How To Buy Bitcoins in Kenya From LocalBitcoins

Last updated on July 11, 2020

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A couple of years back, no one knew about Bitcoin. Even now, few understand it. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is gaining more and more popularity. In this post, I will show you how to buy bitcoins in Kenya from Localbitcoins site. 

About LocalBitcoin

LocalBitcoins is  a peer-to-peer bitcoin exchange that was founded in Finland. On this site, buyers and sellers can trade bitcoin, with the added benefit of an escrow service.

On Localbitcoins, you can buy bitcoins using different payment methods such as via Mpesa, Bank or you can meet face to face with the buyer/seller. Mpesa, because of its convenience, is the most common method. 

I’ve bought bitcoins on LocalBitcoins before and it was a seamless and fast experience. Please note that you need to check the seller’s rating before you send any money.

Step 1: Register on LocalBitcoins Kenya

Registration is free. Once you register, check your email and verify the email address you signed up with. After that,  you’re good to buy!

Step 2:

When you click on the BUY BITCOIN tab, you will see a number of traders who are selling bitcoin.

Please note that there are limits.  You can transact with as little as  Kes 1,000, but with others, the minimum is Kes 20,000.

Step 3:

On LocalBitcoins, every seller has a reputation rating. This is a great way to protect yourself against scammers and to help you determine the trustworthiness of the seller. 

Click on the seller’s name to view their rating. For example, when I click on BitMaste, I’m able to see his public history. 

If you have deemed the seller to be trustworthy, you can proceed with the trade. Click BUY to buy your bitcoins.

You’ll then be directed to a page where the seller will have indicated the TERMS OF TRADE.

If you agree with the seller’s terms, indicate how much you want to buy in the box and click ‘send trade request’ Once that is done, you will see a box on your right, indicating which number to send the money to.

Step Four: Click on the ‘I have paid’ tab to confirm payment.

The seller will then release the bitcoins to your localbitcoins wallet.

PS: I am not endorsing BitMaste as a seller. However, I have transacted twice with him, and on both occasions, experienced no hitches whatsoever.   There are many other good sellers on the platform. The key thing is to check out a seller’s reputation. 

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Should You Buy Bitcoins In 2018?

A few things to take note of: 

  1.  You can enable two-factor authentication on the site.  This will further protect your account from hackers. Read more about two-factor authentication on LocalBitcoin.
  2. It is highly recommended that you keep your bitcoins in a wallet in which you have control, such as the Mycelium wallet (an IOS and Android wallet app) rather than keeping them in the localbitcoins wallet. You can download this wallet from the Google Playstore. 
  3. Phishing sites are real. Protect yourself from those kind of attacks by bookmarking the original localbitcoin site and signing in only via that bookmark.

So how do you move your bitcoins, from the LocalBitcoins to a wallet you own, such as the Mycelium wallet? Glad you asked. 

Step 1: On the right side of your LocalBitcoins home page, click on the bitcoin amount.

That will direct you to your LocalBitcoins wallet. 

Step 2: Click on the SEND BITCOINS tab.

The RECEIVING BITCOIN ADDRESS is your Mycelium address. Enter the Mycelium address which consists of 34 characters.

Indicate the amount of BTC you are sending (enter your two-factor authentication code if you have activated it) and click SEND.

You’ll get a notification that your bitcoins have been successfully sent to the address.

And that’s it. Easy peasy aye? 

So there you have it. Go on and buy yourself some bitcoins from LocalBitcoinsKenya!

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  • Thanks sheeroh for the info, i have always wondered how this is done but from your explanation it is much informative, looking forward to give it a trial with your assistance .

    • It is not complicated at all. I thought it was when I first heard of this process, but when I followed the instructions, I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of it!

    • You can trade bitcoins. Buy low and sell when the price increases. For example, there are plenty of sellers on LocalBitcoins.

      Or you can buy and hold. You can buy now (the price is currently 1 BTC is equal to $2700) and sell it when there is a significant price change, a year or so later.

      • Thkns fr the info, snds like trading shares. Would you advice smn to get into it as a longterm or short term investment?

  • Mmmmh juicy. I have always been thinking of investing in bitcoins but I always thought that I would need a whole lot of money to buy one bitcoin and it might be risky. If I can transact with Mpesa I don’t see why not. Thanks again Sheeroh for sharing your knowledge with us.

  • Thanks sheero clearly and understood,
    But am just curious on following this question below:

    Thkns fr the info, snds like trading shares. Would you advice smn to get into it as a longterm or short term investment?

    • Hey Edwina, Just like with shares, it depends. Some people prefer to trade bitcoins actively, buying and selling shares with even a slight price change. Others prefer a more long-term view, and therefore buy bitcoins and hold for a while, say a year or more, and afterwards sell.

    • Hello Jai. Just as I have elaborated in the blog post. Sign up on LocalBitcoins, then follow the steps I’ve outlined. Make sure you check the seller’s rating.

  • Hi Sheeroh advice me on this. someone told me you can buy Bitcoins today and sell them tomorrow and you make a profit.

    • One thing Lucy, is that you cannot predict the market. Today, Bitcoin may be going up only for it to go down tomorrow. So it all depends on how the market is doing. It also depends on how much you invest. Someone who buys bitcoins worth Kes 10,000 cannot make the same profit with someone who buys bitcoins worth Kes 100,000. With the latter, a small price change will lead to a good profit.

  • Hi Sheeroh. This is so informative. Where do i get the current trades if I decide to be selling like every week or daily ? Thenx

  • Hey,

    I have already subscribed to Blockchain do i need to also subscribe to LocalBitcoins Kenya in order to buy or sale Bitcoins.

    • Hi Joan. There’s no maximum really. It all depends on your funds so you want to invest your money cautiously and wisely. As for the minimum, if you check LocalBitcoinsKenya traders, you will see that there are traders who can sell you bitcoins worth even Kes 1,000.

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