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Last updated on July 11, 2020

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You know what I firmly believe? That online jobs are the future. But, well, that’s just me. Now, one of the jobs with a low barrier to entry are article writing jobs. There are several article writing sites but today, let’s focus on iWriter. Godfrey, a good friend of mine, was kind enough to  write for me this guest post. He’s earning more than $300 every week on iWriter, and he’s eager to tell us more about it. Here goes the iWriter review!

I joined iWriter in 2012 and I am now an Elite writer. I’ll tell you later what Elite is all about. iWriter is a legitimate company and if you don’t like bidding sites, you’ll be happy to know that all you need to do is sign up and pick a job depending on your rank.

I’ve gathered lots of experience writing for the company and I want to share with you some important factors that will help you start making $300 and more every week at iWriter.  You will find these tips to be very helpful, whether you are a newbie or an experienced writer who is looking for writing jobs on iWriter.

I specifically get special requests from clients. I am currently on more than 60 requesters’ favorite writer lists. I sometimes feature on the iWriter homepage as one of the highest rated writers. Guess what, you can do it too!

Where Do I Start?

To begin, you need to register an account using your email address which will only take a few minutes. You will need a Paypal account too. After registration, log in to your account and click “Write Content” button on the main menu.


A new window will appear, listing the Available orders. As a new writer, you are only able to work on the standard articles, which are listed on the very last page of the orders (navigate to the last page, the pages are listed as 1, 2, 3 etc.). Click the (+) button to expand on an order. You will be able to either read the “instructions” or “write the article”. For now, you need to click on any standard article, which will lead you to a simple 15 question test. After passing the test, you will be able to start your article writing career on iWriter. This can happen in less than 30 minutes.

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Every new account is limited to one order after every 45 minutes. This means after you write an article, you will have to wait for 40 minutes before you pick another one. This limitation is placed on all new accounts, until you have 5 article approvals. The process goes faster if your requesters approve your work immediately you submit. You can only pick and work on one order at any given time. You will however be able to work on as many orders as you want in a day. Payment is prompt and you can choose to be paid on either 5th of the month, 25th of the month, Tuesdays weekly or Wednesdays weekly.I like that while competition for orders is high, you will always get enough orders to work on everyday.


IWriter New Site Updates
Test: A few months back, anyone looking to work on the iWriter platform only needed to register and start working on the site. Today, iWriter has introduced a small test – basically 15 simple grammar questions. The test is easy and most of the time you will get 14 or 15/15. If you fail the exam, you can contact Brad Callen and they will send you a link for another test trial after every 24 hours.

 What About Ratings?

Initially, iWriter had only three tier ratings: standard, premium and elite. The company recently added a fourth one: Elite plus. Standard is the lowest rating, elite plus is the highest rating. From my experience, it’s not easy making even $30 weekly with a standard rating. You can make about $70 with a premium account weekly and you can easily make $40 daily with an elite account. Unfortunately, there aren’t many writing jobs in the elite plus section. If you are lucky though, you will be able to get even a $52 for 500 words (really motivating).

These images show you how the ratings look like. Note the highlighted colors.







Elite Plus


Exciting huh? Now, before you proceed, please note:
1.  There are only a few jobs at iWriter Elite plus.
2. You will need to keep refreshing to get good jobs.
3. iWriter is not a get rich quick scheme. Be patient, submit quality articles and you will do more than just pay your bills.

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iWriter Tips and Tricks

1. Rating:  Again, the money is in elite and elite plus levels. From the very beginning, as a newbie, focus on your rating with little emphasis on the money. From the very first time you join iWriter, aim to get several 5-stars. The money will begin to trickle in after you hit a strong rating. It is important to note that hitting a premium or an elite level may seem easy, but maintaining the rating is an uphill task.

2. Your ability to pick good orders quickly before someone else picks them.

Use F5 key, Ctrl + R, or  your mouse to keep refreshing until you get the right job to work on.

3. Your ability to quickly identify con requesters/ identify good orders.

Some requesters are cons. They will always cancel your order however good your quality may seem to be. I find most of my orders being approved because I choose the right requesters. You are probably asking how? Any requesters with threatening words like “I will report you to iWriter” “I will mark you as spam”, “Native English only”, etc. I avoid like Ebola. I personally ignore requesters who have very long instructions or poorly written instructions.  And requesters who always give a 3.5 or lower rating even after doing a wonderful job? Hate it!

