Last updated on July 19, 2018

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Do you have that deep desire to have a profitable online business?  The products that I have mentioned below will help you do just that.

I can recommend them confidently because I have purchased them, and most importantly, implemented the strategies therein. Here goes!

Freelance Writing Course

I truly, truly enjoyed this course. This freelance writing course has been created by Shani Raja, a former professional editor for The Wall Street Journal.

One thing I learned from his course is how to avoid using redundant words and words that simply do not add any value to your writing. A must-have course for beginner freelance writers. Hosted on Udemy.

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Affiliate Marketingicon

Learn how to do affiliate marketing the RIGHT way.

One unforgettable thing I learned from this course was the importance of placing affiliate links properly.

It’s not just about throwing affiliate links all over the place. Included also are some awesome email affiliate marketing strategies. Highly recommended.

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Making Money With Amazon Affiliates

There’s a method to the madness of making money as an Amazon Associate. What’s more, you don’t need thousands upon thousands of page views to do so.

An awesome book for bloggers who want to start earning more money as Amazon Associates.

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Pinterest is a discovery platform, or to put it simply, a search engine. Lots of bloggers are leveraging the power of this platform to drive traffic to their blogs.

In this eBook, you’ll find lots of tips and tricks that will help you optimize your Pinterest account and get more eyeballs to your site.

I especially loved the tips she had to share on what photos one should use for pinning. At $32, it’s an absolute steal!

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Blogging Tips

The author of this book, Suzi Whitford, earned $53,000 in her first year. That is no small feat! I was so curious as to how she had done this that I bought the ebook.

It’s an awesome read for beginner bloggers and Suzi shares awesome insights on what mistakes she made (that you can avoid), her tips on having an engaged email list, and how she monetized her blog. Amazing stuff for sure!

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Freelance Transcription

After transcribing for five years plus, I decided to share my best tips and tricks in this eBook. In the eBook, I talk about:

  • The one myth about transcription that you totally need to throw out of the window.
  • Skills that you need to be an awesome transcriber. 
  • A meaty chapter on how to professionally format transcripts.
  • Effective punctuation – another meaty chapter. Ever heard of camel case words? I’ll demystify that for you.  
  • Where To Get Transcription Work.

And so much more.

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