How to Make an Extra $1000 a Month From Home!

Last updated on July 21, 2020

How to make an extra $1000 a month from home

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Unlike our parents’ generation, we’re living at a time when having a good, solid income is a necessity. So many bills to pay, though truth be stated, you can’t simply live to pay bills. You need to enjoy life as well!

That’s why today, I want us to take a look at the different ways in which you can earn an extra $1000 a month from the comfort of your home so that you can pay a couple of bills, save, or even travel!

14 Best Ways to Make Money From Home

Here are my top picks for the best ways to make money from home.

1. Freelance Writing

freelance writing

With so much content needed by authors, bloggers, social media pages and the like, there’s never been a better time to become a writer.

You may think that you need to be a total pro, spewing technical King James type of English to be a good writer but that’s not the case.

The truth is a lot of people can write. With good training, practice and a can-do attitude, you can start your freelance writing career even tomorrow!

If you know the basic rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation, you are already half-way there.

Just sign up to platforms like Fiverr, Problogger or Upwork and you can be assured of earning $1000 a month writing articles for clients. The key is setting a good rate and not relying on only one site to get freelance writing gigs.

Apart from those three platforms, you can also write for other websites. Many parenting, pet, health and fitness websites are always on the lookout for good writers and many of them pay $50 and above for a well-written 1000 word article.

Your articles need to be free of typos, and have a good sentence structure and flow.

If you can write 20-30 articles in a month, you will definitely reach the $1,000 target.

When it comes to freelance writing training, I like recommending two ladies. One is Holly Johnson and the other one is Gina Horkey.

They’ve been around the block and understand the ins and out of online writing.

Gina started earning $4000 per month after six months of starting her online writing business, while Holly found awesome techniques to build a six-figure business.

She shares some of those tips in her ‘how to build a six-figure writing career‘ free workshop. 

Gina also has a course: 30 Days or Less to Freelance Writing Success.

2. Online Teaching Jobs

online teaching jobs

Thanks to the internet, people who want to learn the English language can now do so in the comfort of their homes. Indeed, this is a great way to make an extra 1000 this month!

Online teaching jobs are becoming an increasingly popular job for people who want to earn extra income. There are plenty of Chinese people who want to learn English and speak it well, as well as other Asians and people from Arabic countries.

Most of the online teaching platforms out there don’t need a teaching degree. You’ll simply need to pass some assessments and you’re in.

If you’re good with kids and patience is one of your virtues, then you definitely need to look into this as an extra income opportunity that will help you earn $1,000 next month.

Most online teaching sites like VIPKid, Gogo Kids, QKids pay at least $10 per hour!

3. Deliver Food With DoorDash

doordash delivery jobs

If you have a car and some time to spare, and need extra money, then you need to give DoorDash delivery a chance and become a Dasher (as the DoorDash drivers are called)

DoorDash was founded in 2013 and operates in numerous cities in the United States and Canada.

Companies like DoorDash make it easy for people to eat their favorite restaurant meals at home, in the office or anywhere they choose really.

For a few hours of work, DoorDash pays drivers up to $700 a week for food deliveries. Sweet extra money huh?

To become a DoorDash driver you need to meet the following requirements:

  • Be 18 years and older
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Own a smartphone
  • Provide a social security number for purposes of a background check
  • Pass a background and driving record check.

The key to earning a good income with DoorDash is making as many deliveries as possible.

That and…

  • Delivering orders during heavy ordering times, around dinner time.
  • Delivering orders when there’s lousy weather.
  • Delivering around lunch time.
  • Delivering during big sporting events.

DoorDash drivers also have the opportunity to earn more via tips. The tip will vary from customer to customer and it can be as little as $5 to as much as $40, the latter likely to happen when you get customers ordering from expensive restaurants.

Sign up with DoorDash and start earning today!

4. Rent Out a Spare Room on Airbnb

Got a spare room or house you don’t use? Do you know that you can make money with it?