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A good order will have a high approval rating, I advise 80% and above for newbies. Short, but clear instructions. I love re-writes because they are always approved most of the times, unless you do a really shoddy job. If a requester approved your work earlier, chances are high that he/she will approve your work again.  I easily maintain my 5-star rating by going for $1 articles, or $2 articles (in the standard section) as the requesters will always go with my default 5 star rating. Only do orders you understand and have the confidence you can deliver on. If I were a new writer, I will also want to avoid working on orders listed by new requesters, they are likely scam.

4. Quality! Quality! Quality!

I cannot stress this enough. To earn good money on iWriter, your quality has to be unquestionable. A 5-star article must have a good structure, an attractive title, and you guessed it, no spelling or grammatical errors. Make use bullets, numbers, sub-titles too. A high quality article is informative, answers all the requester questions, is well researched and educates the reader (Not fluff to fill the number of pages). Learn how to use the iWriter editor, write somewhere else (probably on a Word document) then paste on the editor. Note that copy pasting from Word doc to iWriter editor distorts some characters.

Quality check: After writing your article, say a draft, you need to polish to ensure everything is perfect. To get the best results: First, manually proofread your document for errors on the word document. Secondly, use the word document spell checker to correct errors. Thirdly, use a free tool like ginger software to check for grammar errors (you can also use paid plagiarism checkers like Grammarly or Copyscape). Lastly, read manually again for any errors. You will never go wrong with this simple four step quality check. Use images where necessary, or you can add image links (be careful though, some image links are reported as plagiarism by Copyscape).

5. SEO Skills

It’s very easy mastering basic SEO for iWriter purposes. You need to learn how to use your keyword. You also need to understand the keyword density. Basically, for a 500 word article, use your keyword once in the first paragraph (within the first 150 words). Use the keyword once in the last paragraph. Also add one keyword in the body of the article. Always go with requester keyword density and note that the more keywords you add, the higher the density climbs (you can learn this from the iWriter keyword density button just above the editor).

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Underline, bold and italicize the keyword. Do not use the names of competitors or mention other products. Also, do not talk negatively about a product. Avoid talking about personal views. This applies always when doing other article writing jobs, from other websites.

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6. Communication

When did you last send a private message to a requester? Well, if you have ignored this, it is high time you start talking to all your requesters. I literally ask my customers to give me a genuine 5-star rating, and I ask for it in a good way. Only ask for a good rating if you are sure you have written a great article. I have developed the habit of communicating to all the requesters. Not all requesters love being talked to and some will put you off from the very beginning. It is however critical that whenever you are handling a big project, say 2000 words or an eBook, talk to your requester before working on the order. If you need any clarification, please ask your requester as most of them will be glad to answer.

I always PM my requesters with a line like this:
“Hi, I wrote you the article [title], I know you will love it, kindly give me a good rating and review. I will also appreciate future special requests from you. If you however need any corrections or additions to the article, kindly send it back as a revision, I will be glad to fix it. Thank you very much”

What You Need To Know About iWriter Ratings

It is true that the more you stay in a venture, the more you learn. After having been in iWriter for quite some time, I have come to understand some unique aspects about writing jobs on iWriter:

Rating: The rating system on iWriter is designed in a way that it can either build or ruin your writing career on the platform. Example: If you write 10 articles on iWriter, and all the 10 articles are rated 5-stars, your account default rating changes to 5-stars. If you write 10 articles and all are rated (average rating) 4-stars, you will end up with a default 4-star rating. iWriter system takes the latest 10 articles you have done, calculates the average rating on the 10 articles, and uses the average as the default rating.

What are you blabbering about?’ you ask? Well, iWriter instructs requesters to rate a writer every time an order is submitted. The truth is that about 90% of the requesters will never give a genuine rating. Instead they use the system default rating (they just click “rate/enter” without moving the rating down/up). The trick is to always submit high quality articles for every 10 continuous 5-star ratings to ensure that your default rating is a 5-star. That way, whenever a requester rates you without changing the default, you accumulate several other 5-star ratings.

