About Me

Hello! My name is Sheeroh.  I’m just an everyday person living a normal life, freelancing and making money online, and helping others do the same.   

Sheeroh Kiarie

It was back in 2012. I was a stay at home mom and as I looked at my son playing with his toys, I asked myself, “How can I contribute to the income of this home?” I set out to learn everything I could about making money online. 

Fast forward to 2017, and here I am, a freelance transcriber and blogger! I’m a Top Rated freelancer on Upwork and I’ve held several seminars on online work.

I even got the opportunity to be featured on one of our local TV stations, to talk a little about my online work experience. That was exciting!

I’m able to significantly contribute to the income of our home and still maintain a healthy, happy life, with plenty of time for my family.  I get to watch TV (my favorite show is Quantico!), enjoy adorable cat videos, and happily freelance from home.

This blog is dedicated to sharing what I’ve learned over the past years.  I so enjoy being an online freelancer, as there is always something more to learn and discover.  As I continue to learn, I’ll share with my readers about how to attain success as an online freelancer. 

My blog posts are all about helping you develop the  skills and attitude that you need to start earning money right away, without the hassle or frustration of working for someone else. 

I love helping others discover what I have, and you don’t have to be from Kenya to benefit from this blog.  The tips, suggestions, and posts here can help anyone, whether you live in Kenya, Canada, Malaysia, Russia, or anywhere else.

A lot of my process is built on key ideas from one of my favorite authors – Robert Kiyosaki. 

Perhaps best known for his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he also wrote my favorite book, Cash Quadrant.  This book highlights four groups of people: Employees, Small Business, Investors, and Big Business.  

While the first two have always struggled to be successful financially, the latter two have always enjoyed the big monetary gains, because they have the capital to get started. 

However, with the advent of the internet, anyone can make large amounts of money, even with the smallest of investments.  It takes patience, determination, and consistency, but for those who want it, it’s not just possible, but probable.

I’m not a guru of money making. But I have a passion for this business, and an equal love of learning.  What I know is still just a small portion of all the amazing information out there about working and making money online.

I’ll be updating this blog regularly, as well as looking for comments and feedback from site visitors. 

Occasionally I may recommend products or post affiliate links that I think would be helpful to my audience.  I may receive commissions for your clicks on those links. 

But don’t worry. I only recommend products/services that will benefit my readers.

My goal is to help you discover what I have.  So enjoy my blog, ask questions, and get ready to begin your online freelancing journey too.

Wishing you financial freedom, prosperity, and success!

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