Airbnb is a website that allows you to rent out your spare room for money. Instead of leaving your house all by its pretty self when you travel to another state or country for sometime, you can simply rent it out.

The website is popular and legit, providing access to over 5 million places of accommodation in 191 countries.

The business model works just like Uber. Uber itself doesn’t own any cars. Airbnb doesn’t own any houses really.

It relies on people like you to rent out your homes/rooms when you don’t need em, thereby acting as a middleman.

As more and more people get into becoming digital nomads, the popularity of Airbnb continues to soar. In peak months, the demand goes even higher.

How Much Money Can You Make With Airbnb?

It depends on several factors, like the location of your house (in a busy city compared with a more conservative one) but the average earnings are $924 per month.

Click here to become an Airbnb host and start earning from home!

5. Pet Sit With Rover

Thirty years ago, the pet industry wasn’t as big as it is now.

Right now, almost 85 million American households have a pet, with dogs clearly being the favorite.

This provides an opportunity for you to make money!

What opportunities, you ask? These range from pet sitting, to a short 20 minute walk with a dog.

Pet-care services are in high demand as busy professionals do not always have the time to do the vital things their pets need – dog walking being among them.

You can get pet sitting jobs on a popular pet sitting site like Rover, or giving out fliers in your neighborhood.

But, is pet sitting or dog walking really your thing? Maybe, maybe not. Some of the questions that you may want to ask yourself are:

Do I have the stamina? Depending on the dog breed, you may be linked up with a dog that has high doses of energy. You need to have the stamina and the psyche to keep up with the dog when it gets excited. You also should go the extra mile to ensure the dog receives the exercise it requires.

Am I easily agitated/stressed? Who knows whether the next dog you’ll be linked up with will be an adorable Husky that is oh so unpredictable. Here’s where your ability to remain clam comes in. No need to react to a situation without fully understanding it. **Rather than immediately disciplining a dog for barking, there might be underlying causes for its actions.

Do I love dogs? This is so obvious that I’m really not going to expand on it 🙂

Back to Rover – this is a popular pet sitting site where dog walkers get hired every single month!

According to the site, Rover has made more than 14,000 clients smile and has a community of 200,000+ sitters. The platform also has an excellent rating.

The signing up process is as follows (which, by the way, can be done via the website or via their mobile app)

  • Create an account to become a pet sitter.
  • Answer a couple of questions as you set up your profile.
  • Upload a profile photo.
  • Get verified.
  • Rover runs a background check on you.

According to the site, less than 20% of potential pet sitters are accepted on the site. That’s how serious the platform is about making pet owners happy.

From my internet research and digging, it appears that the average amount you can earn walking a dog is $10 per customer. With pet sitting, you can typically earn $40 per night.

Still, how much you earn really depends on several things, key among them being your location.

If you live in a busy city like New York or LA, you will generally earn more than a dog walker living in Norman, Oklahoma. Also, when setting your rates, remember that Rover takes 20% of your earnings.

Some Rover members recommend taking dog walking jobs and being available during high demand times like holidays in order to earn more.

Click here to sign up and start earning with Rover!

6. Become a driver with Lyft

Driving for Lyft is another way to earn an extra $1,000 next month.

Driving for Lyft gives you the opportunity to make money at your pace. In other words, its all about flexibility.

You can drive when you want, meaning you determine how much you make.

What’s more, the company offers bonuses to drivers who go the extra mile – literally. Drive more and get a ‘power driver bonus’

The average earnings for Lyft drivers ranges between $8-25 an hour.

Again, you will earn more as a Lyft driver if you are based in the city than if you are based in a rural area.

Here are more tips that will come in handy for new Lyft drivers:

  • Weekend nights and rush hour are excellent times to be on the road, mainly due to an increase in fare as well as surge pricing.
  • In terms of equipment, a phone mount will come in handy. This will ensure that you keep your eyes on the road – as you rightly should.
  • Apart from earning via driving passengers to and fro, you can also earn more money by referring other drivers.