Note: If your article gets cancelled, your default rating drops down drastically. For every cancelled order, you need about five 5-star ratings to recover. You don’t want that.

When Will iWriter Ban Your Account?

  • Consistently submitting poor quality articles.
  • When a requester clicks on the button “spam” on your order.
  • Rating yourself.
  • Running more than one iWriter account in a single IP/Computer.
  • Continuous complaints to support.
  • Exchanging contact with requesters.
  • Using abusive words.
  • Login to different IPs with your account over a short period of time or when you use a proxy.

These may seem as a lot of work in the beginning, but once you jump the boat, it’s as easy as plug and play. You can also make it easier by always seeking for the help of an expert. You can depend on iWriter to pay some major bills, in fact, if things work out well for you, making $300 weekly on iWriter is a breeze.

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Keep this as your reference for article writing jobs, abide by the rules and keep focused on the good rating instead of the money, and all will be well even before you know it. See you on the other side!

PS: Brad (the owner of iWriter) recently added a contact button on iWriter main menu. They respond to writers’ questions in less than 24 hours. Here is Brad Callen support link http://www.iwriter.com/contact_us.php

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  • A super article , well crafted and direct to the point.Can easily pass for a mini e-book. Everybody working on i writer needs to go through this. Thanks again Sheeroh and Godfrey!

  • Very informative. I had a question to the writer, why do one source content?? Do you search content from the net or you be creative on a given topic?? Do you cite white you have acquired from any other source?? Thanks in advance.

  • Sheeroh thanks for posting the article. Am glad readers love it. It is now time for action, anyone looking forward to making money online. All you need is to read the article, get your computer and internet and you are ready to go, with the help of the experts around.

    • ‘Action breeds confidence and courage’ said Dale Carnegie. Make it happen people! Take action as Godfrey says.

  • Godfrey and Walter Akolo are the guys behind my success on iwriter and online. Since I discussed how to succeed on iwriter with Godfrey, my ratings have improved.

  • @Samuel, while it is advisable that you write the topics you are well versed in, sometimes you can also work on orders you have no hard facts about. The best way to go about it, is to look for information online, using related and relevant keywords, or the title given. Note that quality work is not taking one website as a source and changing words (most requesters will detect copied content from a single given website). While using three or more websites as your source, be creative to present your article in a new perspective. And never forget to format the entire article in your own way, using images, bullets, paragraphs, subheadings etc.

    There is no need for citing an originally written work, however, only do so when a requester mentions anything to do with referencing. Note that you are writing website content here, not academic articles.

    Its also important to note that all articles submitted to iwriter are subject to pass Copyscape, failure to which, they are returned to you for re-writting. You get banned from the site for submitting plagiarized work three times in a row.

    • @Godfrey

      I know I can upload images to https://prnt.sc and get a link to inset within the article content. However, the submissions page currently has no ‘image upload’ button So, how do I paste a photo into iWriter’s text editor if I don’t want to use a link?

    • Yes it does Faith. We’re always learning. And the person who refuses to learn, learn and learn some more, stagnates. Thanks for your comment.

  • This post is quite informative, and it has helped me identify some of the mistakes I make.
    Point no 3, has helped me learn how to identify cons.
    Keep the good work Sheeroh.

  • Informative. IT still comes down to being helpful, writing like you are not doing it for the requester and the money he or she is willing to pay, but thinking about the ultimate reader, who eventually are going to benefit from the article the most.

  • i have always wanted to know how to go about online jobs and thanks alot Sheeroh for sharing.Godfrey u helpd alot wit tha info.
    This my next job.

  • Hi there Sheero,

    Superb post! I May have come into the party a couple of weeks later, but I like it. I am a Premium Level Writer on iWriter, and it’s true what Godfrey says about the site; from the writer levels and earnings potential.

    Not sure though about the iWriter system using the last 10 ratings to score the overall writer’s rating. But am pretty sure a poor rating for a single article really messes your ratings in addition to requiring you to write around 5-7 5-star rated pieces to get even.

    At other times iWriter is short of jobs. So I was wondering if you knew of other iWriter alternatives that a brother can deep his net. I understand there’s iWriter fierce rival, Textbroker.com, but they won’t allow non-Americans to pen content. Hate that!

