How To Withdraw Money From Skrill to Mpesa

Last updated on July 11, 2020

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I have been a fan of the Payoneer Card for quite some time, but I’m now sold out, totally to Skrill. Why? Because it’s such an efficient way to withdraw my earnings, and more than that, straight to Mpesa. It’s fast, economical – it’s only 1% of the amount withdrawn – and the instructions are very easy to follow.  Let me show you how.
The first thing I do, is log on to Skrill.
If you haven’t registered for a Skrill account, do so right here.

If you prefer a banner, sign up via this one:

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Then, go to Skrill IT. This is what you’ll see when you click on Skrill IT.
So, how much do you want to send? I want to send $100 to my Mpesa. I just enter $100 and change the country from Belgium to Kenya, like this:
Great. After that, I click on GET STARTED. Then I click on MPESA.  What next? Simply enter the RECIPIENT information. The recipient could be yourself, your mother or whoever. If it’s you, insert your details.
After that click on continue. If you hadn’t signed in to Skrill, you can do so now. Skrill also let’s you know if your balance is enough to cover the cost. How efficient!




Click on continue and confirm that the details are correct. Skrill will then need you to enter your date of birth. When you’re done with that, just click SEND MONEY. Once you do that, Pap! Here comes the money. Sweet!
I love that Skrill sends onscreen, email and SMS confirmations.
For your information, you can withdraw as little as $5. I tested it and it worked.
So, that’s it about withdrawing your money from Skrill to Mpesa. Work hard, save your monies and invest wisely!

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    • Hi George. You cannot do so, but you can withdraw from Skrill to Mpesa. To withdraw from Paypal, either use the agents or Equity bank. You’ll need to link your Equity account to Paypal.

  • I think I will move to skrill its easier..i have some dollars in PayPal but I don’t know how to withdraw.I want to use an agent.not the please

  • Hi Shiro,
    Thanks for the article. Its an eye opener. I have had a skill account for over 2 years but I never knew that I could withdraw to mpesa. This can be quite helpful especially with the many challenges we are experiencing with Paypal. I was talking to a freelancer guru who told me that there are agents who can help to transfer from PayPal to skrill. He talked about going through PerfectMoney. But since we were talking on phone, I did really get to understand. Could you have an idea about this? I am waiting for us to meet so that I can get a better picture of how it is done.

    • Hi Geraldo, Yes there are agents who can do that i.e transfer from Paypal to Skrill. However, I don’t know much about the procedure 🙁

  • Hi Sheeroh

    What would be the most convenient option for a newbie in Kenya to take in terms of payment options. I have read about PayPal, payoneer card, skrill and am still confused. Do you recommend opening an equity bank account, nakumatt debit card?

    • Yes Racheal. I recommend you open an Equity bank account as it’s the only bank through which you can withdraw funds in your Paypal account, given that Paypal is like the mother when it comes to online payments 🙂 For purposes of divesification, you need to open Payoneer and Skrill too.

  • This is very educative. I love and admire your passion to hold other people’s hands. Information is power.Thanks sheeroh

  • Hi Sheeroh, thanks for the information, very much appreciated. Now I understand the different modes of online payments. Be blessed for your kindness and that you never get tired of answering questions from Newbies like me. Thanks again.

  • Hi Sheeroh Kiarie,

    I attended one of your projects late last year and I am interested in finally starting. Lets do this. Im ready

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