Kuhustle Review: The Growth of Freelancing in Africa

Last updated on July 11, 2020

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Esther Kiragu, an experienced Kenyan writer and editor has successfully bid for freelance jobs on www.kuhustle.com. Based on her experience as a user of the platform, she takes time to review it.

 I have always considered writing as my forte since my teenage years, and therefore it was only natural that I would train as a language tutor and later as a journalist.

This paved way into my writing professionally in 2012, starting off at a premier Kenyan magazine as a full-time writer and sub-editor.

I grew on the job to become one of its editors. The experience sharpened my writing skills as I gained lots of exposure, writing on an array of topics and even training other writers.

Over time, in addition to being employed full-time, I would get freelance writing assignments, consultations, and talks from direct clients.

In 2016, I heard of Kuhustle from social media hype and so I checked it out, registered and created a basic profile. What I loved most is that it is a Kenyan product.

The platform allows skilled people to bid for jobs posted by various companies/individuals looking for freelancers.

This model is similar to Upwork only that this is localized for the African market thus connecting Africans to online jobs. The platform initially was for techies (mostly software development jobs) but it has since grown to include soft skills such as content, photography, social media jobs, among others.

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Kuhustle is also a website for small businesses to get quotes from other small businesses, for example, if a company is looking for catering services, transport services etc, they can post on Kuhustle and get quotations from interested service providers.

After registering, I didn’t pay much attention to my profile on Kuhustle until 2017 when I wanted to transition into a full-time freelancer. This led me to review and update my profile after which I was on the look out for freelance writing jobs.

A week later, I saw a job I was interested in and bid for it. I immediately received an email notification that to increase my chances with the bid, it was advisable I pay a premium amount of Ksh 300. I did.

Unbelievably, this was my first bid and I got the job of writing several articles within a given time frame.

What I loved most about Kuhustle is that they are credible. Many online freelancers have experiences of being duped by clients on various platforms but with Kuhustle, I got paid all my dues as soon as I completed the task.

In addition, throughout the project, the client was reachable for any clarification, supervision and to give me a go ahead.  As a freelancer in the creative industry, I must admit it is great to see that Kuhustle is not just for techies.

Opening a Kuhustle Account

To start off on the Kuhustle platform, whether as a client or freelancer, you first need to register on www.kuhustle.com. This will enable you to bid for jobs (as a freelancer) or post for jobs (as a client), as there is a tab within the site that allows you to do so.

Once a client posts a job giving details of his requirements and his budget, he then asks for quotes from freelancers who can deliver on the job. Once the client gets a qualified freelancer, he can manage the freelancer or pay 10 percent of the total fee for the project to Kuhustle.

For freelancers, creating a profile with one’s skills/areas of expertise, as well as uploading links to your portfolio is a great way to market oneself, as you get email alerts every time a client posts a job offer that requires your skill set.

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Presently, Kuhustle does not require freelancers to take up any skill tests to determine their competence.

Once you identify a job that you are interested in, you need to bid for it by writing a compelling proposal and stating your budget and timeline for completing the job, as well as attaching links to your similar works.

Kuhustle has limited bids on any particular job – a maximum of five, making it very competitive; therefore you need to take time and craft a great proposal for every job you bid on.

Once a bid is won, the freelancer is notified and the rest of the freelanceers are alerted on the dashboard that the job is no longer available.

You then get to work on a job from home and are in contact with the client for review, at each stage of the project. On completion, Kuhustle pays the freelancer via cheque.

How does one increase chances of winning a bid on Kuhustle?

Posting of jobs and bidding on Kuhustle by clients and freelancers is free of charge, but for a freelancer to increase his chances of winning a bid, there is a charge of Ksh 300.

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The Kuhustle website, however, doesn’t indicate that there’s need to pay the Ksh 300 for bidding immediately and it is only after you have applied for a job that you get an email notification with the quotation. However, this is currently being reviewed.

There is also need for freelancers to encourage clients to rate them on the website for every job they complete, as this gives other clients an indication of a freelancer’s competence level based on work previously done. 

Is there a guarantee that a freelancer gets paid once they have completed the project?

Kuhustle always processes payments to freelancers on completion of tasks.

There is no Escrow option at the moment but plans are underway to include this option in the site.

In the meantime, Kuhustle encourages freelancers to meet up with the client and establish a working relationship based on trust and agree on terms of payments.

After each project, a review is done which means non-paying clients and freelancers who don’t deliver, get negative reviews and are eventually suspended.

Since freelancers are paid by Kuhustle in form of cheque, when serious differences between a client or a freelancer arise, one can always visit their offices at the Nailab, Bishop Magua building, 4th, along Ngong road, Nairobi.

I must admit that, at a time when more people today are turning to online platforms in search of jobs and seeking services in Kenya, Kuhustle provides an efficient connection between clients and freelancers, as well as businesses.

For me, there is no better time to source for jobs and seek online services than now. If it worked for me, it can work for you too. I would definitely recommend everyone to try it out!

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  • Hi Sheeroh,

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    Honestly,I’m surprised that Kuhustle has been around since 2016 and I had never heard “wind” about it!

    I’ll head there and see if I can make a Kill.

    Thanks once more and I’ll keep you posted of any progress.


    • So welcome Ali. Kuhustle is slowly but steadily growing, so be patient even as you bid on jobs that have piqued your interest. All the best!

    • You are required to pay kshs 354 for each bid and there is no guarantee you will get the job. In my experience, its a way of fleecing freelancers since you have to pay the fee every time before you are able to send a quote for a job.

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