Payoneer: A Must Have For Freelancers All Over The World

Last updated on July 11, 2020

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Today’s freelancers have loads of options open to them when it comes to online payments. Besides Paypal, wire transfers, Skrill, World Remit and more, freelancers can also get paid via Payoneer.

Why do I think that  Payoneer is a must have for freelancers? Read on. 

What Is Payoneer?

Payoneer is a payment option which supports online payments. It allows people in over 200 countries to open US bank accounts (the Payoneer Global Payment Service).

This account is accessible online and can be used for all payment and withdrawal options.

Once you sign up and apply for Payoneer, which is free including shipping, you can have an all-around bank account operated from your PC or Smartphone.

You can then receive money through the [US] account number which is provided after signing up.

Accessing the virtual bank account is as easy as logging into your account using your email address and password.

Once logged in, you can see your balance, transactions, card number and everything else you’re used to doing with a physical bank account.

Benefits Of Payoneer

  • Payoneer, way back when, used to allow users to link their PayPal accounts and transfer funds to and from there! However, the service was terminated three years ago due to reasons unknown to me. To say the least, their marriage had been very beneficial to freelancers. However, life had to move on after the divorce.
  • It is accepted on major freelancing websites such as, People per Hour and Fiverr. Forex traders also use Payoneer to access their earnings as do affiliate marketers such as Amazon Associates. 
  • Remember I said that you’re provided with a US bank account. As such, your clients can send you money via wire transfer (from bank to bank). This is not limited to the US only as over 100 countries can send money directly to US bank accounts. 
  • You can make online payments such as shopping or buying software. You can use Payoneer to verify online wallet accounts such as Skrill Moneybookers. This article will guide you on how to verify a PayPal account.
  • The juiciest part with Payoneer is the easy withdrawals. You can use it to withdraw your money from ATMs all over the world. You simply follow the normal withdrawal procedure, key in your PIN, select amount, withdraw and voila! You’ve got your money. 
  • The convenience of Payoneer does not stop there. If you are the impatient kind or if you need your money as soon as it is sent to you, then you can cut the waiting time from 2-3 days down to just 2 hours, for just an additional $2.5. 

 Payoneer Fees

Payoneer deducts a one-off $30 from your earnings.

It will cost you only $3.15 per ATM withdrawal. To some, this might seem a lot, but if you go the traditional way of sending money from, say, Upwork to PayPal then from PayPal to Equity then a bank of your choice, then ATM withdrawal, it will cost you more than the $3.15.

Declined withdrawal charges are $1.

Bonus Points For Payoneer

The advantages of Payoneer never seem to run out.

As I sum up my experience, I want to show you how you can make money using Payoneer.

If you apply for Payoneer using the link I will share with you, the company will pay both of us $25. You’ll receive $25 and I will get the same.

To get this bonus, you have to sign up for this service and earn $1000.

This can be a one-time payment or accumulative (several payments that will add up to $1000). Once you get paid $1000 via Payoneer, you and I will both get $50.  

Sign up for Payoneer

I hope you can now see why I believe that Payoneer is a must have for freelancers!

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  • Hi. Thanks for the info! I have applied for this card twice but it never reached. I both cases, I was using a friend’s postal address. I still need the card. Please advise. Thanks!

    • Thanks for your comment Kevin. I do know they try to verify the information you give them and if there are issues there, it may lead to a delay. Have you tried to contact support? They are very fast. Use the live chat, they should be able to help. I applied and within three weeks I had the card.

    • Hey there John, Even before we get into bank wire transfers, there is a better way with paypal. Do you already have a paypal account? Its easy to get started and free. Once you have the paypal account, you can withdraw your money from paypal through Equity Bank which essentially means you’ll need to open an Equity Bank account.

  • Hi,God bless you for the good work you are doing.Can i be working before I get my payoneer mc?and how long does it take it to come?thank you.

  • I had opened a paypal account but i firgot the password, i was adviced to open another.
    My question is do elance use payza? Is it a common online paying system?
    I am also applying for the card.

    • Hi,

      No need to type your card number here. If you have forgotten your password, just click on where it is written: Forgot your password? Click here… or contact LIVE SUPPORT. Cheers

  • I’m glad to get this information…. Would love to work online,how do l begin?can l use my other master card?

    • Hi Daniel, First thing, what are your skills? If you’ve got good English and listening skills, coupled with organizational skills, you might want to consider article writing, transcription or virtual assistant jobs. These are low barrier to entry online opportunities.

    • You begin by identifying what your skills are? If you are creative and artsy, you may want to begin with graphic design. If you’re English skills are great, you can consider writing; writing blog posts, articles, ebooks etc.

  • Hi. Have you tried adding it as a payment method? That is load it and use it to pay freelancers. What payment methods have you seen that work from Kenya. Adding Pepea/ Nakucard doesn’t work. Also don’t want to add a debit card (security concerns) and credit cards are close to impossible to get. TIA.

    • I’ve added my Payoneer Card as a payment method on Upwork, though I rarely use it as they have added Mpesa there. Paypal is a popular payment method too. I use Mpesa to pay my freelancers as they based here in Kenya, and Paypal when I need to hire foreign ones.

      • is there any other method of withdrawing money from your paypal account here in kenya apart from the equity bank and this?

  • Hi, I am about to apply for this card, My question is, can I withdraw my $$$ from my Payoneer card to either Equity/Co-op or any other local banks?

  • Thanks so much for this info Sheeroh. I am an affiliate of Amazon and wanted to withdraw to Payoneer, so when I order the card I’ll be able to transfer to my Payoneer account? On Amazon they ask for bank name and routing numbers. Plus I would like to get in touch with you and get to exchange or bounce off some ideas about online work

    • Hey Joseph. Yes, when you get your Payoneer card, you’ll need to link it to your Amazon Associates account. In the Amazon affiliate dashboard, click on account settings and change your payment method to ‘Pay me by direct deposit’. Enter the details of your U.S. account from Payoneer, which you will find in your Payoneer dashboard, under the global payment service section.

  • You said any ATm can withdraw from payoneer card i only know barclays which only withdraws the limit is 40k if you have less that $400 IN YOU PAYONEER YOU CAN’T WITHDRAW THATS THE ONLY Disadvantage with payoneer,is there any bank in Kenya which withdraws less than a 40k.

  • Hi Sheeroh, I am using payoneer for the first time. Already got the card and want to load it with cash. Kindly, I want to know if they will bill the card maintenance fee immediately of after one year. Thanks.

  • I have just opened my payoneer account. How do I order for the card? It says I have to have at least $30. How do I load this amount to the payoneer account?

  • withdrawing with Payoneer card is damn expensive, they take six percent of the amount. for instance withdrawing 25000 will cost around 1500 to 1700. is there a way i can opt out of using the smart card and use my linked account ndioo nihepe hio annual fee and the inflated withdrawal charges?

      • Lets say I link my payoneer account to my equity bank account. Then I withdraw from my freelance account. Once the money hits my payoneer account and I withdraw to my Equity account….how long would it take to rfelect in my equity account and what would be the approximate charges ffrom payoneer to equity?

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