    As for bidding sites, Elance & Co, the bidding process is one of those things I totally wish brimstone rained on.

    Would love to hear from you, Sheero. Superb content, I can’t stop reading your blog.

  • Very informative article. I opened an iwriter account about a month ago and I have the fear of taking up my first job but after reading your article I feel more encouraged n ready to getbon it.

    Thank you Sheeroh

  • Read this and oh my, i definitely want to go for it. Never done online work before because i never believed it was authentic. I’m now signing up. Will appreciate any guidance i can get.

    • It is completely authentic Jackson and pays well. You just need a huge dose of determination, patience and the passion to keep learning.

  • Sheeroh i think it’s a great experience, i just started iwriting today and i can say am still an amature. I’ll make sure we connect on facebook and may be you can be my on line tutor

  • hi, your article is awesome and informative. i have created an iwriter account, but am not able to start. pls can you give me follow ups,as an assistance from the initial stage.

  • ”Note: If your article gets cancelled, your default rating drops down drastically. For every cancelled order, you need about five 5-star ratings to recover. You don’t want that.”

    I do not understand this?

    I have canceled articles before even starting them or only a sentence or two written..
    It may be the article is cut short and ended because someone arrives at the door. the computer acts up or any other number of reasons.

    I saw no change in my star rating what so ever.

    Also contacted support and asked of there was any penalty, they said ”no”.

    Interesting point on the 90% rating the way they do, good to know!

    • @Bill, “if your article gets cancelled” this is what I mean: when you write an article on iwriter, upload it for approval, and then the customer gets discontent with your work and then cancels the article, your ratings reduces sharply. In short, when a customer cancels your work, the rating drops drastically.

      On the other hand, when you pick an article and cancels it on your own, it goes back to the board for other writers to pick it. There is therefore no effect when you cancel an article on your own.

      Note the difference: Nothing happens when you cancel your own article, but when the customer cancels your articles your rating reduces.

  • A very informative piece that was. I know better now especially that part on contacting a requester, sometimes i feel i wrote a brilliant piece only to be rated at 4. perhaps if i had asked humbly for a worthy consideration i would have got better. Keep up.

  • Hi. Great advice right there. I was wondering, how long does it take for one to be promoted from standard writer?

  • Very informative article, thank you. I recently reached ‘Elite’ status and I was wondering what piece of advice you have to offer on tackling projects in this category. Anything I need to look out for? What should I do or avoid? Please guide me further

  • hi sheero…I read this article some time back in Feb this year and in late march i went ahead to register at I writer for the testimony given made me feel so inspired… luck I did the grammar test and got 13 out of 15 thus passed, then went ahead to take assignments,after a couple of days after submitting my first article I got some pay and felt happy about it.sadly barely a weeks time i logged on to my account for another assignment and got a message from the “admin” sayn my account is clossed due to low rating and bear in mind I had only 3jobs approved.
    please advice on where I went wrong and what to do about it.
    reach me at ngugi.nduati165@gmail.com.
    will very much appreciate

    • Hi Nduati,
      I can imagine how disappointed you must have felt. Many writes feel that way too. Accounts get closed many times due to submission of low quality articles. Continue to work on your writing skills: grammar, spelling etc and then open a new account.

  • I second the person who says the article should be a mini-eBook, its very detailed and to the point. However, i need clarification on something. How do you insert images when submitting articles on iwriter? I always have challenges when inserting images because the iwriter formatting automatically distorts the images. How do i go about it?

  • This is super-charged info! Thanks Sheeroh and Godfrey.

    I’m an Elite iWriter myself after joining around November 2014 and writing over 200 articles to date. For someone with good writing skills, iWriter is definitely one of the easiest ways to start working online and earning a consistent income. But one thing I attribute my quick rise to Elite (and almost Elite Plus) rating was my ability to communicate with Requesters and getting Special Requests. I just needed to be on a few good Requesters’ Favourite List and I got more special requests than I could complete in a day.

    Once again, thanks for the well written iWriter Review.

