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Last updated on July 11, 2020

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If Its Too Good To Be True….

Today, I want to specifically focus on how you can get work online in Kenya by freelancing.

There are numerous sites on the internet claiming that you can make thousands of dollars in a week or in a month with their “amazing programs”.

Sometimes they use the carrot and stick approach by stating that if you purchase their program within a stated time, usually very rushed, you will get a one time offer etc etc. Granted, there are some honest deals out there but generally I have found this to be true in life.

If it sounds too good to be true – then it probably is. There is a quote that is used time and again: If the deal is too good, think twice.

However, apart from the many scam sites, there are genuine sites that I have tried and tested where you can get work online.

And because I have tried and tested them, you won’t have to go through the trouble until you find the one that suits you.

These sites are called ‘freelancing sites’ and they offer jobs for Kenyans and numerous other freelancers from different countries.



When I started out freelancing and working online I wanted to start out with something I was familiar with and something that I felt I wouldn’t quit hurriedly.

For me, that was transcription. It may be something else for you like web design, writing, creating logos etc.  The biggest hurdle with people working online in Kenya is that they quit too soon.

They sign up with one of these freelancing sites, apply for a few jobs and when they don’t get the response they were expecting – as soon as they were expecting, they quit. That isn’t the way to go about it because freelancing really is like anything else in life.

For instance when you begin an exercise regime. Two weeks or a month later, you are still highly motivated. Its only after two months that you start to consider quitting. It’s the same thing with making money online in Kenya. You just have to set your mind from the beginning that you can make it and stick with it. 

 What Skills Can I Freelance?


Writing:   Do you love to write? If so, it’s time you made some money online. There are lots of article writing projects being posted on freelancing sites everyday.

Many people are setting up web businesses and they need good quality content for their sites. This is a great opportunity if you think you can write quality articles on various topics. One such great site – iWriter.

Graphic design: This is another area where you can make money online. There are clients out there who want to have logos, etc designed. If you have these skills, you can work online and get paid.

Web Design: Are you good at web design? Then this kind of design related project may be what you need to earn the extra shilling or you can decide to go full-time into it.

Internet Marketing: There are various internet marketing jobs. SEO- Search Engine Optimization jobs, Email marketing jobs, etc. Internet marketing is given a high priority nowadays and this is another area where you can work online in Kenya. 

Transcription: Transcription is basically the conversion of audio to text. The client will send you an audio or a video file. You will need to listen to it and type it out. Once you are through, you send the transcript back to the client as a Word document. The client will then pay you also via the freelancing sites. The pay ranges from $25 to $50 depending on the quality of the audio and the length of the audio. A good typing speed, coupled with great English and research skills is what you need for this. It’s a great way to earn and work online in Kenya. Learn more about transcription in this article.


Be Persistent

When I first started transcription work online my income started off slow but I can see now that as I persist and continue being consistent, it is improving albeit with hard work and determination.

Remember making money online in Kenya is just like any other job. Its takes patience, consistency and hard work. Nothing will happen if you do not take action. There is no free money online. There is always work involved.

Loved the article? Are you ready to start working online?

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