Transcription Services: Looking to Hire an Accurate and Reliable Transcriber?

Last updated on July 11, 2020

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Picture this.

Your own transcription professional to help you convert audio files to 98%+ accurate, clean, and proofread transcripts… without lifting a finger to transcribe even a single line yourself.

You are ready and flaming to get that transcription project off the start line.

But if the thought of hiring a transcriptionist that doesn’t have a clue about crafting superior transcripts makes you cringe, then it is a great time to take advantage of a guaranteed transcription service.

Is this you?

You are secretly wondering if hiring transcription services of an agency will hurt your project?

Because you know they won’t follow your recommendations to the letter, or give you the personalized attention you deserve.

You are wondering right.


  1. You’ve hired a clueless transcriptionist before and just could not use the delivered transcripts because they were disgracefully inaccurate. Shoddy work all through!
  1. You’ve hired a transcriptionist who went on to deliver unedited work way past your deadline—and it burned your entire project because you needed use-ready transcripts within 24 hours.
  1. You’ve worked with an unprofessional transcriber that made you feel like a micro-manager (when you hate it so much) because they could not get your delicate transcription project going when you were not staring down at them to finish up quick.

You dread this:

That’s gotta hurt.

 If any of these screams your concerns out loud, it’s really not your fault. You’ve probably only had inexperienced, unprofessional, and make-money-quick types to work with.

How would it feel to work with a professional transcriptionist who respects your project enough to get it done right, the first time around?

So, What’s On Offer Here?

  • Hands-on Transcription Experience
  • 100% Human Approved Transcripts
  • 98% Accurate Transcripts
  • 24-36 Hour Turn-around-time for good-quality 60 audio minutes and less
  • Free Editing & Proofreading (No Surcharge At All)
  • Affordable Transcription Services
  • Project Scope Discounts
  • Personalized Transcription Service by A Professional Freelance Transcriptionist

Personalized … That’s right.

You don’t have to deal with a cold and faceless transcription company where your audio and video files are transcribed by different transcribers. You know why? Because that may very well lead to this:

That must have been time-consuming 🙁

What You Would Not Have to Do…

  • You will not receive disgracefully inaccurate transcripts you can’t use (work that makes you look bad).
  • You will not have to accept deadline-dead projects that already caused you damages (and made you feel cheated).
  • You won’t have to spend a ton of time (frothing and acting the bad cop) to supervise a transcriptionist because they won’t respect your project enough to get it done when you are looking away.
  • You will not have to counter-check the transcripts to see if they match up to your personalized recommendations—not when you do not have to.
  • You won’t spend more time and money getting the work redone while the rest of your project stalls.
  • You will not have to send extra equipment and tools over. No hidden agendas. And,
  • No, you won’t have to overdraft your bank or business accounts to work with me.

Yes, I want in!

Lots of fast and furious transcriptions is everything you need, right?


Seeking professional help for your transcription project is not about sitting around, having to tell your transcriptionist what to do.

He or she ought to know what to do, to get you superior transcripts that are ready to use, right out of the delivery email.

With over 7 years of online transcription service experience, working on over 145 projects, you can expect me to instinctively know what to do and when to do it… all while you focus on what you love—minding your business.

Working with your transcriptionist should not make you want to pull your hair out. It should be easy, fun, rewarding and profitable.

You can rest assured you’ve got a reliable team player you can trust, to play their role to the best of their ability, and the beat of your project rhythm.

Working with my service means you get what you expect, want and wish you’d said but got anyway…it’s like having an extra team at your service without all the time-consuming and expensive back-and-forth transcription agencies or large teams blow up.

Why pay for transcription trouble while you can get the right person to do the right job for you?

…even when you have never hired a transcriptionist before.

Cryptocurrency Transcription

Looking to hire a digital money/cryptocurrency transcriber for your next cryptocurrency ebook, video script, webinar, and more?

I am fluent in the DAO, ATH, Fomo, Fud, Node, PoW, PoS, Dapp, among other cryptocurrency lingos.   

Get ready to use transcripts that make you look good, whatever your transcript purpose is.  I transcribe in clean verbatim style – I chip out the ‘uhs, uhms, and awkward recording moments, nailing only the important details.

I’ll never share your personal information or files with anyone except my assistant. I do not keep credit card information, either. But if you prefer I keep your files for future projects or reference, let me know.

I’m happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. No questions asked. No ifs or buts.

Yes, Let’s Get Started, Ruth

And Here’s How I Work…

Wondering how you and I will top-notch your project? This five-step transcription process is easy, fun and rewarding for both of us:

  1. You reach out in your own sweet time. I’m happy to listen to your transcription needs and recommendations. Choose whether to hop on a Skype call to discuss your project. Express when you want to use the final transcript(s). I can help you determine that based on your needs and my schedule.
  2. Allow me to lift the load off your lap by sending the file over to me. Use the file-sharing platform you are most comfortable with. Share an audio or video link from the web. Or simply email me the file from your computer—for short files.
  3. Receive your accurate transcript within the next 24-36 hours.
  4. Confirm we killed it—or see if we can revise some portions to further customize it for a specific need.
  5. Receive the complete transcript within the next 24 hours.

That easy.

So, What Can You Expect?

Here’s a sample of my past work:

Clean Verbatim Transcript for Ilise Benun (Marketing-Mentor Podcast) November 25, 2017

Clean Verbatim Transcript for The Risen Motherhood Podcast – November 15, 2017

Edited Transcript for The Goldstein on Gelt Podcast – November 23, 2017

Subtitles and hyperlinks added. 

