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Last updated on July 11, 2020

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Do you know that you can make money online as an academic writer?

Well, you ask, what is academic writing all about? How much can I earn? Must I have a university degree? Must I know hard English words like despot, fractious, inveterate and such like tough words?

Well, I have just the person to answer those questions. Gilbert, why don’t you tell us more?

Nowadays, the internet has turned out to be a wellspring of online income. Despite the fact that there are many opportunities of making money online, academic writing remains as one of the most unique and lucrative ways of doing so.

A good writer can really benefit from academic writing to a great extent and can earn anything from $5 to $20 per page.

What Skills  Do I Need To Become an Efficient Academic Writer?

Academic writing covers a wide range of academic papers from high school to university researched topics. In this case, for one to become an efficient academic  writer, he or she should have a good command of English and also have the ability to research and compile information from the  internet.

It is not always necessary that one must have a university degree to become an academic writer. This is because most of the information that is required in the research process is available on the internet. Therefore, the role of the writer is to read the question asked, analyze it carefully and write based on the expectations of the client.

It should be noted, however that working on more specialized papers, such as Masters Thesis and dissertation will require an experienced and highly competent writer (preferably with a University degree).

Where Can I Get Academic Writing Jobs? How Is The Pay?

This is what you’ve been waiting for right? Well, there are hundreds of websites offering writing job opportunities. Writers should not worry about being paid because the money is made upfront which means that when the work is approved, the writer gets paid immediately by the website.

Customers usually pay the websites before submission of the write ups. Once the customer approves the work, the website pays the writer.

On average, the pay ranges from $4 to $20 per page and it varies from one writing site to another (a page has 275 words).
Some of the reputable companies where one can get academic writing jobs include:

This is one of the best websites out there. The pay is very competitive, with writers being paid up to $20 per page. Interestingly enough, the site never runs out of writing jobs. Nevertheless it is not a guarantee that writers will have regular assignments to do. They will have to bid for assignments and prove that they have what it takes to do it.

Assignments do not have a fixed price because writers are prompted to bid for a lower price to increase their chances of getting picked. Writerbay pays every 16th of the month. They also have a chat support that is online during office hours (US time).

  • Uvocorp

UvoCorp is another awesome academic writing site. It has plenty of orders throughout the year. Like Writersbay,  the pay is very competitive. Writers are paid $5 to $20 per page. The site pays twice a month, on the 16th and 30th. Some assignments can be taken automatically, while with others one has to bid.

Clients who are satisfied with your previous work may also assign their new orders to you. They have an excellent support group. Administration is also supportive and messages are replied to immediately. Unfortunately, it is usually a challenge to get an account.

  • Prospect Solution

Prospect Solution is a UK based company so they pay in British pounds. Their price per page is a lot higher than with most other academic writing sites, but they also have very high standards. Writers are always expected to over deliver on quality work.  With this site, if the client is not satisfied with the work then they may pay the writer lower than the stated price.

Applying for a writer position with Prospect Solutions is pretty straightforward. You will only have to submit proof of your identity and education, and write a personal statement. Once approved, you can start bidding for orders.

This is another popular site where you can get academic writing jobs. Jobs are available most of the time and can increase to more than a hundred per day during peak season. All the writers, however, have to be level 2 in order to be allowed to pick the assignment directly. Those who are below level 2 have to bid for projects.

The more related the order is to your educational background, the higher your chances of winning the bid will be. They pay $5 per page for a general subject and higher for those that require technical knowledge.

  • promises regular writing jobs throughout the year, but their pay is very low. While the pay per page in other writings sites is usually $5 per page, starts with $2.5 per page.

However, one advantage of writing for the site is that, there is no need to bid for orders; you only have to be the first to claim. You are allowed to take up to three orders simultaneously provided that you can finish them by the deadline.

NOTE: All of the above sites are very strict on plagiarism. Plagiarism is never tolerated. What is plagiarism?

The practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

It is good practice to always acknowledge the source of any material one is using. Repeated plagiarism therefore will lead to account cancellation. Before venturing into a writing career new writers should know how to avoid  plagiarism.

Just like any other career there are both opportunities as well as challenges.

Pros of Academic Writing

• Flexibility: The writer determines the time he or she intends to work. Unlike other businesses, you can make as much money as possible as long as you submit quality papers.
• High Pay: Most websites like the ones stated above offer competitive pay. Serious writers make hundreds of dollars through writing.
• Wide selections of topics: A writer chooses the topic of interest and works on it.

