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Last updated on August 12, 2020

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Translation jobs are on the rise. Why?

Well, for one, in spite of the fact that English happens to be one of the most common languages in the world, people still prefer products and services that are written in their own tongue.

To add to that, as more and more people travel for business purposes, the need for translation services continues to grow. 

Some of the languages that are in demand, in the translation industry, include:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
  • German

In that regard I have prepared this blog post where you can find legit translation jobs online.

I could have titled this blog post as ’40 sites where you can find translation jobs from home’ but some of the sites out there have zero reviews.

It’s all crickets, with very little info as to whether the sites are really hiring and if/when they pay. Zero negative or positive reviews. 

As I always say, quality over quantity, right?

Great! Let’s go… 



VerbalizeIt was founded in 2011 requires that their translators be fluent in at least two languages.

They aim to deliver work class translation services and boast of having clients such as Vimeo, Estee Lauder, Cielo24 among others.

You will need to pass several assessment tests before you can get access to live jobs. Pay translates to $5 an hour and payments are made on the 15th and 30th of each month via PayPal.

2.   Gengo


While you don’t need any translation qualifications or experience to work for Gengo, you do need to pass their translation tests.

There’s some good news though. If you don’t pass the test, you can always re-try it within six months and up to three times!

Pay rates starts at $0.03 per word but it really depends on the language pair. Japanese-English and English-Japanese are in-demand language pairs on the site.

Also, unlike other translation sites, you’ll need to follow the style guide that Gengo will make available to you.

Gengo pays its translators via PayPal or Payoneer.

3.  One Hour Translation

one hour translation

One Hour Translation is a popular translation site with translators from over 100 different countries.

The site doesn’t exactly state how much they pay their translators but pay can start from $12 for a project that takes you an hour to complete.

This isn’t set on stone though.

It also depends on your ratings, your response time, the language pair you’ll be translating, the word count and a few other factors.

They do offer bonus payments for work exceptionally done.

Payment is done on the 15th and at the end of the month via PayPal or Payoneer. 

Apply for the Payoneer card here!

4.  Language Line Solutions

language line solutions

Rather than translation, this is more of an interpretation phone job.

Language Line hires people from the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the UK and Canada.

Payments are made via direct deposit.

Workers at the company report getting paid around 13$ an hour and it appears that there is lots and lots of work at this company.

Depending upon your location and position, payment can be done every week, twice a week or once a month.

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5.  Translate.com


The process of becoming a Translate.com worker if pretty simple: sign up on the site, take a qualification test, get access to live jobs if you pass, and then get paid.

One of the great things about this site is that you can cash out your earnings anytime, straight to your PayPal account.

Pay is $0.01 per word. Please note that as a translator on this site, you will be editing text that has already been machine translated.

The site sends an email to its worker whenever a translation job becomes available.

A major complaint about the site is that work is scarce, unless you are translation a rare language.

6.  Unbabel


Join this new-ish translation company that currently has 50,000 translators in its team.

I say new-ish because the site was founded in 2014. It’s based in San Francisco, California and Portugal.

Once you sign up on the site, you will need to take an assessment test which comprises of 20 tasks in a language pair.

Your performance on this assessment will determine how much you will get paid and which customer assignments will be available to you. 

No need to wait till the end of the month; you can request weekly withdrawals from your Unbabel account to be paid directly to PayPal and Payoneer.

Expect to earn up to $20 an hour, although judging from the reviews online, it will be more like between $8 to $18.
Payment is via PayPal only if you have a minimum of $5.

7. Proz.com

This is a freelance translators marketplace that connects translators with clients.

Proz is a popular site and many translators have reported finding work on this platform.

The site offers three plans: free, standard which costs $110 per year and plus which costs $170 per year.

8. Translators Cafe

The site is similar to Proz but doesn’t have as many reviews.

The site allows you to upload your CV and profile picture, state which languages you can translate plus your rates.

The basic services of TranslatorsCafe.com are free. However, if you want to be at the top of search results, you will need to upgrade your membership.

A good number of people have reported that the site doesn’t provide as many jobs as Proz.

9.  Appen Butler Hill

Appen is a tech company that hires individuals to do work at home jobs such as transcription, social media and search engine evaluation jobs. There are translation jobs as well.

Before you can undertake any translation job, you will need to take a qualification test.

The languages that are available for translation are many as Appen is a well-known company. They range from Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Italian to the less known languages such as Malagasy, Urdu, Tamil, Croatian, Icelandic and more.

Payments are made twice a month.

So there you have it.

9 websites where you can find translation jobs from home. Take advantage of the demand that is in this industry and sign up on a couple of the above sites.

All the best!

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