How To Market Yourself As A Freelance Writer – 7 Superb Tips!

Last updated on July 11, 2020

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This is a guest post from Sara Thuo.

There are numerous freelance writing platforms where clients are seeking good writers to help them with their blog posts and web content. 

However, these clients dictate the terms and rates of payment, and some of these clients pay really low.

If you want to earn over $10 per hour as a freelancer, you must be willing to get out of your comfort zone and look for the clients by yourself.

Many freelancers are aware that job boards like Problogger Job Board and Craigslist are good ways of finding great clients. Upwork, Fiverr and iWriter are popular with writers too.

However, it doesn’t mean they are the best. In my case, I have come across clients paying between $1-5 per 100 words.  As a new freelance writer without much experience, this is a good paycheck but only if you can consistently get jobs every other week.

Recently, I started marketing my skills in other ways which are proving to be very fruitful.

Below are some of the ways in which you can market yourself as a freelance writer, and end up garnering as much as $100 per post or $1 per word.

Owning A Blog Or Website

A personal blog is a perfect way of showing potential clients your strong points or what you can offer them. Explaining in a pitch that you can write good articles is not enough for clients to hire you.

‘Seeing is believing’ therefore, you must have a place where you can refer potential clients to see your writing. And starting your own blog isn’t a complicated matter. You can start your own blog today by following this tutorial – easy peasy. 

An example of a writer’s website is

If you find blogging challenging, you can always revert to guest blogging.

In fact, guest posts have an added advantage since they can sometimes be distributed to many different blogs, thereby increasing the chances that potential clients can see your name on the post.

In every guest blog you write, remember to always include your bio and contact information.

As a beginner, do not begin with high-end magazines such as Forbes. Start with the small to mid-sized blogs and work your way up. High-end magazines have much more competition than small to mid-size blogs.

However, as soon as your posts get published in those blogs, you could be guest posting on authoritative magazines such as Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur and more.

Create an Online Portfolio

The online world is vast. Therefore you must have as many digital footprints as possible.

This means that as a freelancer writer, you must have different places to house your portfolio.

A portfolio showcases your skills in the form of writing, as a writer. In other words, it is the best piece you want the potential clients to see, and it’s in your niche.

There are different places to house your portfolio, for instance on your website, LinkedIn profile or a portfolio site such as contently.

Stay In Your Niche

Many new freelance writers find it hard to stick to one niche. However, once you select your niche; there are no rules demanding you to stick on it.

Take some time and discover what you like most and whether you can make a living out of it.

Consequently, once you find your groove and a niche which you love writing in, begin building a portfolio out of it.

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Discovering your niche will help you to build some authority over it.

Besides, this is a great strategy to market yourself as a writer since it shows you have specialized knowledge, and many potential clients are looking for specialized writers, since they have more experience in the particular niche.

In fact, Liam Veitch, in his book, Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer: The Evolution of a $1M Web Designer states that “when you focus on everyone, you’re just opening yourself out to competition… Make it clear who you really serve, who will buy your services and what are their sensitivities, desires, beliefs, fears and how your service slots in?”

Pitching Magazine and Blog Editors

After you have gained a good number of visitors on your blog and/or written a guest post, the next step is pitching blogs and publications.

Pitching is expressing your interest in writing for the said magazines. There are numerous blogs and magazines on the internet which pay about $10 to $150 per post.

However, a pitch should be short and sweet. You must keep in mind that you are still marketing yourself. Avoid any careless mistakes.

If you are already an established writer who knows how to pitch, you shouldn’t have any problem writing for great magazines, as well as influential blogs in your niche.

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Check out some amazing freelance writing courses – fiction, business writing, creative writing and more. 

If you need a list of blogs that are looking for freelance writers, just Google search on the internet, type your niche followed by write for us in the search box, e.g Wildlife  Write for us or Science Write for us. 

 Ensure you put the text in quotes so as to be specific. 

