Becoming a Top Transcriber and Freelancer Seminar

Last updated on July 11, 2020

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Hey guys! How have you been? It’s been loooong. Too long. But I’ve been busy and I’ve really really missed my fans.  The reason I become a big quiet is because I decided to follow Brian Tracy’s advise.

(I’m a sucker for quotes :))

And try something new I did. I believe that every once in a

while, one should do something out of the ordinary and for me, being a speaker at the ‘Becoming a Top Transcriber and Freelancer Seminar’ was it. I’ve never been a speaker at any seminar and when Walter Akolo of invited me to join him and Virginia Nakitari, I thought, “Why not?”

The event was held at Ebony House, Tom Mboya Street and we had planned for the event for about a month. Did I have some butterflies in my stomach? About 20! They died off one by one as the day approached ha ha. I’m glad I took part in this.

We expected 60 to 100 people and we got 72 attendees. That was quite encouraging. The event was supposed to kick off at noon but it started off a bit later, like an hour later.

I was to start off the event, followed by Walter Akolo and then Virginia Nakitari was to finish it off. Q & A ended it all.

What Was Covered in the Seminar:

I started off the event by talking about the best practises of transcribers. Every profession has its best practises and transcription is not an exception.

There are certain things that you will do that will make the difference between you becoming an okay transcriber and an awesome transcriber. I covered quite a number of things here. I also gave tips on outsourcing.

You see, you can either work hard, or work smart one of the ways of working smart is by outsourcing. I mean, you can’t do it ALL, can you. You don’t have enough time, energy or skills to do IT ALL. And you know what, if you do outsourcing well, it can really work out well for your
business. If you do it badly, there goes a client or two from your business!


I also covered:

– How to Get and Retain Clients.
– A review of TranscribeMe company.
– Transcription Scams: Signs to watch out for.
– Why Freelancing is the future of work.


I took about two hours to present. My oh my. How time flies when you’re having fun. We had to give guys a break, of about 20 minutes to stretch their legs a bit and then it was Walter’s turn.


He came on stage, fired up and ready to deliver. And did he deliver.  When you’re a top blogger, of course you over-deliver! He talked about several things, key among them being why people fail online. I mean this is a business just like any other. People succeed but quite a number of people fail.

Walter went ahead to share why this happens with pointers like tuning in to the wrong station, monkey see, monkey do mentality and TMI syndrome among others. I actually learned quite a lot from that presentation. Walter also shared why every freelancer needs to have a blog.

Last but definitely not least, Virginia shared her presentation. Oh, this lady is a REV pro. She’s been working for this transcription company for some time now and she is doing so well! She shared all the tips on how to succeed on Rev i.e how to maximize how much you can earn at Rev.


Virginia also talked about the best tools and software for transcription. I learned something here too, for example, the Slice tool that is used to slice audio files into either segments based on minutes or size etc. Nice! Virginia also shared a couple of awesome transcription tips as well as how to expand your transcription business.

This is some of the feedback people had about the event.

Gitonga's feedback

ruthmungara's feedback

cyprian's feedback

All in all, the event was a success. The only hitch was there was no sound system/mics and I personally felt like I was really shouting in order for people to hear well. We decided next time, we’d have to use another facility that allows sound systems.

More Pictures of The Seminar







Did you have a chance to attend the ‘Becoming a Top Transcriber and Freelancer Seminar?’ If not, don’t you worry. The PDF notes, PowerPoint presentations and the video is available. For a fee of Kshs 800, you will feel as if you were right there.

Send me an email at or use this contact page if you would like to have the pack.

See you at the comments below!

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Virginia Nakitari is a work from home mom passionate about making money online. She's here to show you legitimate companies offering full-time, part-time and remote jobs from home! Stay tuned!

  • Oh! I didn’t know Mother Teresa would have a replacement by people with such selfless hearts. Your efforts to eradicate unemployment is worth paying a homage. Thenx for collectively mobilising the skills and knowledge that you’ve acquired. I am an aspiring transcriber and am sure i will make it. I feel shameful for missing the seminar but at any cost i will make sure i have a full recap of the same. Hope another seminar is peeping. Thenx Sheeroh and your team!

    • Awww! Mother Teresa is in another league altogether. 🙂 You will make it as a transcriber if you are determined to do so. Make sure you learn all you can about transcription. Will definitely communicate about the next seminar.

  • Sheeroh, you are doing a great job may God keep blessing you for helping those in need. I missed out on the conference for some unavoidable reason but will be sending my cash ASAP to get the DVD .

    • Thanks so much for your compliments Nancy. It’s my pleasure to teach people how to make money online, as I also learn. Sure, you’re most welcome about the DVD.

  • I missed this event only because i currently stay in Mombasa.Am keenly following on the steps of one Walter and of course you other guys who have come before me.In fact i have a month old Tech Blog and im really forward to you people of your sort to make me make that leap .Good Work Though!!

  • Hi Sheero,

    I have to say, you are good. Exactly the reason I’m seeking some inside info on TranscribeMe.

    How much does it pay per audio hour, and other requirements?

  • Hi Sheero,

    I have to say, you are good. Exactly the reason I’m seeking some inside info on TranscribeMe from you.

    How much does it pay per audio hour, and other requirements?

  • I have to say my experience with this online writing has been nothing short of horrific. I had a middleman who completely underpaid me and constantly made me work under pressure (giving me an article to write and expecting it ready in half an hour). Perhaps you can address that in another blog because i have not seen anything on this yet. Also, how exactly is the payment done?

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