How to Create Timeless Content (Amazing Content Writing Tips)

Last updated on July 24, 2020

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How long does your content stay fresh and relevant to your audience?

When I started blogging, I aimlessly typed anything and hoped that somebody somewhere would find it and click it…and perhaps buy me hot chocolate for the good work.

In my view, I was producing timeless content because that is what I felt.

That was many years ago, and my content failed terribly.

And attracted two to four monthly clicks on a good year.

Turns out that I was publishing the exact opposite of timeless content.

If your content does not enough traffic, it is time to reflect on what you have been publishing and start creating evergreen content.

Well, timeless content is also called evergreen content.

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What is Evergreen Content?

Timeless or evergreen content is content that always stays fresh, relevant, ageless and memorable. Timeless content is:

1) Evergreen

Timeless content is as fresh today as it was two years ago when you published it.

It will still remain fresh two years from today.

Just like other types of content, you will need to update your evergreen content a little bit occasionally.

2) Always relevant

Timeless content will be relevant to your audience five years from now as it is to your subscribers now.

A baby who was born yesterday will find your timeless content as engaging and highly actionable (when she grows up) as a university student finds it today.

3) Never grows old

If you have a topic that will always remain youthful, then you are toying with evergreen content.

It never ages.

4) Memorable

How will people keep coming back to your evergreen content?

They will remember the content throughout their lives and even recommend others to check it out.

This means that your content has to make an everlasting mark in their minds.

5) Wows your audience

If somebody says “wow” or “OMG” after interacting with your content, then you crushed it.

Creating a surprising piece of content is not easy.

You need to drop a bombshell, leave some questions unanswered, break the norm or attack your topic from an extraordinary angle to make it.

How to Create Timeless Content as a Freelance Writer

freelance writing

The world is unforgiving.

If you create low-quality content, nobody will notice it. Let alone clicking and reading it.

This means that you have to work harder to impress your audience.

Here are a few tips to help you in creating evergreen content.

1) Identify a topic for your evergreen content

Let’s say that you run a blog like

Suggest some evergreen content topics that are suitable for the blog.

Here are some amazing articles that Virginia has already written:

Why is this timeless content?

This topic is evergreen because online workers will always look for laptops and they need such guides before purchasing.

The content is always relevant and will never grow old.

But wait.

How did Tech Money Mama know that the topic will become timeless and popular at the same time?

Keep reading.

2) Do Keyword Research

Keyword research entails looking for the correct keywords to use in a specific article and the number of people who are actively searching for the keyword within a month.

How the heck do you do that?

There are a number of keyword research tools out there some of which are free while others are paid tools.

I recommend Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest Keyword Tool since it gives you many metrics for free.

Let’s assume that you want to write an article about making money online.

Keying in the keywords “making money online” on the Ubersuggest Tool gives you a list of keywords that people type into Google, the search volume, the cost per click, the paid difficulty for the search term, the SEO difficulty of ranking the keywords, blogs that are already ranking for the keyword and the domain authority and number of backlinks needed to hit position 1 in Google search engine results page.

You may also use other keyword tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Google Suggest and Keyword Shitter to get a glimpse of how many people are actively searching for your topic.

Here are other ways of identifying popular keywords:

  • Focusing on the needs of your audience
  • Identifying popular article topics online
  • Checking the types of content which are popular i.e. long-form or short-form, written or video or graphic.
  • Identifying poorly written content on popular keywords and creating rich articles around the topics

3) Update older content to remain evergreen

This is where the gold lies in waiting.

Older content may make sense if you update it regularly.

Since it is already indexed by search engines and most probably linked to, older content can easily rank well when updated to attain sustainable timelessness.

Even old content that is not relevant may gain a short-lived or sustainable evergreen status.

For instance, all you have to make Rev Transcription Review relevant in 2020 is to change the year and update a few things which might have changed.

Otherwise, the review still remains timeless unless the company makes any major changes.

However, you must take care when writing the headline of content which is year-specific.

Avoiding the year in the URL will make the content relevant years after the date of publication.

Using a plugin like WordPress SEO by Yoast can help you to have an SEO Title different from the permalink.

Therefore, some content may regain a timeless status through a little annual tweaking.

Types of Timeless Content in 2020

There are certain types of posts that fall in the evergreen category automatically without you having to tweak anything.

Here are some evergreen content types.

1) Tutorials and “How to” Guides

Many tutorials and “How to” guides are generally evergreen.

But there is a catch.

Tutorials and how-to articles in the technology niche may require updates after a few years in order to retain the evergreen status.

Why? Because technology keeps changing and some features of technology may change with time.

For example, a wonderful article on “how to design in AutoCAD software” or “how to change a background in Photoshop” may lose its evergreen status due to software updates over the years.

Such articles should be re-written to stay relevant.

Here are examples of evergreen tutorials and “how-to” articles.

Freelancing Niche: How to start a freelance writing business

Blogging Niche: How to start and monetize a blog

Health Niche: How to remove body fat

And the list goes on and on.

2) Listicles

Listiles are articles that contain a list of things, tools or ideas.

Although it is possible to have listicles that are not evergreen, it is easier to turn any listicle into a timeless piece of content.

Here are some listicle topics which can make evergreen content.

The main reason why list posts make good evergreen content is the fact that they are memorable, readable and popular. 

Furthermore, they are easy to handle.

Listicles make great evergreen content.

3) Historical Data

To show your authority in your niche, you may create the historical content of your industry.

Many researchers could be interested in the history of your industry and it could give you backlinking opportunities like no other type of evergreen content.

For instance, an article entitled “List of all American Presidents” is timeless because it won’t change much until the next president is elected.

Better still, an article on the History of computers will remain relevant amid little tweaks although it talks about the past up to the present.