7. Start a Money-Making Blog

If the thought of having a blog makes you all sweaty and confused, know that you’re not alone. A lot of people think that you need to be super techy and super knowledgeable to start a blog.

The good news is that that isn’t so.

Blogging isn’t complicated. It is simply about finding a niche that you love, say parenting, and sharing your knowledge with your readers. You will need to build traffic (and this will not be an overnight thing) but as you build traffic, you can also start making money from that traffic.

Common ways to make money with your blog include:

  • Putting ads on your blog.
  • Selling an ebook or an ecourse.
  • Promoting other people’s/company products and getting a commission, eg promoting Amazon household products and getting a commission from Amazon every month.

Here’s a list of bloggers who are earning well over $1,000 a month with their blogs. Read on and get inspired!

Also, starting a blog is as easy as following this blogging tutorial. Follow it and start your very own blog today!

8. Sell stuff you no longer need on Decluttr

You know that famous saying about people who refuse to declutter? No? Well, neither do I.

What I do know is that if you’ve got phones, video games, DVD’s, books or CDs that you don’t need, you can dispose of them at Decluttr and earn some good fast cash!

The website states that they:

  • Have paid out over $300 million to 6 million plus customers.
  • Provide FREE shipping!
  • Have FAST next day payments.

How Does Decluttr Work?

You first decide what it is you want to sell at the platform. Let’s say its an old cell phone.

You head over to the Decluttr site and enter the barcode number or scan the barcode if you have their smartphone app.

Enter the information pertaining to the cell phone and wait for Decluttr to tell you how much they’ll pay you for it.

However, Decluttr will need to know what condition the cell phone is in.

Don’t worry – if the phone is cracked, you can state that it is faulty. You will generally need to select three conditions: good, poor or faulty.

The Decluttr team will check to see whether the cell phone is in the same condition you said it is in. It’s functionality will also be tested as well as deletion of any files left on the device.

Once their inspection team has ensured that everything is in tip-top shape, they will pay you the very next day, either via check, PayPal or by direct deposit.

Click here to register and sell your stuff on Decluttr today!

9. Sell Stuff On The Etsy Website

Etsy is a great place to earn money if you are the crafty type. It is a well-known website where crafts, paper goods, housewares, like wood items, and mugs, and even organic soaps.

Vintage items are also sold here and they must be at least 20 years old to qualify.

The good news is that if you only want to create digital items, there’s a place for you too!

Etsy is also free to join and has low listing and selling fees. You don’t have to invest a ton of money to run a successful shop here.

You won’t earn $1,000 immediately you start your shop. You will need to be patient and persistent and market your shop actively.

But if you are determined and sell products that are attractive to your target market, earning an extra $1,000 a month from home is attainable.

Some of the popular categories on Etsy are:

  • bullet journals and planners.
  • digital products like t-shirt designs and printables.
  • party decor.
  • jewelry.

And you don’t have to run your shop full-time. You can always set aside a couple of hours in the evening or during the weekends to work on your Etsy store.

Here are inspiring stories of four Etsypreneurs who did just that.


10. Sell Photos

Imagery is the in thing in 2019 and has been for a while now. With platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, you can easily see why.

You can now sell your photos to the many people who need them and make money.

And thanks to tech, you don’t even need to own a professional camera. You can take beautiful, high-quality images with your phone.

What type of images are most popular? You’ll discover that bloggers and other online professionals love:

  • Laptop and PC photos – on their own or someone working on their laptop.
  • Food: veggies, deserts, meats, plates, cups. Coffee in a cup is particularly popular.
  • Cities: Photos of skyscrapers and other buildings. Traffic jams.
  • Nature: Images of the woods, autumn, wildlife.
  • Travel: Pictures from different countries – their lakes, mountains and other landmarks.

Here are some websites where you can sell your photos:

  • Shutterstock

In the past 15 years, Shutterstock has paid out more than 500 million dollars to its image contributors. As long as you are over 18 years of age, you can sign up from anywhere in the world!

