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Last updated on August 10, 2020

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If you work online as a transcriptionist, you’ve probably at one time Googled to find out which transcription companies are hiring. Or you’ve heard about Rev and have wondered, “Is Rev transcription legit?”  We are always looking for more legitimate ways to work from home, aren’t we?

Well, that is what provides. A way for you to make money online from home. I got one of my friends to tell us about her experience working as a freelance transcriptionist there.

Virginia Nakitari is her name and she has a great blog: She shares great tips, tricks and techniques for amateur and pro transcribers.

Take it away Virginia!

Introduction to

Formerly branded as FoxTranscribe and FoxTranslate, is a transcription/translation company based in the San Francisco, CA area.They also offer captioning services to their clients.

It was founded by two early employees, CEO Jason Chicola and Co-founder Josh Breinlinger back in August 2010.

In August 2012 it got funded by Venky Ganesan of Globespan Capital Partners that really opened doors to Rev’s expansion.

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How Do You Apply at

I know many of you (if you are like me) are asking, “But, who is eligible? How do I apply?”

Luckily, this is a transcription company that accepts applications from any part of the world. All you need is a working computer, a good pair of headsets and a good internet connection.

Rev’s application/screening process is a bit strict. They don’t just hire anyone. Only 10% of those applying get accepted.

It appears that even transcribers who’ve had years of experience find the Rev transcription application process a challenge.

Nevertheless, it might be different for you. 

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The testing phase takes about 60 minutes to complete. Just go on their website on this link, enter your name and email address and then hit Start your application. 

You will be assessed on three areas: 

1) Your Typing Skills

This is where you type a block of text. You can type as much as you want in the time allotted, which is 60 seconds!

2) Grammar

This is where your grammar skills are put to the test. Luckily, this is a very simple test. You’ll be tested on punctuation, capitalization and grammar skills. 

3) Transcription Test

This is the central point of the screening process. There is one audio test that you need to complete on Rev’s transcription editor and thankfully, there is no time limit.  

This the kind of audio file that you will be handling on a day-to-day basis when accepted as a Rev Transcriptionist.

The audio file has multiple speakers.  Rev pays keen attention to how you transcribe this file, and want to know how well you identify the speakers, and whether you’re able to clearly decipher what they are saying.

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After you hit the ‘submit’ button you will immediately receive an email thanking you for taking the time to do the test.

You will receive a second email in about 1-2 days if you pass the test. They will also send you an email if you do not pass the test but you can retake the test after 45 days.

Welcome to Rev!

Yay! I passed the test. Well, I can’t hold my joy. I bet you couldn’t either. This is the last stage of the application/registration process. There is a big red button that says “Complete Registration.”

You hit that and it takes you straight to Rev’s Workplace platform. You sign the user agreement. Click the Library for a few housekeeping rules then voila!

How Much Can I Earn at

Rev has a wide earning potential compared to other transcription companies out there. Pay depends on file difficulty, length, number of speakers and accent.

Single speaker files that are short tend to pay less. They pay on a weekly basis, every Monday of every week. Work done Sunday through Saturday is paid the following week on Monday without fail.

I can vouch for them 100%. However, the higher paying files tend to be the difficult ones in terms of number of speakers, accents, difficult terminologies that you have to research on and audio quality.

Rev Transcription Work Procedure Tips

  • Rev offers you a chance to listen to a file before picking it, or you can claim a file (called claim), listen and then if you find it challenging, you have one hour to un-claim it (release it back to the pool) without penalty.
  • Ensure that you submit the transcript back in the stipulated time. After the allocated time is over, Rev adds you one hour automatically after which the file will be unclaimed from you.
  • There’s no need to contact them for file extensions. If the file is unclaimed forcefully, the commitment ratio suffers and one can drop from Revver+ back to Revver (see below for the tiers) as a result.

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  • When your commitment ratio falls too low, that alone can lead to account termination. You also don’t get paid for the forcefully unclaimed file. If you pass the one hour mark with a file and then release it, your metrics (in this case commitment ratio) will suffer.
  • The transcription tool (called Rev Editor) has a countdown timer that alerts you on how much time you have left and will turn red when time is almost up. The Rev editor is superb with great features. 
  • You can choose a dark screen, a lighter screen, or different color of speakers to help you differentiate them. It’s just perfect and makes corrections like Microsoft Word. Rev Editor also has a text expander function and you can make a dictionary of your own words and what you want them to expand to.
  • For example, when I type “s” in the Rev Editor, I’ve set it to expand to it’s, “thr” to they’re and so on and so forth, depending on your preference.
  • It even has a feature where after transcribing a file, you can favorite the customer and once the customer uploads more files they appear on your favorites list.
  • Accuracy and formatting is calculated based on the last 30 graded jobs. However, on-time submission and commitment ratio is calculated on the last 120 days.
  • Rev will close your account if your metrics fall below their expectations.  There is also a rumor that consistent customer complaints can lead to account closure though Rev does not confirm this.