    • Hey Hillary,Thanks for sharing your experience working at iWriter. It just goes to show that if you are conscientious about the work you submit to your clients, and you are reliable and professional, you can make good money on this site. Cheers

  • This is excellent information Sheeroh. Though I’d learned some of this from my experiences over the last month, I didn’t realise ratings are based on the last 10 posts. I’ve only written 14 so far and earning 2 dollars per article isn’t encouraging. (I’m working my way up to elite status). That means a single poor rating e.g. 1 star from a disgruntled poster can massively drop your rating. I thought it was the average of all your writing, which would in effect “dilute” any negative reviews quite easily.

    I strongly agree with what you said about carefully selecting articles to write. I don’t pick any location based ones, ones with complex, picky instructions, those demanding “native born” writers or articles from requesters who threaten to give you 1 star. The funny thing is that the requesters who make the most demands often have the worst grammar!

    I too love rewrites, but there are rarely any at standard level. The good thing is how researching helps me educate myself in all sorts of areas. One last thing I do is read my article aloud to myself before submission. It’s great for spotting errors and punctuation needs. Thanks for a great post. Quite encouraging.

    • Thank you for your comment Bola. Very insightful. And I agree, when you’re researching and looking up stuff to write for the specific topic, it helps you learn so much more than even what you were initially researching about.

  • I recently joined iwriter as a new bie and failed the quiz .I got 12 out of 15 but im now happy after reading this great article.Im ready to keep it a try again and i believe through iwriter i will emerge a great artcle writer. My question is how to improve writing skills and grammar so as to be among elite plus writers? .Thanks Godfrey and God bless you so much.

    • There are plenty of free resources and quizzes on the net that help improve your grammar. You can also get courses on sites like Udemy or Lynda.com too. The courses are very helpful, though at a fee.

    • You may also need to have some tools at hand. Ensure you install Grammarly (spelling and grammar checker) for your browser. It is not available for Opera. FireFox and Chrome (and their derivatives) are supported. I am not sure about Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Apple’s Safari because I do not use Windows.

      This plugin will help you to improve your written English (Both American and British). Ensure you confirm the language the requester needs. If it is English (UK), you need to change the setup on Grammarly to match (British English). This way, you will submit grammatically correct articles.

      You may also need CopyScape account. However, if you have Grammarly premium, you can identify more plagiarism than Copyscape.

      Another thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the US English writing style. You can achieve this by reading more of news articles from the US websites. Try to grasp the different ways and structures and how they differ from the UK English we learn in Kenya.

      Please ensure you write more and more. Write emails, articles, etc. At least 3000 words a day can keep you going forward. Avoid chats and text messages that make you familiarize yourself with Sheng and shortcuts. Keep off ungrammatical language use.

      Hope this little bit helps.

      If you need more, you can email me at motukaminda[at]gmail[dot]com. Please replace [at] with “@” and [dot] for “.” for the sake of bots.

      Best Regards in your endeavors,
      Motuka Minda.

  • Thanx Sheero for such an informative post on making money on iwriters. I opened an account and I tell you it was hell for me. The standard level is filled with requesters about computers and software, something I have no expertise about.
    I always looked at premium jobs and knew that I could handle them but not as a standard writer. I had written only 4 articles and yesterday, my account was banned due to low rating and I got disappointed. This account had over $10 and that money went just like that.
    But after reading this post, I hope to get a premium account and get back to my feet again. Although I am very sad, I am in this article writing work to stay.
    Thanx again.

    • Sorry to hear that Giddy. Those are just some of the things we have to grapple with as online entrepreneurs. But we don’t give up. It can be a bit demoralizing but you can improve on your skills, choose your clients better, and open another account. You can also try getting writing jobs in sites like Upwork, PeoplePerHour and Fiverr.

  • I was searching for tips before getting started with iWriter and ended up stumbling upon this little gem. Your article is very informative and i will be sure to take into account every piece of advice listed here. Thank you for your help.

  • Following your advice has helped plenty, I do however have a question. What kind of formatting can be applied to iWriter articles? So far, I haven’t seen any tools aside from spell check.

    Thank you again

  • The article is very informative, it gave me an insight about how to be a successful writer in iWriter. As a newbie, I’ll use this information effectively to take strides ahead.

  • Hi sheeron,

    This is the best writing guide I have come across so far. Exactly what I needed. Shooting straight on my writing issues. Keep up the good work.

  • I was just Surfing through the web when I came across this and I must say, it’s a much needed piece of information. Very informative.