However, if you haven’t yet selected a niche or you don’t want to be limited to one single niche, you should just type websites that pay for articles, and you will be amazed by the results e.g Websites that pay you to write.

There are many sites desperately looking for writers.  

Connect With Other Freelancers

Be active in forums and other online communities. This is a great way to market yourself as a freelance writer. It is also less competitive than looking to get work in the mainstream freelancing sites. 

When you are active on these forums, you get to learn from other freelancers – where they get work, good pricing strategies etc.

Also, you do not have to directly ask other freelancers where they find their gigs. Be smart, instead, and ask them to connect you with some of the clients whose needs they can’t meet.

Nevertheless, you should always be wise on who you connect and partner with, since you don’t want anyone taking advantage of you as well.

Personal Networking

The final way to market yourself as a freelance writer is through your circle.

Do any of your friends own a blog or a website? If yes, this is the person you should be cultivating a relationship with.

Individuals you know are more likely to give you tasks since they can keep you on their leash.

Therefore, you have to check with all your friends and see who can connect or hook you up with some tasks.

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Do not just stop at friends; a friend’s friend may be in need of an article writer. Therefore, you have to introduce yourself to them or request your friend to introduce you.

This way, you will know who you are working for, and it even makes communication easier.

Social media

Some people, like myself, are very active on social media. If you are like me, you should use that as an advantage and connect with as many people as possible.

If your social media presence is not good, you should begin working on that.

Social media is a great place where you can connect with lots of people.

You forge relationships with total strangers and other people interested in a skill related to what you can offer.

You should start up with Facebook and Twitter, as they are the best socializing platforms, and later you can move on to other sites.  Here are the leading social media platforms you should consider – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Just ensure you have some platform where you can showcase your posts, either guest posts or posts from your blog.

Remember to indicate, in your social media profiles, that you are a writer. 

Final Thought.

The above aren’t the only strategies you can use to market yourself as a freelance writer. These are some of the more useful and easy to implement ones.

That doesn’t mean that less effort is needed. However, it does mean that there are NO restrictions on who can able to implement them.

Sarah Thuo believes writing is an art and she is the artist. She enjoys writing on health and other general life topics. Feel free to follow her on Facebook!

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  • How I wish some one had given me these pearls of advice when I was starting out.

    I have had to discover these gems the hard way.

    Thank you Wa Thuo for bringing out these words of wisdom. May the wise learn and put into practice the lessons enumerated.

  • Thank you Rose for the HELPFUL advice. I will start working on this information right away. Hope to connect on Facebook for more tips. God bless!

  • Very useful information indeed. I’m following well. Thanks Sheeroh for this wonderful tips. I’m now heading in the right direction. Thumbs up. GOD bless!

  • Very educative tips here for writers. Thank you Sara Thuo. I for one don’t know where to start writing… for now my writing is just limited to my diary and a script I have never finished… haha

    • Wise words Muriu. However, I do know of people who outsource, simply because they aren’t such great writers. If you have a team of excellent writers, you can still earn a good income by outsourcing. Also, Daniel, a good friend of mine, wrote a great piece here on the importance of picking a niche, particularly for people who may not be such amazing writers. I get your point. I usually say there are many writers but there are actually very few writers.

  • It is always a pleasure receiving your emails Sheeroh.Learning new interesting stuff from you.
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  • Very educative tips here for writers. Thank you Sara Thuo. I for one don’t know where to start writing… for now my writing is just limited to my diary and a script I have never finished… haha

    • Lol. At least you have something written down. You can check out iWriter for freelance writing jobs, as well as Fiverr.

  • The most important point is to identify your niche and stick to it. Been writing on the same niche for 6 years now. When I started and where I I’m now, I can only it’s amazing. Good piece!

  • Hi Sheeroh –

    Glad I came across your blog and you have some great stuff going on here! Pinterst and Twitter have been very kind to me as I post my articles and content market that way. People find me and my blog, then have pitched for me to write for them!

    Great call on social media, and thank you for sharing my friend!


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