Recommendations For You


I decided to create this recommendations page for my valued readers, as there are so many tools and resources out there that one can easily get confused on what to use.

The products/services that I have recommended here will definitely make your work easier, save you time and even money.

Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below and I may receive commissions for purchases made through links in this post. However, I only recommend products that I have verified (tons and tons of research go into it) or products/services that I have personally used. 

Here goes!

Hosting Services

Hostgator: If you’re looking to start a WordPress blog,  then choosing Hostgator will be a wise choice. Not only are they reasonably priced but they also have great customer service.  Hostgator is a well-known web hosting company and you can start your own blog with them for as little as $2.75 a month.

You might think that starting a blog is a complicated process. It’s really not. Read my easy to follow step-by-step guide and start your blog today: How To Start A Blog With Hostgator.

Namecheap: This is my go-to site when I want to register a domain name. You can do so because you want to start a website or because you’ve identified a domain name that you’d like to sell later. So if you’re looking to get a domain NAME for the CHEAP, are your guys.

StudioPress Themes for WordPress:  StudioPress is one of the best-known players in the theme industry. It is well-known for it’s Genesis framework.  Two of the benefits of SP is their fast loading times as well as their commitment to security. I got my theme, Executive Pro, from StudioPress and so far so good. I have nothing to complain about. Their customer support is great too.


Aweber: Having an email list is highly recommended if you intend to make money with your blog and that’s where Aweber comes in.  Readers can subscribe to your blog posts and your newsletters via Aweber.

They have been my favorite email marketing service for a couple of years now and I highly recommend them. You can start using Aweber for just $1 for your free trial.

Outsourcing  If you are looking to get an infographic or ebook cover designed, then look no further than Fiverr. Fiverr seems to appeal to a lot of graphic designers and you can get awesome designs for as little as $5.

You can also get a freelancer to proofread an article you’ve written or find a writer to spruce up your About Me page from Fiverr at a very reasonable price. Feel free to sign up as a client on Fiverr and check out some of the freelancers on the platform.

Email Hunting Tools As a freelance transcriber, cold pitching happens to be one of my client acquisition strategies.  To cold pitch effectively, you’ll need a tool that will help you get client emails. is a service that will help you do that. To learn more about cold pitching, check out this article.

Social Media Tools

Buffer: There doesn’t seem to be enough time nowadays. Still, as a blogger or internetpreneur, you’ll need to spend time on social media as part of your marketing efforts. Buffer is a tool that helps you schedule your social media tools.

Tailwind: Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduler. Instead of spending hours upon hours pinning images on Pinterest, I use this tool and it pins the images on my behalf, at set times.  Not only that but I’m also able to see, via their analytics, which pins or boards are performing well, how many followers I’m getting and lots more. It’s such a time saver and I really should have started using it earlier.

Start your FREE Tailwind trial now and publish up to 100 Pinterest pins .. for FREE!


LocalBitcoinsKenya: If you’ve gone through a couple of my posts, you’ll realize that I’m a cryptocurrency enthusiast. If you need to buy some cryptocurrency, LocalBitcoinsKenya is my go-to site to do so.


Udemy: This is my go-to online learning platform where I’ve bought courses on freelance writing, public speaking, WordPress among others. Feast your eyes on other courses that I have recommended here for the internetpreneur in you.

Pinteresting Strategies: More and more bloggers are realizing the power of Pinterest in bringing traffic to their blog. And one of those bloggers happens to be me!

When I created an account on Pinterest, it was a bit confusing to me. What kind of pins were the best? How was I to actually drive traffic to my blog via Pinterest? What were the best pinning times?

All those questions were answered when I finally signed up to Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies course. I highly recommend it and trust me, her tips and tricks aren’t easily googleable!


Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer: The Evolution of a $1M Web Designer: If you are even remotely thinking about becoming a freelancer, (no pun intended, lol) you should get this book. The author, Liam Veitch, aims to infuse professionalism in our minds so that we can stop thinking like freelancers and more like businesspeople.

This book helped me to become confident enough to raise my rates and it further helped me understand that my [prospective] client and I are equal partners. Too many freelancers have the attitude of employer-employee with their clients and this doesn’t help them scale at all. Enough about that. Get the book! 🙂


Canva: If you want to design a Facebook poster or a beautiful image for your blog post, then Canva will come highly recommended.  This design solution makes it very easy for you to create great images, with its simple drag-and-drop tool. I’m a huge fan of user-friendly tools and I consider Canva to be user-friendly. Full disclosure – I am now officially a Canvaholic!

I’ll keep on adding more tools in the future as I do some more digging. For now, enjoy the above…