the job (unlike in a site like Upwork) therefore you can go out of your way and do a little bit of research about the company/organization before you send your application letter. 

Although newbies can apply for these jobs, I recommend you consider this site once you have a bit of experience under your belt as most of the clients posting jobs on this site have high standards. 

Check out the Problogger Job Board.  

2. Coinality

If you have heard about Coinality, you probably know that it is famous for cryptocurrency-related activities.

Cryptocurrencies are the emerging [virtual] currencies used online for payments.

This is money that you cannot touch but works like the typical Dollar.

The writing bit is a little new but is very interesting and pays well.

You can get freelance writing jobs related to cryptocurrency on this site that launched on September 2013.

Therefore, if you have good information about virtual money such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero or you understand blockchain technology inside out, there’s a good chance you’ll find someone in dire need of your services.

Just like other job boards, Coinality has pages dedicated to advertising available work. They are listed for the freelancer to choose.

When you click on the listed titles, the job opens up on a new page and all the details appear.

Clients on the site require either part-time or full-time workers. This will be indicated on the job title. The title is followed by the instructions.

On Coinality, you are paid in cryptocurrency – either bitcoin, litecoin or dogecoin.

The most popular currency used to pay is Bitcoin (indicated as BTC) at the end of the instructions.

This is an advantage since bitcoin is a store of value, and the price keeps increasing month after month.

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What is bitcoin?

Some of the companies that post jobs on the site include Coinbase, Kraken, Bitpay among others. 

You need to apply for these jobs and wait for the client to choose their preferred worker.  Also,  writing jobs are not as many as you would expect.

As such, use filters such as “writing” or “content writing” to filter out the hundreds of other tasks.

During the application, you need to explain your experience with cryptocurrency and writing as well.

Check out the Coinality site. 

3. Freelancewritingsgigs.com

The third freelance writing job board is freelancewritinggigs.com.

This site has a lot of resources and tips to help one become a pro-writer: blogging resources, grammar guide, freelance business tips, et cetera. 

Apart from that, there are jobs posted on the site as well.

There are many job opportunities for bloggers, editors, writers, technical writers, translators, journalists and so on.

The job board uses the same format as the other two to advertise writing opportunities.

There is a page with job titles and pay indicated, where the worker needs to click to get all the details.

However, they are a little better in that they group their tasks by the date they were posted. For instance, you will see today’s jobs as well as previous days’.

The pay rates differ with each task and as far as I could tell, remuneration is averagely satisfying and better paying.

They don’t allow jobs worth less than $10 to be posted. They also incorporate jobs from Craiglist and Flexjobs. 

Check out freelancewritinggigs.com

top freelance writing job boards


One of the downsides to writing, or freelancing in general, is that you cannot rely on one source of jobs for long.

It might work well for you if you’re lucky, but the risks of putting all of your eggs in one basket is high.

I have said it time and again; it’s important to diversify. 

Go beyond the very popular content mills and explore the wild seas. Some of them might have a lot of good clients (and work) but few workers.

These three best freelance writing job boards can help you get regular work and if interested, enough work for outsourcing.

Before you go, you need to know that smart writers always take a look at the resources below:

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