Cons of Academic Writing

• Variation of seasons: Writers barely find orders during low season.
• Deadlines: Some orders need to be completed within the shortest time possible and this may compromise quality.

Thanks for the post Gilbert.

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  • Where was this blog all years! Thank you so so much for the great enlightenment. You have no idea how you have enlightened me Sheeroh, I will take the bold step of becoming an academic writer. Thanks for the good job you did, have spent many years searching for information on internet and for sure, this article has created an impact in my life.

    • I am glad to learn that the post added value to you. Yes, as you have read academic writing is a great opportunity. Don’t hesitate to contact Gilbert if you need more help.

    • Hi Fatma, Thanks for your interest. Please feel free to send an email to Gilbert who’ll advise you further.

  • Hi Sheeroh, I really appreciate guys like you and Walter Akolo for taking unto yourself the task of enlightening as many people as possible with regard to online work. Just yesterday I was watching Citizen TV and there was this lady who is a graduate in Media and communication studies and was she working as a sweeper in some municipality in Bungoma county . That is really sad when so many graduates out there are still looking for work in the traditional sectors while they can make an easy living online. We need to inform as many of these people as possible about online work. I am an experienced academic writer with four years of experienced (since November 2010). I just finished writing an ebook which covers ten major topics and one miscellaneous topic in academic writing, The book is also well illustrated and offers practical advice to any person wishing to start academic writing. This includes Plagiarism and how to avoid it (including accidental plagiarism), referencing and how to use Microsoft Word tools to make citing and referencing easier and error free, etc.
    I know you have a platform to inform your subscribers about this and am willing to work along with you. You can view my book and if you think it is worthy (I really believe it is), you can act like my affiliate and sell it for a commission. I will contact you on email for more information. Thanks.

  • Thanks for the blog, the high season is with us,time for online writers to reap as much as their endurance allows.
    @Sheeroh I think its not a scam. During the low season,the students are on hence the low pay due to the supply and demand rule.Any one intrested contact for the jobs @ a rate from 150-250 per page. Kindly like cecilewriters page on facebook.

  • nice info; there is also a growing trend in micro-work sites such as fiverr and , here you can sell any service may it be academic writing , article writing, music art etc, only need sign up for a free account, post what you can do for $’s then start receiving buyers, the site will charge some commission on sales. But they offer free and easy way to earn online

  • am so impressed by the way gilbert has explained the whole thing. Am a diploma student at the Masinde Muliro University, Kenya and would like to take up the writing job but I have never done the academic writing. Since September last year I have been working for a writing company, writing articles until sometimes back when it collapsed. Can I get a chance to write articles/essays online here?

  • homework market is another great one…once your credibility is in top shape, writers earn from 70-120k per month easily….good work sheeroh

  • Great work Sheeroh. Your articles are quite informative. I am currently looking for 2 academic writers with knowledge of the various citation styles (APA, MLA and Havard) who can deliver quality plagiarism free work.
    Please send you applications to
    PS: I will give a one page timed essay to assess your skills.

  • Academic Writers
    Nairobi Writers is an academic writing firm based in Nairobi. We currently need more talented and experienced writers.
    Job Description:
    Preparing high quality academic papers on a various subjects within the specified deadline.
    Providing progressive reports on assigned papers.

    A university degree in any field.
    Experience in writing academic papers is an added advantage.
    Excellent grammar and ability to write non-plagiarized papers
    Experienced in using APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, Vancouver etc referencing styles..
    The pay is 300-400 for experienced writers depending on the urgency. Inexperienced writers who show potential will be paid a lower rate until they learn and catch up.

    If you feel that you are up to the challenge please send and email to the address below;

  • Hello Sheeroh
    Thanks for the post; very insightful.
    I have a an inquiry though.
    What is the starting level for a new uvocorp account as
    i) Kenyan citizen
    ii) Non Kenyan

  • its so inspirational the work you guys are doing. i have written for almost three years now as academic writer. it is fun but at times some fraudsters can use you and waste your time and energy. how sure can one get to be paid online when some people might not be known to us physically but on the internet communication. I had a sad experience in Nov last year when i worked for some Asian Chinese guy that was so good until the payment period in Dec where he left with over 50k’s of my money. no communication, explanations and it hurts and demeans a lot.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that Lennox. I was conned the same way and although it wasn’t a lot of money, I still felt terrible. I later learned to always ask for a 50% upfront fee when working with direct clients. It’s also why sites such as Upwork are recommended, due to the Escrow option.

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