The sign-up process is pretty simple:

  • Create an account 
  • Upload your images on to the platform.
  • Get paid every time someone downloads your pictures
  • Refer other people to the site and earn even more!

PS: Shutterstock also accepts videos as there are many people looking to buy the same.

Click here to sign up for Shutterstock!

  • iStockPhoto

The site was founded in 2001 and is renowned as the go-to-site for high quality images and videos.

To apply, download their Contributor app then send them 3 to 6 samples of pictures you’ve taken.

They will then review your samples and let you know whether you’ve been accepted.

Once you’re in, you’ll receive 15% of any sales of your images. However, that can go all the way to 45%, depending on your status.

  • AdobeStock

AdobeStock is another large platform that people visit when they need high–quality photos and videos.

To become an AdobeStock contributor, you must be 18 years and above, and the sole owner of the images you upload.

AdobeStock contributors earn 33% commission for photos. Contributors can request a payout via Paypal when they have a minimum of $25 in royalties.

Note that your images will also be made available for sale on Fotolia which was bought by Adobe in 2014. That’s double for your trouble!

Other Ways To Make Quick Side Money

Moving on to another section… you won’t make $1000 this month in the ways listed below but they sure can help you earn a cool $500! Let’s go!

11. Surveys

Online surveys are a fun, fast and easy way of making extra money. You simply get paid for sharing your opinions about a product or a service.

Many times the surveys will pay you cash but other survey sites will send you gift cards as compensation.

For many people though, getting paid in cold hard cash is the preferred option so let’s take a quick look at which survey sites come highly recommended!

Survey Junkie: Survey Junkie a well-known site that was founded in 2013. The site currently accept members from the US, Australia, and Canada.

Vindale Research: This is a popular survey site that has been around since 2005. Not only do they offer surveys but you can also make money by watching videos, reading emails and taking part in their polls. They also give you a FREE $1 when you sign up!

PineCone Research: This trusted leader in the online survey industry pays $3 per survey. Payments are processed within 5 days via PayPal or Check.

Respondent: Respondent is a market research study company that connects individuals to companies/clients who need insights on consumer behaviour. It’s one of the best-paying companies in this field, paying up to $200 per study.

One Opinion: Make money testing products AND answering surveys. Earn between $1 to $5 per survey.

12. Download apps like Mobile Xpression or Nielsen App

MobileXpression lets you take surveys on your mobile phone and do tasks such as watching video ads, visiting websites and so on.

The app also runs in the background of your mobile phone and collects data for market research, data such as mobile web browsing activity, usage of cameras and video streaming.

Most importantly, if you get the app and install it for at least a week, you will receive credits which you can redeem for a $5 Amazon gift card!

The Nielsen Mobile App, on the other hand, will send you a cool $50 just to download their app!

All you need to do is use your smartphone or tablet device like you do every day and allow Nielsen to track your internet activity. In return for keeping their app installed on your phone they’ll send you $50 every year!

13. Test Websites

Your work as a user tester, cause that’s what website testers are called – is to visit a website to get a feel of it, giving your audible feedback on the same. Most of these user testing jobs will pay you $10.

14. Paribus

Paribus is an online service that tracks your online purchases from retailers and requests a refund for you if it finds a lower price.

Let’s say you buy a cleanser at Sephora at $24 and the price goes down a couple of days later to $20, Paribus will help you get the $4 back as a refund.

You will have to give Paribus access to your email so that they can keep track of all your online receipts and issue a refund when the time comes.

Final Thoughts on Making Money From Home

You may have to try more than one money-making idea above to find a good fit but whatever happens, I can assure you that these ways are awesome to help you earn an extra 1000 a month from home. It’s a journey that you will enjoy!

About the author

Virginia Nakitari is a work from home mom passionate about making money online. She's here to show you legitimate companies offering full-time, part-time and remote jobs from home! Stay tuned!

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