Terms and Conditions

Their terms and conditions are pretty simple and I will just mention a few.

1. Never share Rev’s client private and confidential information with third parties or outside sources. This is a surefire way of getting you banned for good.

2. You should be 18 years and above to be accepted.

3. You can only hold one account per person.

4. Follow Rev’s style guide to the letter.

Rookie, Revver and Reverr+ Levels

For purposes of quality assurance and prompt service delivery, Rev came up with a wonderful system of classifying transcribers.  

It is also Rev’s way of rewarding loyal and hard-working transcribers. The three tiers are ‘Rookie’, ‘Revver’ and ‘Revver+’

a) Rookie

• This is a newbie. Someone who has passed the application test and has just joined the Rev community.

• He or she is allowed to work on shorter transcription projects ranging from one-minute files to 30 minutes long.

• He or she will get detailed feedback on all work done.

  • He or she has up to 120 minutes (2 hours) to prove themselves and have the following metrics after which they will be promoted to Revver – Accuracy 4.5, formatting 4.5, On-time submission 75% and a commitment ratio of 8. (commitment ratio is calculated by total completed projects or files in the last 120 days divided by how many unclaimed projects after one hour)

b) Revver

• To qualify for this level you must achieve a certain score set for accuracy and formatting.

• He or she is allowed to work on any job you want. It can be a few seconds to 2 hours long. You become a Revver after transcribing 120 minutes and having attained an accuracy of 4.5, formatting 4.5, 75% on time submission and a commitment ratio of 8.

•  He or she will be graded randomly. The transcripts completed go to the customer directly on hitting the submit button, although they are graded and mistakes pointed out later.

c) Revver+

•  To qualify for this level you must achieve a certain score set for accuracy and formatting which is a bit higher compared to the Revver’s. To be a Revver + you must have transcribed 1,200 minutes with an accuracy of 4.6, formatting 4.6, 90% on-time submission and a commitment ratio of 15.

• He or she is allowed to claim projects, at least, 90 minutes earlier than the Rookie or the Revver. This is a real advantage as you get to claim the “easier files.”

My favorite ones are the one-speaker files and Rev has no shortage of those.

• He or she will get ongoing feedback on a subset of work done.

• He or she also stands a better chance of being selected to review work done by Rookie or Revver. This is an extra bonus as you will get paid for this.

How To Be a Successful Reverr

1. Strive to deliver quality work and on time and follow the style guide religiously.

2. Follow the discussions on Rev’s interactive forum where you can also ask for help. You can also dispute a grade if you feel you were unfairly graded. (Support handles grade disputes)

3. Whenever your work is reviewed take the reviewer’s advice seriously.

4. Improve your grammar, research and typing skills.

5. Commit to doing a great job every time. 

Cons of Working for Rev Transcription Company

There have been many complaints of Rev closing accounts, even for transcribers who have maintained great metrics. It is still a mystery why they do this. 

Thanks Virginia for such a detailed post. If you enjoyed reading this Rev transcription 2020 review, feel free to share it. 

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Virginia Nakitari is a work from home mom passionate about making money online. She's here to show you legitimate companies offering full-time, part-time and remote jobs from home! Stay tuned!

  • Great piece Virginia. I have checked it out and the tests are really thorough. There is only one chance to make a first impression so I’d advise all newbies to be very careful with the test process. I hear they don’t allow one to retry the test after a couple of months.

    Meanwhile, good job and stay blessed.

  • Great! eye openner,sure way to assist newbies like us.I will soon contact you for more details.Currently and finishing up with my good friends Akolo,he has taken me steps ahead in the freelancing world.I will contact you we discuss more about transcription.

    • Glad you found it helpful Johnson. Yes, the internet is a goldmine and there is so much potential! Just need to know the right places to look…

    • Hi Davy. Its actually right up there, under How Much Can I Earn? Between $0.40 to 0.65 per audio minute. Hope that helps!

  • Now, this is timely. I have been searching for info on transcription. I erroneously thought that there was a particular software needed. This article truly answers my questions. KUDO!

