35+ Blog Income Reports For 2020 – How Bloggers Earn Money

Last updated on September 17, 2018

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“Is blogging still a thing?” is one of the Google searches you’ll find, along with “Is there still money in blogging?”

That’s a good question considering that there appears to be a bajillion blogs on the internet. If you were to start your blog today, would you really be able to earn an income from it, let alone a full-time income, or is the market too saturated?

To answer the question, I have prepared 35-plus blog income reports that will inspire you and prove to you that indeed, you CAN make money from your blog.

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Now, on to the income reports. If you’re wondering which niches are profitable for bloggers, you’ll discover that many of the bloggers in this blog post are in different niches, such as food, travel, making money and even arts and crafts!

You can make money in almost any niche. Yes, it’s possible. So here goes:

Travel Niche

Adventure in you

Tom and Anna run this travel and adventure blog together. They share tips on how bloggers can make money off  travel blogging.

They sell travel books, have a travel blog course, a universal blogging course and so much more. In April, they made $15, 174, $23,120 in May and $19,233 in June 2018. All this money is made as they travel!

Practical Wanderlust

The couple Lia and Jeremy run this wonderful travel blog. Their blog shares travel ideas, travel guides, travels for couples, travel food and drinks as well as market travel-related organizations.

The couple earned $5,882 in April 2018 majorly via affiliate income – $3,168 and ad income –  $2,471

Living the Dream

And yet another couple! Jeremy and Angie are travel enthusiasts with a superb money-making blog.

They make money advertising travel destinations as well as educating their readers on destinations, cheap holidays and how to blog for money.

In August 2018, they made $3,372 from Ads, $500 from freelancing and $1,719 from affiliate marketing.

Once In a Lifetime Journey

Mar Pages also quit her 9 to 5 to focus on travel blogging.

Now, she is such a pro blogger that her site includes not only travel data but also inspirational content, digital marketing info, e-books and personal lifestyle content.

She makes money through marketing destinations, selling some courses and e-books, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

Her earnings in March 2018 were $7,515.

It’s a Lovely Life!

This blog was started by Delaney Reese but is now more of a family business.

Apart from interesting travel escapades, Reese shares information on how you can work online as you travel.

Her super earnings come from affiliate marketing, sponsored content and selling courses.

In March 2018, she earned $208,558!

Make Money/Make Money Blogging Niche

Making Sense of Cents

This personal finance blog by Michelle Gordner shows you how to save money, make money from multiple side hustles and also how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

The lady makes over $100k per month from her blog.

In August 2018, she made $110, 284!

Millennial Boss

J, as she calls herself, began her blog as a way of tracking her $100k debt payoff. She came up with ideas to make money and clear the debt.

Delighted by her success, she kept blogging and sharing online earning opportunities as a means of living.

She made $2,750 in August 2018, with a good chunk coming from MediaVine ads.

I talk about MediaVine towards the end of this blog post.

Money Done Right

Another couple! Logan and Caroline run this personal finance blog.

They talk about saving, as well as how to earn and grow your money. In January 2018, their best month in blogging, they made a clean $12,456 in a blog that is just 1-year-old.

Do you Even Blog

Pete McPherson runs this blog which he founded in  2016.

He focuses on creating blogs, learning to monetize them as well as affiliate marketing. He has interviewed many internet marketing gurus on his blog.

In March 2018, sales from products and affiliate marketing earned Pete $3,227.


Brok, the blog owner, is passionate about sharing info on work-from-home opportunities.

In August 2018, he earned a little over $6,000, a big percentage being affiliate earnings.

Crowd Work News

Sireesha, a work at home mom to two girls, is the founder of this blog.

She has worked online for over a decade and shares the gained knowledge on her site. Apart from blogging, she broadcasts new and effective online hustles and sells some courses.

Through display advertising, freelancing and affiliate marketing, she earned $4,512 in April 2018.

Create and Go

Alex and Lauren are a couple who have two blogs – one on fitness and another one where they share tips on how to blog like pros.

A huge bulk of their income comes from selling their digital products and services.

In August 2018, they made $162,051.

Blog Darling

Blog Darling is a super blog for aspiring newbies and is an example that you don’t need boatloads of traffic to make money blogging.

With only 8,400 pageviews in August, Coco, the founder, was able to earn $1,157 in August 2018.

She gets a good chunk of her traffic from Pinterest.

Her Paper Route

Chelsea set up her blog to help other people make money from their blogs.

She earns a decent income through selling her services such as blog auditing and selling her courses as well.

