50 Pinterest Group Boards To Join – From 5 Different Niches!

Last updated on December 13, 2018

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Pinterest is a visual discovery engine that currently has 250 million users and counting! It’s pretty, pretty functional and everybody loves it!

Especially bloggers.

Because Pinterest is a search engine, people visit the site regularly to get inspiration.

If you pin an image that is attractive and has a great headline and hopefully, answers a question to a problem that people have, people will click the image and it will lead them to your site.

That’s why more bloggers are investing their time on Pinterest, sharing their pins on the platform.

Now that takes us to the next question? What are Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest Group Boards?

A group board is simply a collaborative board that is owned by an individual who adds other individuals to the board.

For example, I could start a group board about Moms who Blog, and then I’ll add other mom bloggers to my board. Those mom bloggers will then begin to share their pins on that board.

Typically though, people request to join a group board by reaching out to the owner via Pinterest or via email.

Part of the reason why Pinterest Group Boards are popular is because, when you’re starting out on Pinterest, you will have very few followers.

Joining a Pinterest Group Board will help your pins to be seen by more people because some Pinterest Group Boards generally have thousands of followers.

Another reason why Pinterest Group Boards come in handy is because you can get good quality pins to pin to your boards, from the group boards.

That way you can have a good balance between pinning your own pins and sharing other third-party ones.

There are a couple of things that you want to watch out for when joining group boards.

  • Join a group board that is related to your blog niche.
  • Join a group board that has high repin rates.

Rather than joining a Pinterest group board that is ‘open to all’, it is now much wiser to join a group board that is niched, eg Cookery Group Board if you are a food blogger or a Travel Tips group board if you are a travel blogger.

Also, don’t get too concerned about the number of followers.

It’s much better to join a Pinterest group board that has 2000 followers, where your pins get repinned, rather than join one that has 200,000 followers and your pins go largely ignored!

Carly, a popular mom blogger who has an awesome (and popular) Pinterest course recommends joining Pinterest group boards that have not more than 50 contributors.

She also shares more Pinterest tips that she has discovered while testing out the platform.

Check out her Pinterest ecourse below:

Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies Ecourse – Discover the best Pinterest tips on how to grow your blog. 

So just to summarise it for you, this is why you should definitely join a Pinterest group board.

  • To get your pins in front of thousands of pinners.
  • To get your blog noticed by fellow bloggers (even probloggers, who might in turn, pin your pins!)
  • To get lots of traffic to your blog – targeted traffic from people who are interested in what you have to share.
  • To get more followers on Pinterest.

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What You Should and Shouldn’t Do on Pinterest Group Boards

  • You should pin other people’s content. Pin high-quality pins back to your boards. 
  • You should follow the group board rules. If they state that you should only pin 5 pins per day, ensure that you do so. Other requirements might be to only pin vertical pins and not to pin affiliate pins.
  • You shouldn’t post stuff that is not relevant to the group board. 
  • You should definitely NOT spam the group board with the same pin over and over.

Carly, the mom blogger I had mentioned previously, recommends you join at least 10-15 group boards initially. I am personally in 20 group boards as we speak!

Check out Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies Ecourse for the best Pinterest tips on growing your blog. 

Now, let’s take a look at good Pinterest Group Boards that you can join, according to their different niches. 

Blogging About Blogging/Work From Home/ Personal Finance Group Board

1.Extra Income Ideas – 64 contributors – 37,750 followers.

2.  Work life balance – 50 contributors – 8,674 followers.

3.  Blog – 253 contributors – 5,864 followers.

4.  Blogging from paradise – 14 contributors – 1,576 followers.

5.   Jobs Ideas for Proofreading and Editing – 15 contributors –  17,234 followers.

Parenting Group Boards

6.  Casual Parenting – 123 contributors – 7,123 followers.

7.   Best family blogs – 98 contributors – 2097 followers.

8.   Family and parenting group board – 640 contributors – 7,553 followers.

9.   Homemaking for Everyone –  84 contributors – 8,452 followers.

10.   Kids Corner – 140 contributors – 5947 followers.

11.   Life With a Toddler – 352 contributors – 7147 followers.

12.    Pregnancy and parenting on Pinterest: 115 contributors – 7,946 followers.

Food Group Boards

13.  Food Bloggers Central Sharing Board – 1.4k contributors – 173,000 followers.

14.  Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes – 15 contributors – 10,608 followers.

