9 Work at Home Jobs That Pay Daily

Last updated on July 14, 2020

9 Work at Home Jobs That Pay Daily

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I’ve made a list of work at home websites that pay every week over here, but what if you’re looking for a work at home jobs that pay daily? Where do you get that information?

Right here!

Daily payments will definitely help with those urgent/pressing bills and in this post, we’ll take a look at 9 work at home jobs that pay every day to do all sorts of tasks.

But, before we head over to the list, here are high-paying surveys to earn you quick cash today!

Now onto the list!

1. Clear Voice

Clear Voice

Clear Voice is a company that hires people to write content for different companies.

To join Clear Voice, you’ll need to create an account, upload your CV, then apply to join their Talent Network.

If you do great work, clients can favorite you as one of their … well, favorite freelancers and send you even more work.

To give yourself the opportunity to be seen by more clients, you’ll need to completely fill out your CV, categorize well where your portfolio pieces fall and keep your portfolio updated.

You can get paid anytime once your assignment has been approved.

2. Scribie

Scribie is a transcription company that hires freelance transcribers who have an excellent command of English, good communication skills as well as a good grasp of American/Australian or British accents.

Please note that you will need a VERIFIED PayPal account to work on the site.

The pay is really low, to be honest, at $5 per audio hour but you do get a $5 bonus for every 30 minutes you transcribe each month.

You can also be promoted to Proofreader level and earn a bit more. If you just want to gain some transcription experience without much regard to how much you will get paid, then you can consider signing up.

Scribie pays out every day.

3. One Space

onespace freelancers

OneSpace, formerly CrowdSource, is a website that, much like Amazon Turk, pays freelancers to do short tasks such as data entry, writing, transcription, image tagging and more.

To join OneSpace, you’ll need to create an account and answer a couple of questions such as, the services you’ll be providing, which languages you speak, and which categories you are interested in (here you can choose anything from home & garden, beauty &fashion to food, etc.)

Once you have filled that in, you’ll connect your PayPal account, take some tests and then get to work!

OneSpace pay their workers between 24-48 hours but you need to have a VERIFIED PayPal account.

The jobs don’t pay much – at all – and most of them pay at most, 10 cents per task.

But if you work on a couple of tasks every day, it will add up and help you earn some extra money.

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4. GigWalk


Gigwalk is an app that pays you to do small tasks.

Those tasks may include taking pictures of a house (for insurance purposes), double-checking prices in a grocery store, or visiting another store to check if they have a certain product.

Getting started with Gigwalk is easy as downloading the mobile app, registering an account, linking your PayPal account, and then finding and completing gigs in your area.

PS: Only available to US and Canada residents.

The websites claims that you can earn anything from $3 to $100 or more and I did see a reviewer state that he has received a payment of $75 for a gig he did.

Once your gig has been completed and approved, the money is sent directly to your PayPal account.

Payment can take up to five days (depending on the task you did) but usually it doesn’t take more than 2. (for simpler tasks)

5. Field Agent

field agent

If you have an IOS or Android phone, all you have to do is download this app on your phone, get specific information needed, such as taking photos of businesses, and get paid.

Getting started with Field Agent is as easy as-

  1. Downloading the app.
  2. Filling your profile and answering the questions asked as accurately as you can.
  3. Selecting ‘find jobs’ and when you find a job…
  4. Click the job to see additional details.

You are encouraged to choose a job that is in close proximity because you’ll only have two hours to finish the gig.

Jobs typically pay between $1 and $12 each and you’ll get paid as soon as the task you did has been reviewed by the quality control team. It could be as fast as 2 hours or a bit later – 2 days.

6. Lime

Lime is an electric scooter and bike sharing app.

The electric scooters are available anytime you want to go across town for that sizzling date night, ride to or from campus or if you simply want to explore your city.

The Lime app founders appear to be passionate about providing smart AND affordable mobility.

They aim to reduce dependency on personal cars for short distance transportation.

They want us to leave a cleaner and healthier world for all those who will come after us and thus their solution: micro-mobility.

So right about now I can hear you say? “That’s all well and good but where the money at?!”

Alright . Easy tiger 🙂 🙂

Well, Lime pays you to charge up electric scooters!

First thing is you’ll be given an app. The app has a map that shows you all the scooters in your location that need to be charged.