Blog Income report for May 2018 – $10,197

Connected Colleague

Tasha is a hardliner in the world of monetized blogging.

Her blog revolves around blogging for cash. Her blog makes money through selling courses; she’s a VA and also sells some monetized blog resources.

Her April 2018 income was $4,215.

Income Bully

Income Bully is a blog about online money making, endeavors.

It has immense information on blogging and tons of ways of monetizing a blog.

The owner makes over $3k monthly through affiliate marketing, SEO, web design, social media marketing, selling courses and freelancing.

He made $3,672 in March 2018.

The Dumb Passive Income

Matthew Allen started this blog in 2012 as he sought to make money from home.

Years of research made him venture into keyword and SEO optimization, selling on Amazon, affiliate programs and blogging for cash.

This has paid off, seeing him earn $5,257 in July 2018.

Anastasia Blogger

Anastasia has been in the online business for over a decade.

She has several blogs and the current one is her favorite. She makes money teaching people how they can build traffic through Pinterest. She also shares other SEO and digital marketing tactics.

Her blog pays her over $3k a month, such as in May 2018 where she made $3,905.

Sarah Titus

Here’s a single mom who six years ago was living in a homeless shelter and had $30K of debt.

She’s absolutely crazy about printables and has lots of them on her blog. (These are drawings or pictures that you can download online and then print.)

Thanks to her consistency and persistence, her blog earned $233,476 in January this year.

Blogging Babe

Emma is in her twenties and already has so much blogging experience that she has a blog for it, which pays her!

She aims at educating her “fellow babes” on making money through blogging.

Apart from selling courses, she does affiliate marketing as well. These two combined made her $650 in January 2018.

Shout Me Loud

This blog is owned by Harsh Agrawal, a very popular Indian blogger. He started his blog back in 2008 and has survived the many Google updates since then that have seen many blogs die out.

He not only blogs about how to make money blogging but also shares awesome tech tips on WordPress, social media tips and stuff on cryptocurrency as well.

Other Stats

  • His pageviews – over 1,000,000
  • Bounce rate – 81%
  • Search engine traffic – 82%

In February 2018, his blog earned him $40,055. 

Related Articles

Food Blogging Niche

The Endless Meal

Kristen quit nursing to start food blogging. Her blog discusses food, mostly recipes, as well as blogger resources to help aspiring bloggers.

Her money is made through recipe sales and courses. In February 2018, she made $7,736 from the comfort of her kitchen.

Unlike the bloggers above, Kristen made only $14.50 from affiliate sales. She earned a good $5,040 via her ad network, Ad Thrive. Awesome huh!

40 Aprons

Cheryl Malik is a food enthusiast who has a passion for healthy eating.

She makes money through blogging, sponsored ads and posts, working as a VA for food blogs and also a designer for interested restaurants and other bloggers.

She earned $12, 374 in March 2018, with a huge chunk of that being ad income. She also earned a little under $800 for promoting Amazon products to her audience.

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Recipe This

Run by the Milners, this is a dedicated food blog and the founders are based in Southern Portugal.

In August 2018, the blog earned $1,841, a good percentage of that coming from Adsense.

More Stats

300,000 pageviews with their top traffic source being Pinterest.

How to start a food blog?? Can we trust income reports??

Salted Mint

Salted Mint is run by Debs, a dedicated chef. You know that relationship you have with ready-made foods? Yeah, that one. She’s eager to break it up by sharing with you recipes for healthy and nutritious food.

In March 2018, she made $1,145.

Root and Revel

Kate is the founder of Root and Revel, a food and wellness blog. She believes that food heals and that people should be eating food that is healthy – that is chemical free and short on artificial ingredients.

She earned a cool $13,560 of which $4,396 was sponsored post income. 

Aroma Mama

Aroma Mama is a blog by Stephanie. She loves and understands essential oils pretty well, having been a nurse before starting her online business.

She comes up with essential oil recipes aimed at equipping her audience with health and wellness info.

She also learned how to monetize her content, meaning she makes money while blogging. Today, she does affiliate marketing, hosts ads and some courses on health and blogging.

In March 2018, she made $520 from her blog.

Arts and Crafts Niche


Ashleigh Kiser set up her blog to discuss matters sewing, particularly crotchet sewing.

She makes money off her blog through affiliate marketing, selling patterns on Etsy, selling related products on Amazon, sponsored ads and YouTube.

Combined, these income avenues generated $10,180 in May 2018, with $4,211 coming from her ad network, Adthrive.


Pamela Grice, another pro crotchet designer, decided to blog about her passion.