The history of blogging is a timeless topic as well.

It will definitely be updated in the future to stay fresh.

4) Problem-Solving or FAQs

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, solving frequently asked questions about a product, an idea or anything is one way of creating timeless content.

You may start by visiting online communities such as Quora, Stack Overflow,, Yahoo Answers.

Here is how to do it.

First, you identify popular topics and the kind of problems that people face on the online question and answer websites

Second, you write quality content which solves the problems and post it on your website.

Third, you post an outline or summary of the answer on the websites with a link to your website.

In so doing, you kill three birds with one stone.

You create good evergreen content for your website, get a backlink to the content and a ton of free and highly engaged traffic.

But why is the content considered evergreen?

Because it answers a specific problem that affects many people always.

Here are examples of popular questions on Quora which drive user engagement.

The questions has millions of views which show they are popular and always asked perennially.

5) Testimonials

A testimonial is a person’s written or spoken statement extolling the virtue of a product. 

Testimonials don’t have expiry dates.

In fact, serious buyers normally check out testimonials that are as old as the age of a company or product to satisfy their curiosity on the reliability of a product or service.

Testimonials are different from reviews because they appear on your website while reviews appear on other websites apart from yours.

If you can convince your fans or customers to submit a testimonial on your website, then you will have evergreen testimonial content.

You can install a testimonial plugin by searching for “the best testimonial plugins” online and choosing the one which meets your specifications.

Your fans may also submit testimonials by email.

On the other hand, you may also help in creating user-generated content for another website by submitting a testimonial on another website.

Testimonials enhance a brand’s trust, attracting more customers.

6) Ultimate content and beginner guides

Most probably, you have read something like “the ultimate guide to blogging”, “the ultimate guide to link-building” or “the beginners’ guide to affiliate marketing”

Let’s start with beginner guides.

They are important in all niches.


Because there are always beginners who want to know something.

Here are a few topic suggestions:

  • Beginners guide to modern graphic design
  • Beginners guide to Paleo diets
  • Beginners guide to content marketing

All you have to do is to pick your niche or your industry and then write a beginner’s guide.

And there you are with your evergreen content.

Ultimate guides or comprehensive guides are also great.

However, they are best consumed by people with advanced skills in a niche.

Beginners will one time become experts and they will also want to use ultimate guides anyway.

For instance, this ultimate guide to self-publishing is an excellent example of evergreen ultimate guides.

7) Online Courses

Are online courses evergreen.

Yes and no.

They are evergreen to the extent the knowledge you gained in school is.

Online courses are educational materials that may or may not be regularly updated.

However, unlike the age-old textbooks, online courses are evergreen because they are constantly updated to the latest versions.

It is not easy to render a curriculum of an online course irrelevant within a short time. 

Technological interruptions may change the course content but the principles still work.

Furthermore, it is possible to have permanently evergreen online courses.

Have a look at the following topics:

  • Transcription masterclass course
  • Bodybuilding online course
  • Book publishing course
  • Essay writing course

The course contents of online courses can be evergreen if the courses are created using timeless content creation strategies. 

8) Glossaries of Terms or Phrases

If you are an expert in your industry, you know a lot of industry-specific terms and phrases.

You may not want to create a whole dictionary.

How can you help a beginner or your customer to understand your brand better?

By creating a list of terms and phrases commonly used.

These are entries that are unlikely to change soon.

They constitute evergreen content.

For instance, Tech Money Mama has gives us 90 blogging terms every blogger should know.

The glossary is important for newbie bloggers and interested members of the target audience.

Forms of timeless content

What form does evergreen content take?

Timeless content, just like any other type of content, can take any form.

It may be in written form, audio form, video format, image form, book form or any other form as long as it is readable, memorable, relevant and timeless.

Here are some of the forms that timeless content takes:

1) Brand Book Format

Your brand may produce books for distribution to create awareness.

You may publish educational brochures for customers, investors or associates.

Once published, most books convey the same information perennially. 

Your brand identity book is an example of timeless content.

Be sure to create your company’s book since it is a great marketing tool.

2) Videos and Podcasts

Evergreen content may be expressed in video form or as a podcast.

All you need is to create a script of the evergreen written content and record it as an audio file or in video format.

Videos and podcasts are growing in popularity at the moment.

Why don’t you start producing evergreen videos and podcasts?

3) Visual Imagery

Images and graphics also have their space in the world of evergreen content.

When incorporated with statistical data and written words, images become infographics that have also taken digital marketing by storm in the last few years.

You surely need to incorporate infographics and other types of image graphics in your content marketing.

You can even submit infographics as guest posts an enhance your brand’s online exposure.

Promote Your Evergreen Content

After creating the evergreen content, you are now ready to promote it.

Don’t fall into the trap of hiding your content deep into your website.

Position your evergreen content for success by promoting it on the sidebar, top bar, footer or header menu of your website.

It is meaningless to take your time in creating evergreen content that nobody sees.

You also need to promote your evergreen content on social media platforms for maximum visibility.

Great freelancers also promote their content through blogger outreach.

Lastly, you need to send your evergreen content to your subscribers.

Final Thoughts on Evergreen Content Creation

In order for you to build a sustainable freelancing career, you need to create timeless content.

The form of timeless content that you publish depends on your inspiration but remember that timeless content will give you free traffic in the long-run.

Interspersing evergreen articles in your blog will present you as an industry leader who is out to revolutionize content marketing by providing perennial informative and useful content.

However, you must remember that even the best of evergreen content also needs a few updates here and there to retain freshness.

There is nothing like an untouchable content nor is there anything like publish and forget in the modern blogosphere.

Let’s talk now.

How do you create evergreen content and which type do you love most?

This has been a guest post by Danvas Kegesa, founder of Cute Writers.

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