15.  Our favorite recipes – 241 contributors – 22,778 followers.

16.  Best Recipes on Pinterest – 193 contributors – 118,641 followers.

17.  Sweet Vegan Orgasms – 118 contributors – 41,478 followers.

18.  Vegan-n-vegetarian – 486 contributors – 27,397 followers.

19.  The Veggie Community – 119 contributors – 29,338 followers.

20.   Home Cooking –  273 contributors – 33,280 followers.

Lifestyle (Crafts/DIY) Group Boards

21.   Personal Growth and Self-Care – 89 contributors – 9525 followers.

22  Intentional Living – 239 contributors – 4,335 followers.

23.   Home talk styles – 8 contributors –  Organizing: 9 contributors – 1,324, 901 followers.

24.   Organization; 98 contributors – 1 followers.

25.   Home organization and decluttering; 52 contributors – 5263 followers.

26.  DIY Handmade Gifts: 831 contributors – 52,600 followers.

Travel Group Boards

27.   My all-time favorite travel pictures: 3.2K contributors – 309 k followers.

28.   Travel – Pin your travels; 990 members – 7241 followers.

29.   Your travel blog; 426 members – 4366 followers.

30.   Travel Tips & Posts:  531 contributors – 18,940 followers.

31.   Travel Inspiration Group Board: 134 contributors – 3426 followers.

32.   Family Travel; 57 contributors – 577,000 followers.

33.   Take Your Kids Everywhere: 53 contributors – 33,000 followers.

Photography and Social Media Group Boards

34.   A Group Board | Feminine styled Stock Photos + Mockups: 129 contributors – 2789 followers.

35.   Everything Photography:  26 contributors – 1219 followers.

36.   Photography Education Bloggers Group Board: 7  contributors – 4537 followers.

37.   Photography Tips and Tutorials: 68 contributors – 2635 followers.

38.   Photo Tips; 33 contributors – 5772 followers.

39.   Instagram Tips for Brands; 13 contributors – 2230 followers.

40.   Social Media Hub; 449 contributors – 13811 followers.

41.   Pinterest Secrets: 9 contributors – 12,934 followers.

42.   Pinterest Tips: 45 contributors – 83,436 followers.

43.   Social Media for Bloggers: 174 contributors – 11,578 followers.

Beauty & Fashion Group Board

44.  Mode Fashion: 512 contributors – 354,000 followers.

45. All Things Girly: 778 contributors – 8830 followers.

46. Style Wise: 29 contributors –930 followers.

47.  Sophisticated Style Group Board: 68 contributors – 3,675 followers.

48.  Hair and Beauty: 171 contributors – 96,264 followers.

49.  Beauty Bloggers Group Board: 238 contributors – 7357 followers.

50. Best Beauty Community: 1.1k – 23,745 followers.

There we go.

50 Pinterest Group Boards that you can join today.

Make sure you check out this blog post on the tips I utilize to get a yes to (almost) every Pinterest Group Board I send. 

Finally, here are some awesome resources that smart bloggers always check out!  

Tailwind – a scheduler that will save you loads of time on Pinterest, as well as show you how well your pins are performing. Did I mention that you get a free $15 when you sign up?

Grammarly – bloggers need not worry about having spelling and punctuation errors on their blog posts. Must have tool!

Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies eCourse – Learn how Pinterest can send you blog traffic with the tips and strategies that Carly’s shares. This ecourse is super popular and for good reason. It works!   

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