She talks about her work, shares her finished products and also sells said products on her blog.

Her May 2018 income – $1,742.

Health and Fitness Niche


Set up by Peter, Xukkhini is a health and fitness blog. He shares health, fitness and lifestyle tips with his readers.  He talks about Yoga, low card meals and the boiled egg diet!

He makes money selling ideas on health and fitness such as weight loss, nutrition, and Yoga.

April 2018 income – $972.00. 

Beauty and Fashion Niche

Hot Beauty Health

Diana believes in living a simple life, fabulously and happily. She set up this blog to help people pursue beauty, fashion, and amazing lifestyles.

She is also a better blogging tutor.

March 2018 income – $9,797. 

Other Stats

  • Pageviews: 227,618
  • Pinterest is a huge traffic mover for her blog.
  • Sponsored post income – $3,750.

Chic Pursuit

This is Maria Julia’s blog, a fashion and beauty specialist.

She is also a super blogger and offers resources on the same. Her blog serves as a shop for her products and also an information center for her audience.

In June 2018, her income was $3,269.

Lifestyle Niche

There are numerous lifestyle blogs in the blogosphere. In these blogs, the owners usually write about their everyday life and interests/passions. The interests may vary from parenthood to DIY to cooking and dating.

This Fairy Tale Life

Mindy blog is about weddings, Disney happenings, travel, and food. The blog is quite interesting!

Simple as she makes it, the blog makes money through ad networks and affiliates. These two made her $887 in July 2018.

Noting Grace

Jen is a home enthusiast whose love for home improvement DIYs made her start a successful blog.

Her major earnings come from ad networks and affiliate earnings.

She was able to make $265 in March 2018.

So what are those income sources about….?

If you’re completely new to blogging, you must be wondering what those terms mean:Sponsored posts, ad network, and affiliate income.

Sponsored posts – This is a popular way to earn income for most food and lifestyle bloggers.

Basically, a brand/company will ask you to publish an article on your site in exchange for payment.

You can either write the article yourself or the brand will write the article and you will publish it in your blog.

You will want to ensure that whatever is published is completely transparent so that you do not lose your reader’s trust. Talk about the pros and cons of the service or product.

Ads – Bloggers monetize their blogs with ads. Popular ones are Google Adsense, MediaVine and Adthrive.

You don’t need any minimum traffic to monetize your blog with Adsense. MediaVine and Adthrive do have requirements though.

MediaVine requires you to have at least 25,000 sessions and you can get this info on your Google analytics report. AdThrive requires you to have 100,000 pageviews to qualify.

eBooks/eCourses – Bloggers also sell eCourses or eBooks on their blog.

If you’ve been blogging about fashion, you can write about your best insider tips on the same and sell that info either as an eBook or as a course.

Affiliate marketing – Last but definitely not the least – affiliate marketing!

This is my favorite way of making money with my blog and the reason I like it is because the income is passive.

Affiliate marketing simply means promoting a service or a product to your audience and getting a commission when your readers buy the product.

You can take two or three hours writing a detailed five thousand post but that article will pay you for years to come.

However, there’s a strategy to doing affiliate marketing. When I decided to become seriously serious with my blog, I invested in a course – Affiliate Marketing Strategies – created by a mom blogger who’s earning $8,000 per month.

It’s one of the best decisions I ever made. Sure, I had read many articles on how to monetize your blog using affiliate marketing but I was going about it all wrong.

It’s not just about slapping links here and there but rather, placing affiliate links strategically.

Her actionable strategies, taught via videos and text,  helped me see an increase in blog income, where previously I was just earning a couple of dollars, literally. 

Some of the awesome lessons included were:-

  • Do all niches have equal earning potential?
  • Finding affiliates to promote.
  • The secret sauce of selling.
  • How to write emails people read.

And more. Click here to enroll in the course. It will be worth your while. 🙂

Now, sit down with the inspiration burning in you and plan out that blog.

Many bloggers report having waited weeks, even months, before starting your blog, procrastinating and waiting for the perfect moment. Don’t let that be you!

Before you leave, here are some awesome resources that smart bloggers always check out!  

Tailwind – a scheduler that will save you loads of time on Pinterest, as well as show you how well your pins are performing. Did I mention that you get a free $15 when you sign up?

Grammarly – bloggers need not worry about having spelling and punctuation errors on their blog posts. Must have tool!

Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies eCourse – Learn how Pinterest can send you blog traffic with the tips and strategies that Carly’s shares. This ecourse is super popular and for good reason. It works!   

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