    I quit my job to focus on a full time online career and I must say, as much as being a newbie feels like tough luck, iwriter is not so bad.

    Focus on the rating not the money. Got it!

  • Yah, it was a bold move inspired by strong will to just have things how i want them. I don’t have the slightest regret though, it was an **dia* company and it sucked!!

    The going is not so bad in i writer, last week i made 46.28, this week i made 66.something) i have really been improving.

    They even made me a standard writer with 29 reviews and 4.4 star rating. I got a chance to meet one of those mean clients too, gave me a 1 star for some very wierd reason, but i worked again and raised it back to 4.46 star.

    I am happy so far because i have not been really dedicating a lot of time to my writing, despite the fact that it is my sole source of income but i managed to make a not so bad amount. i will keep doing this and share the feedback with you.

    One thing that made me want to pull all the hair off my head is that there is no means to get my hard earned money. I researched and got to learn that there are only 3 methods you can get money from Paypal in Kenya.

    1. If you have a payoneer account(which Paypal no longer accepts from new users. Poor me.)

    2. E-pay Kenya (with their outrageous commissions 11%)

    3. Equity bank(got an email from Paypal saying that i can actually download my funds to Equity Bank) Pros; Decent Charges. Cons; It takes a whooping 5-8 business days to finally have the money in your account. Talk about a long wait.

    Anyway, i ended up going with E-pay, Ouch!

    I just needed money urgently, but….

    Never again!

    • I agree. It’s takes way too long to get our funds, especially with Equity Bank. Why should it take so long to get my money? Is a question many a freelancer has asked. They ought to do something about that. Good progress on iWriter though. Keep it up!

  • Well, I started writing on iWriter two days ago, and did not consider some points, but my instincts gave me a clue… not to write many articles before confirming approval/rejection. As it were, my first article of 700 words was rejected with a 3-star rating. Second article of 500 words approved with a 3-star rating. Yesterday I only wrote one article of 500 words, the requester was good enough to send it back with more instructions, after which he approved it with a 5-star rating. Now I am beginning to understand how to get the best out of iWriter. I suppose if very careful, doing 4 articles a day is not going to be too bad, since $$$ is not the problem, but going up with the reviews.

  • This must be the most authentic and straight forward website I’ve came across in…Years. Good people,great content,and so much to learn. I appreciate everyone and everything on here. Great job! Thank you.

    Sheeroh! I noticed you face a challenge with PayPal in kenya,with getting the money on time,or the 11% some take in order to wire it quickly,and I have to wonder:why don’t you find a way to solve it? I bet theresrmoney to be made there,too

    • You are so welcome Ari. It takes about eight days to get your cash when you withdraw funds from Paypal. Good thing is we have other options, like Skrill and Payoneer. But ofcourse Paypal is the mother when it comes to online payments. Feel to free to share the thoughts you had.

      • Sheeroh,

        There now comes the story. I withdrew my funds last week from PayPal to Equity Bank. It has not arrived yet, and my rent has to be cleared by tomorrow. (Don’t mind my story, I was only saying it is slowwww.)

  • I have an objection about ratings.

    Every rating you receive, even if it is years old and you have thousands of ratings on your profile, counts a lot. If it were the latest 10 ratings, many of us could have entered Elite Plus long ago. However, this is not the case. That is why I am still a premium member after 57 ratings on my profile, and an average of 4.2544/5.0

    The very first articles had horrible ratings, averaging 3.something. When I received my 8th rating, my average was 3.1 and I was warned of a ban after I reach 10 with less than 3.2 but at 10, I was well above 3.3.

    Things started going right for me until I became premium. When I was 4.29, some people drastically brought me down to 4.109, but I have again gone up a bit. One thing to remember, though, is that as you get more reviews, the more consecutive 5-star ratings you need in order to go higher. A single 1-star can ruin you for several weeks while you are getting good rartings. This is how important 5-stars are more important than the $$.

    Let us keep going up. Meet you at Elite Plus.

    Best Regards,
    Motuka Minda.

    • Very true. A single bad rating will surely ruin you. So sad, wish they change that, say to at least three bad ratings before your overall ratings drop drastically.