You’ll need to go pick the scooter up, scan it with the app, put it in your vehicle and take it home, charge it overnight and then take it back in the morning by 7 AM.

PS: To receive full payment, you must charge the scooter up to atleast 95%.

To become a Juicer (the term to use instead of charger):

  • download the app as a rider.
  • click on become a juicer.
  • apply to become a Juicer on the application page.
  • go through the Lime S Scooter lessons.
  • finally, you will be prompted to order four Lime-S scooter chargers which will be delivered to your house.

A promo code will be provided for the cost of the chargers to be waived.

Pay is $5 per scooter charged.

You can also apply to become a juicer on their website.

The more scooters you collect, charge and deliver, the more money you can earn.

Juicers have reported earning an average of $250 per month. Payment is done EVERY DAY though it might take 2-3 days for payment to reach your bank account.

7. Easy Shift


Easy Shift is an app, which just like Field Agent and Gigwalk, pays you to complete short gigs such as taking photos, checking prices and submitting surveys.

Except they aren’t called gigs but shifts.

Easy Shift has two types of shifts: Anywhere Shift and the Location Based Shift.

With the Location Based Shift, you will be required to physically go to a store and either check the price of a certain product or take a picture of a product.

However, it isn’t all hunky dory. Your work can be rejected for a couple of reasons:

  • Not taking the amount of photos you were required to.
  • Taking a photo of the wrong product.
  • Poor photo quality.
  • You completed the shift at the incorrect address.

You can typically earn between $2-20 but most urban users report earning more than their rural counterparts.

Easy Shift pays ONLY via PayPal and pays within 48 hours.

PS: This app is only available to residents of the UK and US.

8. QMee


Qmee is another work at home job that pays daily. This website pays you to do stuff that you already do for free, such as searching the web.

Get paid by Qmee every time you visit these sites to search for info or a product: Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Walmart among others.

As a shopper, Qmee will help you compare prices of different products without having to compare the same on different websites. You can also secure discounts and earn cash in this way.

Another way that Qmee helps you earn cash is by you taking part in surveys.

Surveys will be available when you opt-in to receiving them but like in many survey companies, you won’t be able to qualify for all of them.

A lot of the users report that there isn’t much money to be made via the searches and that you’re better of focusing on surveys.

If you really dedicate time to completing surveys, you can make an easy $10-15 a week.

You can cash out ANYTIME via PayPal, and you can do so even if your balance is as little as 20 cents!

9. The Forum Wheel

Forum Wheel is a legitimate site where you can earn money posting on forums.

The founders realized that it was a huge challenge for forum owners to get their forums off the ground.

People are attracted to active, vibrant forums where people are constantly exchanging ideas and interacting.

Think of Warrior Forum and Digital Point.

Nobody will go back to a ghost town forum. To solve this problem, clients simply add their forums to the list that is already on The Forum Wheel and they start receiving active posters right then.

If you’re someone who’s into a good dose of online interactions, this will be right up your alley.

Basically, you will be posting in online communities and adding new comments to forums every day, on a regular basis.

To join The Forum Wheel, you’ll simply create an account, and then create 10 forum posts on the site.

These 10 posts will be evaluated by the forum moderators to check whether they have grammatical and spelling mistakes.

You’ll then receive an email letting you know whether you have been accepted or not.

Let’s talk about the money part now. You’ll earn 1 point for every comment you leave on a forum. That is equal to $0.05 if you’re in Level 1.

Once you get to Level 5, that one point will be equal to $0.13.

The Forum Wheel typically pays within 24-48 hours though you need to have a minimum of $5 to cash out.

jobs that pay daily

Final Thoughts on Online Jobs That Pay Daily

If you’re looking for work at home jobs that pay daily, I bet the opportunities above will be a good fit. All the best!

Here are some more websites where you can use to earn QUICK SIDE income:

Vindale Research: Share your unique opinion and get paid for it! Product Developers are willing to pay reviewers between $5 and $75 per completed survey.

Nielsen Mobile App: This app pays you $50 every year just for keeping it installed on your mobile device!

Swagbucks: A rewards site that pays you to play games, do surveys and watch videos. Get $10 for FREE when you sign up!

PineCone Research: Earn $3 per survey. Get a chance to do product testing as well!

OneOpinion: A survey site that pays its members between $1-5 per survey.

Survey JunkieGet paid to complete surveys. Earn $1-$3 per survey. 

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