Rave Reviews: See Why Previous Clients Keep Coming Back

Jeff Gaudette – Runners Connect Podcast

I contacted Sheeroh about 4 months ago to work on some transcriptions and it was one of the best decisions I have made.

I have used transcription services in the past and none of them compared to Sheeroh’s accuracy. More importantly, Sheeroh is always available to make modifications to our system and caters to our needs.

Ilise Benun – Marketing-Mentor Podcast

I love working with Sheeroh and I recommend her with confidence whenever someone asks for a referral. She is reliable, smart and usually turns the work around faster than I need it! And the product she delivers is cleaner than any other I’ve received from others. 

What Else Would You Want to Know in Advance (FAQs)?

What type of transcription and typing services do I excel at?

I’m happy and able to help you with your business or general transcription needs. Want an edited podcast style or clean verbatim transcript? I’ve got it.

Can I handle bulk transcription work for you?

Yes. I have trusty, quick and reliable assistants I can work with to deliver bulk files in time. I approve all work, and your project details are not shared beyond the specific transcriptionist I assign the task.

Do I use auto-transcription programs?

All transcription work is 100% human-approved. I only use Express Scribe transcription software because it will help me turnaround your work quick—thanks to the keyboard shortcuts and foot pedal features. No machine transcriptions. Real humans at work for you.

What type of audio files do I work with?

Feel free to send me MP4, MP3, WAV, MOV, AVI, ACC, AIFF, and some more. I’ll send you transcript outputs in Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx), plain text (.txt), and PDF formats.

Do I do foreign language transcription?

I am able to transcribe audio and video files in the English and Kiswahili languages.

What accents am I comfortable with?

American. Canadian. Aussie. British. African. Asian

Can I handle audio or video files with over four speakers?   

Yes, I can. Contact me to get a special quote.

Are we right for each other?

You are my ideal client if:

  • You offer sound deadlines for sound-quality files.
  • You give your shot towards providing good-quality files (or let me know when we have a difficult audio in our midst.) Difficult files contain overwhelming background noise, overlapping conversations, thick accent audios, and squeezed timestamps (like every 30 seconds).
  • You are not the kind to send files over and then disappear into the cyber black hole. Unresponsiveness lags important projects. Collaboration ensures I deliver what you want, when you want it, and in the best manner possible.
  • You recognize that timely payment will help me keep my service up and running so I can deliver superior transcription deliverables to you. Win-Win.

How much will it cost?

Transcription Rates For Clear Audio In U.S Dollars:

Transcription Rates For Difficult Audio In U.S Dollars

What Constitutes Difficult Audio?

  • Audios with background noise.
  • Audios with people speaking over each other.
  • Audios which require frequent timestamps, e.g, after every 30 seconds.
  • Audios with thick accents.
  • Audios with medical/scientific/IT terminology which require research.

Parting Shot: It’s one thing hiring someone who can transcribe — to find someone who can transcribe and deliver on time and as promised is something else altogether.

Contact me today to discuss your project needs!


Skype Id:sheerohshee

Looking forward to a great working relationship 🙂

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  • Sheeroh is absolutely phenomenal at what she does! I am an author that teaches at Stanford University in the United States. She has been transcribing my interviews for a book that I am writing. She is always very professional and turns around each transcript very quickly. I know that she is very busy, but she always makes me feel like I am her top priority. Her work is clean and always accurate and her pricing is reasonable. I feel so lucky to be working with her!!

  • I spent several years looking for the right transcription service, and finally found exactly what I needed when I was referred to Sheeroh. I regularly do interviews for copywriting assignments, and knowing I can rely on her for quality transcripts allows me to save time and focus on my core business. She’s fast, accurate, responsive, and willing to go the extra mile when I have a tight deadline. Sheeroh has made my business more efficient, and I’m happy to recommend her service.

    • Thank you Tom! Your projects are great, you pay on time and you are a professional. It’s a pleasure working with you!

  • I love working with Sheeroh and I recommend her with confidence whenever someone asks for a referral. She is reliable, smart and usually turns the work around faster than I need it! And the product she delivers is cleaner than any other I’ve received from others. Plus it’s so affordable I can have her transcribe podcasts before I even know how I will use the transcript. I almost can’t afford not to transcribe everything i record!

    • I’ve been working with Ilise for the past two years and it’s been such a joy! Ilise is a great communicator, very understanding and her audio files are super clear. I hope to continue working with her for a long time 🙂

  • I contacted Sheeroh about 4 months ago to work on some transcriptions and it was one of the best decisions I have made.

    I have used transcription services in the past and none of them compared to Sheeroh’s accuracy. More importantly, Sheeroh is always available to make modifications to our system and caters to our needs.

    As an example, Sheeroh is transcribing our daily podcast. With a normal service, I’d have to login to a website, upload the file, and then download when ready – every day of the week.

    Because Sheeroh is so flexible and great at what she does, she knows where to find the files and automatically transcribes them when ready. A huge time saver!

    The transcriptions have helped our daily podcast rank in Google and it’s her attention to detail and accuracy that have helped so much with that.

    Thanks Sheeroh!

    • Thank you so much Jeff! I enjoy working with you. You are professional, clear and you pay so ever promptly. I look forward to a long working relationship with you.

  • We’re grateful to have Sheeroh working with us to produce transcriptions for our shows. She’s fast, accurate and responsive, and we’re always impressed by her ability to work on tight timelines and be flexible with our schedule. We truly appreciate all the hard work she’s done on our behalf!

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