    • Hi Steve. Yes, there is software that is used for transcription. Its called Express Scribe. It enables transcribers to type very fast since one doesn’t need to use the mouse. You can learn more here

    • Hi Ryan, Good to see you around here! Indeed, you’re right. Opportunities are there for those who are willing to go the extra mile….

  • I did my first test on Rev and failed.
    How true is it that they mostly turn down Africans and Indians; that is what I heard after. They don’t want to have many non-native on the site.
    I’ll just have to wait for another couple of moths to try again.

    • Hi Omolo. They are just strict, that’s all. I dont’ blame though; you can imagine the number of applications they get every single day. I’m thankful though that unlike other transcription companies that only accept applicants from US and Canada, Rev are open to accept applications from every part of the world.

      • Quick question! I am thinking to apply at Rev and I am not looking to opt for the weekly payout. I prefer it to remain on monthly basis. I guess my question would be whether Rev directly deposits the amount in my Paypal account or links an amount to my profile which I can later on transfer to my Paypal account?

        Your article greatly helped though!

        • Hey Sohrab. Yeah, Rev pays directly to your Paypal account every Monday. Even as little as $5 🙂

  • Very happy to see guys sharing information unlike back in the day when getting accounts was such a mystery. I was just wondering, are we looking the first transcription account that is going to get to the shelves like the academic accounts? (Considering how entrepreneurial Kenyans can be)

  • Thanks for the post, didn’t know transcription is that advanced,learning new things…then i did the maths haraka haraka 0.4$per min,per hr at current dollar rate…very inviting!

    • It is very inviting and exciting when you do the math. It gets better when you get lots of work and sub-contract.

  • Really appreciating your helpful guidance. Am planning on venturing into transcription soon. Thanks a lot for the tips. I’ll contact you once am ready for the training kit! God bless.

    • You’re most welcome Askiah. Transcription is a fun and great way of making money online. Looking forward to it!

  • I know this is supposed to be encouraging, but as a transcription newbie,after reading this I feel overwhelmed. It seems so thorough and tough. Anyway, ‘a good transcriptionist never quits’, right? So let me prepare, and once I feel competent enough, Rev that account up!

    • Yes. Rev is very strict about quality. Thankfully, there are many sites where you can gain the experience and when you’re ready, you can apply to be a Rev transcriptionist.

  • This is immensely helpful, a lot many thanks for all relevant details. Per Rev’s requirement, I must have an active PayPal account, which I do not. How will I get it and will PayPal charge anything to get it and keep that running? Please help.

    • Hi Surajit. It’s easy to get a Paypal account. All you need is your email address. You will need to verify it but that’s not urgent. You can still transact without verifying but verification is necessary for you to transact with amounts more than $500.

  • Great article! I’ve done some transcription work for and was very satisfied with the experience. I really liked that I could listen to the audio file before accepting the project. It was great being paid once a week as well. I also liked the forums. Very friendly and helpful. The only downside to was the pay is very low.

    • Depending on which side of this world you come from, the pay can be very low or good enough. I mean, compared to sites such as TranscribeMe, I think they are way better. Thanks for your comment.

  • hi Sheeroh, thanks for your encouragement. Just going through the rev test and hope to hack it. Must say that it can be confusing since the rules are slightly different from transcribe me. I hope it all works out…. also trying out odesk, ever worked with it?

    • Hi Peter, Rev are pretty strict about the quality of transcripts that their workers submit. Just make sure you follow the style guide keenly. I work on Odesk like full time. It’s a great site too. With Rev, you sign up, take the test and if you pass, you pick jobs. On Odesk, it’s a bidding site. You sign up, build your profile and start bidding for jobs, i.e a client posts a job and several freelancers apply for it. If the client likes your ‘application’ you win the project.

  • Excellent post. Very thorough description of the application process for Rev. I have worked as a private contractor for Rev now for over a year and have been very happy with my experience with them. They always pay on time. It is great to be able to preview the audio files as well before accepting the job.

    There’s almost always lots of work available also. Their online forum is so friendly and helpful too and the management of Rev seem to go out of their way to respond to feedback and concerns from transcribers.

    The only downside is the pay is not great at $0.40 – $0.65 an audio minute and apparently they pay less to transcribers overseas. They are a great place to work to get your feet wet though so to speak, until you have enough experience to get contracts that pay better.

    I have written a bit of a review on Rev on the page that I have on my website on making money as a transcriptionist. It can be found at

    Thanks for the excellent post. I have visited your blog before. You have some really good content.


