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Last updated on July 27, 2020

3Play Media

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Let me take a wild guess. You’re reading this because you want an unbiased review of 3Play Media, right?

Rest assured that I’ll give you just that.

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One thing that is impressive though is that they have GLOWING reviews and for good reason.

But first things first, let’s find out a little bit more about this company – 3Play Media.  

About 3Play Media

3Play Media was founded in 2007 by four MIT graduate students and now, 11 years later, is trusted by more than 2,500 clients such as Procter & Gamble, Time Warner Cable, MIT, Autodesk, the IRS, Yale University among others.

Who Are They Looking To Hire?

The company is looking to hire transcript editors.

This is not your typical transcription job because you’ll basically be editing files that have already been machine transcribed.

Your job will therefore be to add formatting, clear up inaudible/unintelligible words, add tags, etc.

Please note that 3Play Media only hires US-based transcribers.

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What Tools I Need?

They specifically state that you will need a computer and a high speed internet connection.

But having worked for a long while as a transcriber, I know that you will also need to have good quality headphones.

In terms of computer specs, they need:

  • a PC or Mac.
  • Minimum 2.0GHz processor, 5GB disk space and 4GB RAM.
  • High speed internet connection with a minimum of 10 Mbps download speed.

What Skills Do I Need To Have?

3Play Media are looking to hire transcript editors who:

  • have excellent written communication skills.
  • have a good command of the English language: usage, grammar, and punctuation.
  • can ably handle a computer.
  • can type at at least 75 wpm.
  • have good internet research skills.
  • need little supervision and can work independently.
  • are at least 18 years old.

It would be great if you have some Microsoft Excel or spreadsheet application skills.

How Much Do They Pay?

Their website states that they pay between $10 – $30 per hour but most transcribers who work on the platform state that you’re unlikely to earn $30 per hour and that it’s more like $15 per hour.

How Do I Qualify?

You’ll first need to answer a couple of questions like, how fast can you type, your transcription experience, what attracted you to the opportunity and so on.

Then you’ll be required to transcribe a (thankfully, clear) video that’s two minutes and fifty-eight secs long. You MUST transcribe it into the box given, and not in an MS Word doc.

That’s not all though. There are a series of more tests to take (about 6-7 more) and several applicants have stated that the tests are quite challenging so get ready for that.

Most applicants state that it took about three weeks, after completing the assessments, before they heard back from the company.

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What are the Pros?

The company has received raving reviews from the many transcribers who work on that platform. They state that the company:

  • Has an awesome and responsive customer service team.
  • Has a great community.
  • Has mostly good quality files to transcribe.
  • Has a style guide that is extensive and easy to understand.
  • Has a training process that is thorough.
  • The audio files to select from are varied and interesting, and you get to transcribe college lectures as well as sport-related content.
  • The pay is great in comparison to other transcription sites.
  • Is one of the best -if not THE best – worker-friendly transcription site on the internet.

You can also work from anywhere as long as you have internet connection.

What are the Complaints?

The complaints are rather few. Some of the workers on the platform state that:

  • The assessment tests are quite grueling.
  • The company is pretty strict about the quality, especially comma placement so you need to be extra careful about that.
  • The work can be very unreliable at times and when it is there, tends to be grabbed very quickly.
  • The opportunity cannot provide a full-time income for you but rather is just an extra income gig.

Tips to Help You Succeed on 3Play Media

  • Follow the style guide keenly to ensure that you submit accurate transcripts.
  • A number of transcribers recommend that it’s best to check for work at night. Many sports broadcast companies use 3Play when they need transcription/captioning work done and so a lot of jobs can pop up at night as a result.


There is no doubt that 3Play Media is a highly acclaimed transcription site. If you have excellent listening skills, coupled with the rest of the requirements that they state on their site, you definitely need to give it a shot.

All the best!

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