Hashtags on Pinterest plus 60 Hashtags To Improve Blog Traffic

Last updated on December 22, 2018

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What do you think about when you hear the term “hashtag”? Instagram no doubt.

But are hashtags used on Pinterest? Yes they are. They are definitely a thing on Pinterest.

Thing is, whenever Pinterest talks about something, my antenna goes up.

If we really take the time to listen, we’ll notice that Pinterest shares lots of tips on how we can improve our Pinterest accounts, and thus get even more traffic to our blogs.

So when they talk about using hashtags on Pinterest, it must be for our own good right?

I believe so.

But what exactly do we need to know about hashtags on this pretty platform? Here are answers to some questions that you may have on the same.

What Are Hashtags Anyway?

Hashtags are words preceded by this sign # and are used to identify Pins on the Pinterest platform.

And not just any pins. If you type a certain hashtag phrase on Pinterest, the results will show you the latest and most up to date pins on that particular phrase.

How Many Hashtags Should I Use?

Pinterest suggests that users should use no more than 20 hashtags per pin, and that we use hashtags that make sense and that are relevant to the Pin.

In as much as Pinterest allows up to 20 hashtags on a pin, it’s best to limit the number.

You don’t want to appear spammy plus Pinterest only shows 4 hashtags for every pin.

Where Should I Put The Hashtags on Pinterest?

Hastags are placed in your pins description. I’ve tried to put them on my pins but I’m yet to see whether that works. Will definitely update this blog post if it does!

Should I Use My Own Pinterest Hashtags Or The Suggested Ones?

Pinterest wants you to use specific and descriptive hashtags. In that case, I’d rather use hashtags that people are actively searching for. After all, you want your pins to get found, right?

So how will you know which Pinterest hashtags are popular?

Simply go to the search bar, type in a hashtag followed by a word, for example, money, and a couple of hashtags will appear.

Here’s another tip – you can use trending hashtags in your pins. At the time of writing this blog post, trending hashtags are #christmasdecorations, #christmascrafts #christmasgifts

Popular Pinterest Hashtags To Use

Here are some Pinterest Hashtags to use in your Pinterest Marketing strategy.

#moneysavingtips #frugalliving #savingmoney #savingtips #budgeting #cashback #earnmoneyonline #earnextramoney #extramoney

#momboss #momblogger #parentingtips #parentingproblems #pregnancytips #pregnancyhealth #breastfeedingtips #breastfeedingdiet #breastfeedingproblems #breastfeedingclothes

#foodphotography, #foodblogger #foodanddrink #foodie #baking #mealplanning

#timelessfashion #fashion #fashionoutfits #fashionbags #fashioncasual #fashiondesign #fashionformen #fashionforwomenover40 #fashionkids #fashionphotography #womensfashion

#diycrafts #diygifts #decoratingideas #decoratingkitchen #interiordesign #craftsforkids

#fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration #fitnessworkouts #fitnessdiet #fitnessplanner #bodygoals #bodybuilding #bodybuildingforwomen #healthfitness #weightloss #weightwatchers #weightdietplan

#petstore #petshop #petdogs #petclothes #petcostumes #petlover #petbed #petgifts

There are a couple more hashtags that you can use. For now, it remains to be seen whether Pinterest will keep this hashtag thingy on or whether they will change their minds on this. They’ve been updating a lot of stuff lately!

Finally, here are some awesome resources that smart bloggers always check out!  

Tailwind – a scheduler that will save you loads of time on Pinterest, as well as show you how well your pins are performing. Did I mention that you get a free $15 when you sign up?

Grammarly – bloggers need not worry about having spelling and punctuation errors on their blog posts. Must have tool!

Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies eCourse – Learn how Pinterest can send you blog traffic with the tips and strategies that Carly’s shares. This ecourse is super popular and for good reason. It works!   

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