  • Awesome article. Virginia is awesome too. I like the way she describes Rev. She does it perfectly. This is a site that not only gives one the opportunity to earn more but you also get to brush up on quality and delivery. When your work is good the money comes through. 🙂

    • Thanks for that Thelma. I know you’ve been having fun working at Rev. It’s a really superb transcription site.

      • I just finished a job with them that took almost eight hours. My time ran out and I submitted it (completed, but with a lot of [inaudible]’s) I spelled checked it, but didn’t have time to do a quick listen to check for accuracy. My grammar is usually good. I think I might get a rating that is too low. I just became a Revver. Do you know if my rating falls below 4.5, but my other metrics are fine, if I will be demoted back to Rookie or just kicked off? this was only my second job as a Revver and I was promoted to it after only 45 audio minutes. I am really concerned. It’s like 3 am and I started at 4 or 5 PM yesterday.

  • I just applied for a Rev position and it didn’t ask for my PayPal account just my email address. Also, I only had one Transcription audio that I had to listen to. Did I do the right application? By the way I didn’t get hired. 🙁

    • Hi Danielle. Yes you did. There’s a very simple grammar test, followed by a writing test and then the transcription test that is about two minutes and thirty seconds. They ask for your Paypal account once your account is activated – in the event that you pass.

  • Great work Nakitari and Sheeroh as always. I appreciate this info. I just ventured into transcription; haven’t finished my classes but I am already learning so much already, and trying out a few samples. As soon as I have upped my transcription skills, I will try my luck with Rev as with other companies.


      • Hey Sheeroh.. I’ve read quite a few articles/comments on various blogs in last couple of months. You’ve got a thorough knowledge of industry. May I ask you a cheat code? 🙂

        Is there any software any free software available on web, which can give us a roughly transcribed dictation of an audio file, that can be later corrected and formatted by us? I’ve seen a few YouTube videos on this but none of the solutions work perfectly but I have this feeling that there should be something of this sort in today’s age and time of AI.

  • I have recently been accepted as a transcriber for Rev, but I do have an inquiry that I haven’t seen answered anywhere yet. If I decide that I do not have time, or if I get a job and no longer have time to create videos, what happens? Would I just stop making videos altogether, or is there some type of contract that is underlying? Would I inform the company that I am no longer available?

  • I work here, and I am currently averaging about $3/hour for work completed. I type at about 60WPM with high accuracy. So not worth it unless you live in Vietnam where $3/hour goes much further.

    • Rev pays well, compared to other transcription sites like Scribie or TranscribeMe. The only issue is they can be quite strict and they suspend accounts unexpectedly.

  • Join GoTranscript and be part of a global team of professional transcriptionists. GoTranscript is a thriving online-only transcription and translation company. We are growing our freelancer transcription team, to keep pace with the rapid growth in customer orders. If you are a skilled transcriptionist who takes pride in your work and wants to make a difference in the world, we want you.


    Range of pay per audio minute: $0.21 – $0.42
    Average earnings per month:$150
    Top monthly earnings: $1215
    Payments are made using Paypal. (Weekly)
    Apply by email:

    Work proccess:

    Every time a client uploads a file, you will receive an e-mail. After that, you need to go to the converter page and choose the files you want to transcribe.

    There you will also see information about turnaround time, text format (clean or full verbatim) and timestamping type, if one is required.

    After you finish your transcription, go to the converter page again, choose the file and upload the transcription in Microsoft Word format.

    After your transcription is uploaded, you will see your current earnings on the converter page.
    Payments are done every weekend, on Saturday. There will also be a statistics page where you will see how much you have earned for each file.

    All of your transcriptions are going to be checked by editors. You will receive a rating and comments to help you improve your work.

    If your average rating is better than 4,5 you can try to become editor.

    Sometimes the quality of audio or video files is horrible, so please let us know about that. We will contact the client and provide refund for that file.

    More information:

  • This happened to me when I went back to work temporarily with a former, local employer and didn’t do any work for Rev for two months. They e-mailed me stating that my account had been suspended because my work was not up to their standards, and that “this decision is final.” It had to be an error, because since I’d made Revver and then Revver +, I had never been demoted for substandard work, and my scores had always been at or well above their standards. The only thing I could conclude was that their decision was based on one of the months when I’d done no work for them, so there were no scores on which to base metrics. The e-mail came from a “no-reply” source, so it was obviously automatically generated by metrics.

