Introducing Virginia Nakitari

Dear TechMoneyMama readers,

It was a couple of years ago when I started this blog. Back then it was called workonlinekenya. It was sort of my baby, and I worked on it heart and soul. I was excited to share with my readers all the stuff I was learning about working online from home.

During that time I received many emails from readers, sharing the challenges they were experiencing working online. Many also shared the joys of working from home, such as when they received their first cheque. Reading such messages brought a lot of warmth in my heart because I remembered that I, too, had started from zero.

Nevertheless, just as the sun rises and sets, so has my journey ‘sort of’ set. There comes a time when one has to take a bow. I will be pursuing other ventures but I am leaving you in the good -nay, incredible hands of one Virginia Nakitari.

If you’ve read my blog severally, she’s the one who wrote that fantastic Rev review. Yes, that one! Virginia is a work from home genius and she’s determined to take this blog to higher heights, deeper depths, and what have you!

To all my fans, followers, friends and …..the others, I’m sure we’ll meet in these online streets at one point or the other. Till then, all the best and I leave you in the safe and awesome hands of Virginia Nakitari!