4 Reasons Why You Should Start An Internet Business in Kenya (I just love #4!!)

Last updated on July 11, 2020

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No boss.  No permanent office. Freedom to move and work wherever you please.

Nice dream? Is that all it is, a dream? A dream that can never become a reality? Not anymore. Not with the internet.

You see the internet provides tremendous opportunities to make money and to do that from the comfort of your home as well.

I have been working from home a little under two years now – working online – and I thoroughly enjoy what I do.

Below are my reasons why you should consider starting an internet business in Kenya and indeed, anywhere else you may be around the world.

1    You Can Work From Anywhere With Your Internet Business

Literally anywhere that has an internet connection. You can work from your home, you can go on holiday and carry your laptop as long as you have internet connection.

You can work from the cafe or the library.  Sometimes working from home can be a little boring and mundane, you know, seeing the same old same old.

You may feel like you need a break, go to the library and work from there.

2    Your Internet Business Has Low Start Up Costs

You can start an internet based business in Kenya easily because the start-up costs are so low.

Plus, it isn’t as risky as starting a company with a physical office where you’ll have to pay rent, pay employee salaries etc.

For example, when I started this blog, all I needed was to get the domain and hosting which only cost me a little under $20 that month. I use my blog currently to market my transcription services and affiliate marketing.

Here’s a thought also. Is there something you are passionate about? Cooking? Web design? Photography?

You can use the services of Aweber whereby you can set up your e-course, sending out lessons as you deem most effective.

3    Your Internet Business is Open 24/7

Isn’t this exciting? Most average businesses are open only for a limited time.

Internet business is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 365 days per year. Whoa!!!

Even when you’re sleeping, you can make money! A good example is Forex. You can set up your trade, go to sleep and when you wake up, you find that you have made a profit (hopefully).

Also in affiliate marketing when people click on your affiliate link and thereby make a purchase, you get a commission, whether you’re asleep or on holiday. Wonderful isn’t it?

4    Your Internet Business Has No Geographical Limitations

Internet businesses know no geographical boundaries.The only limitations online are the limitations you place.

I was so excited the other day when I sold my ecourse – Transcribe Like A Pro-Ecourse to someone all the way from Brazil.

You see,  you’re not limited to Kenya nor Africa for that matter. You’re dealing with the whole world thus a wider base of clients.

As you can see, starting an internet based business makes a lot of sense. It’s also incredibly enjoyable.

You set your own goals and work hard and smart to meet them. That is so rewarding. What will you do with this information?

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Virginia Nakitari is a work from home mom passionate about making money online. She's here to show you legitimate companies offering full-time, part-time and remote jobs from home! Stay tuned!

  • I agree with you 100% An internet business provides a great opportunity to build a passive income stream.

    I am not there yet but working on it.

    • You’re right Wangu. As far as I’m concerned, its the best type of income. Thanks for your comment and keep it workonlinekenya.com

    • You a great innovator Larry. That is an awesome online store and you are definitely going places. And that is where I believe those who are determined to succeed online are headed. I love the fact that with passive income one is not as actively involved. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  • I am always awe-stricken but inspired when I read your posts.I am struggling to kick off though.Do you give to job to starters?I love article writing but cannot get started.

    • Hi John! What’s stopping you from getting started? Have you already signed up with some of the freelancing sites, Elance,odesk, freelancer.com etc? Glad you enjoy my posts by the way.

    • Yes. ACTIONABLE indeed is the key word. And that’s where most people fail because they don’t take action. Thanks for your comment.

  • Wewe mrembo, nice work as usual. Great pieces always. Now,do you know how affiliate marketing works? I would really love to give it a try.
    Plus,I got your cheat sheet, tried my hand in transcription but failed spectacularly on TM. Haven’t given up though and your help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey Andy. Affiliate marketing is pretty easy to understand. You’re simply promoting other people’s, many times, other companies products or services and getting paid for it. For example, you can promote Amazon products, Jumia products etc and get a commission every time someone purchases the product.

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