  • Great informative article. Will you please elaborate that part about last 10 ratings, and default ratings?

  • Wow this is awesome. And you’re talking about 30$ weekly as a slow start for a standard writer, that’s 3k. Am good with that hehe.

  • I am looking for a Premium or Elite writer to help me get started on iWriter because I’m new to article writing. I appreciate your help in advance.

  • Hey, this is fascinating. It’s very useful for a start. What should be the target no of articles per week for a start to achieve the figure that you stated? I mean the standard level? I like your posts be it in transcription or article writings. What other article writing sites do you recommend that do not require bidding? Thank you in advance.

    • This guest post provides great info for beginners and thanks Sheeroh for the platform. You are doing a great job sharing useful info.

      Danson, you have asked a great question, and I’ll try to share my thoughts. As the author said, you need to reach Premium, Elite or Elite plus status because payouts are better at those ranks. If you want to earn $300 every week, it comes down to deciding how much you want to get paid per article and how many articles you are willing to write every day.

      After working your way up, you can choose to go for high paid articles only. So, let me give an example on how to go about hitting the above mentioned target. Amusing you decide to write 4 x 1000+words Elite Level articles daily, which usually have payouts of $14.99, you could earn $299.8 working Mon-Fri. Write one more article over the weekend and BOOM!, you’ll have earned $300 that week. Of course, you’ll have to produce original, high quality articles so that every write up gets approved.

      To be honest, earning $300 every week on iWriter is easier said than done. High paid articles are not easy to come by because writer’s are quick to pick those kinds of requests. Unless you start getting large volume Premium or Elite level special requests, earning $300 on iWriter every week can be tough.

      If you want to make income targets, visit >>> https://www.iwriter.com/fast-track.php to see iWriter’s payout rates based on article word counts for the various ranks they have for writers.

      Good luck.

  • it”is an informative article especially for beginners like me .i am now well informed about academic writing.can someone work as a part-time writer ?

  • I concur with much of the information provided on this article. It is especially quite helpful for any new writer. However, i also have an objection on the latest 10 articles. This is definitely not the case. The average is calculated from all the work done from day one. Thanks for the information though, its quite helpful.

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    All I can say is this is a Killer guest blog post.
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  • Sheeroh, you wrote the best article I’ve seen on how to write for iwriter. I just signed up, but I want to make sure I understand the nuts and bolts of what they’re looking for. I’ve written online articles for Yahoo network, Helium, and now, Hubpages, the only one left, but articles for those sites are different than iwriter. I asked iwriter if I could view some sample articles to study them, but they don’t want to submit me any. Do you know where I can study sample articles that fit what they’re looking for? You mentioned linking images. How about linking references? How are they about that? Do they admit one link per paragraph, up to five per 500 words, or what? Good informative article, Sheeroh.

  • Hi Sheeroh,

    Read your post at a time when I was really hoping to get encouragement on whether to continue writing on iWriter. I have written 3 articles so far and I currently have a rating of 2. I seriously need assistance. Can u help me get samples or tips especially on how to write quality articles. I am determined to make this work for me coz I love writing

  • I highly appreciate this informative post of yours.

    However, I am worried about a few things like the “payout”.

    You see, here in Nigeria, it’s not allowed to receive money into your PayPal account.

    The only option is Payoneer.

    I want to know whether Iwriter pay with payoneer.

    • No. On iWriter, the payment method is Paypal. You can register on Upwork as there are many payment methods to choose from there.

  • Hello…I like writing articles though… Unfortunately am trying to log in as a new iwriter but it doesn’t work..what might be the mishap?

  • Hi. Thank you for the informative writing. I am new on iwriter. At standard level, it is not easy to get an order. However, am working hard to achieve thirty 5-star rated articles to get to the premium level. I would any person who is passionate about writing to join iwriter. It is far much better than academic writing. thank you once again.

    • I believe they were bought by the guys from the HOTH. Brad sold the business last year, the HOTH are doing great things with it, there are a lot of orders on Iwriter of late.

      • The Hoth did a mass ban on Kenyan iwriter accounts citing IP fraud. What they are doing is not great but discriminatory. In fact, iwriter now has locked out African writers from signing up on the website.
        Here is a tweet complaining about the issue. >> https://bit.ly/2P3up1s

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