    • Rev has been suspending accounts in the recent past for all types of reasons. It can be quite frustrating especially when your metrics are great.

  • Hi Sheeroh,

    Thanks a tone for the information, I have been for the longest searching the web to get a legit online work. Rev seems to be good after what i read here. Now the next step is to gearup with the required skills and start.

    Thank you once again

  • Your information that Rev pays $30.00 an hour and up is wrong. I have worked for Rev for over a year, and the average pay per hour is below minimum wage (and dropping). An hour-long file takes five to six hours to complete, including proofing, spellcheck, and reviewing for mishears and inaudibles. At $.50 a minute, the file would be listed as paying $30.00 but in reality you would be making $5.00-$7.50 an hour (most likely nearer $5).

    Rev has no respect for its transcriptionists, and is changing for the worse all the time. It was a decent place to work when I began, and paid more, but many management decisions over the course of 14 months have made it a disrespectful and dismissive workplace. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone.

    • Not per hour Ellen, but per AUDIO hour. That was then. They actually pay more currently. As for Rev not being a good site for transcribers anymore, I believe, is a matter of perception.

  • Very interested in this as a side gig – I work a full time 40 hour job but wouldn’t mind some extra income. Read there were deadlines – understandable. Am I understanding correctly that you can choose when and how long to work? It isn’t a dead set schedule to transcribe for 3 hours a day or 5 hours a day kind of thing?

    Where do you get the software for transcribing or do you download it once you have been hired?


    • Hello Jamie. Yes, it’s very flexible. You work at your own schedule. You simply log in and pick a file, which of course has a deadline. But as to how many hours you work, that is entirely up to you. That’s the freelance life!

  • Hi Sherrie,how can I get your training as am interested in transcription jobs though my typing speed is below 40wpm.

  • Hi, thank you for your article! I did take Rev test for Captioner. Unfortunately, I failed and when I tried to retake the test, I got rejected because of my failure. That’s more than 45 days after the first one. However, when I’m writing this, I am trying on Transcription and Translation jobs.

      • Hello! I’ve been transcribing with Rev since April. I absolutely loved it! However, I did attempt to work out of town and, unfortunately, ran into internet problems which resulted in them terminating me… without any warning! I called to speak with someone and no one had any answers for me except for their general email address. I’m very frustrated with the way they’ve handled this issue. I’d love another opportunity to work for them. I made it up to Revver and was depending on this position. Do you know if they rehire? Do you know of another compatible companies?

          • By giving correct answers and transcriptions. Lol

            Well, I suppose you need good listening skills and a great typing speed to make the cut. Try giving out the test once if you have not already done and let us know if you made it.

            I am new to transcribing so I have started with Scribie and one Indian company – I appeared for tests at these 2 sites only and cleared both so I assume they are easy to crack considering my inexperience in this industry. I have received pay-outs from both companies so find them reliable to work with.

            Disclosure: I cleared their relatively simple Grammar and Punctuation test and reached this blog before attempting the audio test.

            After, going through the comments here I have already dropped the idea of taking Rev test further as there is no point in working for a website that is not transparent in its operations.


  • I tried to sign up at back in 2015 but failed. Part of the application process back then involved writing an essay. Did they remove that bit since it was not mentioned in your blog post? Thanks by the way for sharing the useful information.

  • I took Rev’s test yesterday and just got an email saying that I failed. No explanation other than only 12% of applicants pass. I was sure I’d done everything right too though I did forget to add the speaker lol They’re super strict as everything else was perfect I’m sure if it. Only did one test vid as you could only take 2 and 3 if you passed numero uno here. Also heard they let you go without warning so maybe this is for the best :/

    • Hey Rebekah, Sorry to hear that. Yeah, they’re pretty strict with their test and they don’t reveal why one failed. Most transcription sites don’t either. There are other fish in the sea though 🙂 Check out Speechpad, Daily Transcription and 1 888 Type it Up. 3Play Media as well.

    • Hi Rebekah,
      same story here … And I’m a volunteer content editor at the moment, with good reviews from the group I’m transcribing for …
      Mind you, as you said, maybe it’s for the best. Hope you find something 🙂

  • I tried transcribing for Rev last year for a couple months. I thought this would be a great side gig. However, it seemed that many, many times there was either no work available or the audio was horrible and, if there were several speakers on that horrible audio, I felt I was spending way too much time differentiating between speakers to make accurate transcription. For me, it wasn’t worth continuing.

    • I don’t blame you Jane. If you have now gained some transcription experience, you can try cold pitching. Find info on the same here.

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