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Last updated on July 11, 2020

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Freelancing rocks! But since this is still a business, it is not wise to put all your eggs in one basket. Many freelancers have registered on sites such as Odesk, Elance and Fiverr but there’s no harm in checking out other sites. As such, I got Daniel Oyugi to write a guest post about PeoplePerHour. It’s a good site. Not as big as Odesk and Elance, but nevertheless, if you are a freelancer, you definitely want to check it out. Daniel tells us more.


Many people now are choosing to work online as freelancers. It is both a fruitful and liberating decision. If you are one of the many who have weighed their options and decided to go the freelance way, then you have made a great step.

The other important step is having an idea about where to source your work. There are several freelance working sites where, as a freelancer, you can source for work such as Elance, oDesk, Freelancer and Fiverr. There is also People per Hour.

People per Hour was founded in 2005. Like the first three freelancing sites I mentioned, it offers various jobs on its gigs board. The exciting thing about this site is it has certain similarities with Fiverr because freelancers can choose not to bid for these jobs (bidding can be a tedious exercise!) but instead create and market their skills using what the site calls ‘Hourlies’.

How to sign up on People per Hour

Like many other freelancing sites, signing up is as easy as filling the prompts in the sign up page

You will need to provide your full name, email address, a preferred password and location. You then have three profile options to choose from; you can be a buyer, a seller or have a profile that allows you to be both. Once you are done, you can then log in and start on your profile. You can also link your profile to your Facebook or LinkedIn accounts and choose to log in through these social media accounts every time you want to work on the site.

Your People per Hour Profile

Aside from the essential personal details that you fill in when signing up, your profile needs a bit more information and color if it is to stand out and invite clients. You need to add your job title for instance. Your job title here describes what you would like to do to your clients. You can choose to be an ‘Academic Writer’, Web Content Creator’, or ‘Transcriptionist’ among many other choices. Your job title can be modelled around your interests as well as any of the 15 available categories of work on the site. Some of these categories are Web Development, Writing, Design, Marketing and PR, Business Support, Admin, Search Marketing and Translation among others.

Popular Jobs

This site is a haven for designers and web developers. It only makes sense because it was founded with these two jobs in mind. It however, has grown and does include a good number of writing, business support, video editing, software development, transcription, translation, business support and admin listings.

Finding work on People per Hour

As I said before, you can either bid for jobs on People per Hour or get jobs through ‘hourlies’. The bidding process on PPH needs a proposal that may or may not include attached samples. You do need to present breakdown of your charges as well. The platform provides an added feature where freelancers can use videos to make their pitches even more personalised. Nice!

Every freelancer has 15 credits per month as part of the free membership plan. Each proposal costs one credit to send. A freelancer has the option of buying additional credits once s/he exhausts the monthly quota.

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Creating and selling ‘Hourlies’

Aside from bidding for the posted jobs, freelancers can choose to offer packed services that they deliver within a set timeframe and at a fixed price. Such packed services are called Hourlies. An effective Hourlie indicates what you are offering, the fixed price you charge for the service and the time duration you require to deliver the hourlie.

PPH hourly3

A good hourlie should be original, very specific especially with regard to the services offered and have realistic delivery timeframes. You can also make it stand out by including great images or a quality video illustrating what you offer.

Pros of working on PPH

a) The platform is well organised with all available jobs presented in a board that is easy to navigate.
b) The bidding process is straightforward. The platform has added aids that explain to freelancers exactly what information to provide.
c) The rates are very competitive and in most instances, well above the average rates paid in other freelance sites.
d) Because People per Hour has fewer contractors, the competition for work is not even half as fierce as it is in Elance and oDesk. The chances of landing great gigs and lifelong clients are therefore far easier.

e) Freelancers are paid via bank transfers, PayPal, Skrill and they recently added Payoneer as another payment option.

Cons of working on PPH

a) The website charges a whopping 15% commission on freelancer earnings. This is a bit extortionate by many standards.
b) Freelancers have only 15 credits a month to bid for jobs. Even though these are enough, other sites offer as much as 60 credits.

People per Hour is a great platform for freelancers with the required skillset. As expected, it is a brutal playground, as is common with all bidding sites. It however, is one of the best sites where quality work counts.

Take home point: You can build a stellar portfolio and gather an impressive list of lifelong clients while at it.  On a scale of one to five, I give it a resounding four!

So, create your People Per Hour account today and start working!

Thanks for that great post Daniel!

Your turn dear reader: Have you worked on the PPH site? How has your experience been like?

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  • Fantastic read – as usual. I’ll be checking out that site to see how it compares with the others. Thanks a lot and keep on keeping us posted.

  • Thanks Sheeroh, its great information. Was just wondering Sheeroh, that you have a good following why not come up with something like “People perhour’ so that we may deposit our stories and you may charge per reading? Just wondering.
    We will be happy working with you! You sound very honest.
    Thanks. I will try.

  • Hi Sheero,

    I definitely like your site’s super hot new look. Congrats!

    I like the People Per Hour post above. I’ve been checking the site out for sometime now and I definitely like it. Have even bid on a couple of writing jobs and still hope to win one.

    Being new makes it quite a climb anywhere, ha?

    Something else. How do I improve my typing speed? You are a pro transcriptionist you might know the best way how.


  • Just in time have registered with people per hour and I am trying to get hold of how it works. Thanks a lot.

    • It’s a good site Shelmith. And their customer support is very prompt in case you are not clear about something.

  • Hi Sheeroh,

    Thanks for taking the time to write this and so many other helpful articles. I was on ODesk, now Upwork, for some time but recently got my account suspended. I have been wondering if there exists a platform where I can sell my work/articles to the highest bidder?

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