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Last updated on July 11, 2020

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Cryptocurrency Writer Jobs

When it comes to new terms in the technological space, blockchain definitely comes to mind. If you are not yet in the know on what blockchain is, you can find a meaty yet simple to understand definition here

Blockchain technology will bring increased transparency, speed, and reduced costs, not only in the financial sector but in other industries as well.

Several countries are jumping on board this blockchain train.

Dubai, Switzerland, Singapore, and Estonia are examples of countries that are supporting blockchain startups and increasingly becoming hubs for blockchain innovation.

In Kenya, there is a vibrant community of blockchain evangelizers who are passionate about what blockchain disruption will do for the country, as well as for the entire continent of Africa.

This technology is definitely here to stay and apart from the disruption that it is bringing in the financial sector, it also brings with it an opportunity for freelancers, specifically, freelance writers.

I decided to scour the internet to find out which websites hire cryptocurrency or blockchain writers, and I discovered a number of great leads.

Let’s take a look at websites where you can get cryptocurrency writer jobs. 

Reputable Websites That Hire Cryptocurrency Writers


The Coinstaker site is looking for writers who can create crypto-related content on matters such as trading, analysis, and breaking news.

However, they mostly focus on Bitcoin and invite your own articles, posts, and stories on the same.

Their rate of pay starts from 1c per word which is a good start, if you can turn in a good quantity of acceptable content.

You can negotiate the pay as you continue writing for them. You can contact them here


CCN is a well-known website that focuses on the latest cryptocurrency news, analysis, and trading opportunities.

CCN is currently seeking freelance writers who can create unique content related to all forms of cryptocurrency. 

They state on their ‘Write For Us’ page that they do not accept people who have “little or no writing skills.” Wow! Talk about being blunt.

But if you are new to the writing scene, you need to know that a lot of editors can be quite, hmmh, tough. So yes, you do need to have good writing skills. 

And that’s where Shani Raja comes in.

Shani Raja is a former editor of The Wall Street Journal, who has trained many upcoming journalists and has a fabulous course titled: Writing With Flair. 

It’s a course that I can confidently recommend as it helped me fine tune my writing.

The principles and tips that he shares in his course will help you make immediate improvements to your writing, turning your writing from good to great. Believe it!

Back to CCN.

I contacted the person mentioned in their Write For Us page, Jonas, and he informed me that they pay through Paypal or TransferWise in USD. 

You can send your pitch/application here

Bitcoin Chaser

On this site, you are invited to write about anything revolving around Bitcoin and the wider blockchain world of cryptos.

They provide a vast range of topics that you can write about, such as financial aspects of crypto, blockchain technology, bitcoin consumer behavior and so on.

However, it appears that they will reward you with exposure.

In short, you will write a post then they put it up on their site while referencing you. So in case you have a blog or site of your own, you can gain extra audiences as it is a worldwide company.

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CoinSutra is a blog owned by an Indian blogger that I really admire – Harsh Agrawal. Harsh started blogging in 2008 and owns a highly popular blog known as

The blog covers topics such as how to make money blogging, among other make money online tips. 

However, his blog CoinSutra revolves around bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

His aim is to help people interested in bitcoin and other digital coins, understand the industry by covering said topics in an easy to understand manner. 

The blog has been featured on Forbes, Microsoft, Inc, and other renowned publications so you can rest assured that it is a reputable site. 

CoinSutra is currently looking for writers who can write interesting content, such as tutorials, analysis, tools and tips, around the topic of cryptocurrency. 

Articles should be at least 800 words long. You can send your pitch to where you will also be able to inquire about their pay rates.

Ensure that you attach your previous writing samples. Failure to attach any samples will lead to your pitch being ignored.

You can find more information here

Bitcoin Africa

The editorial component of this site is made up of mostly African-based cryptocurrency writers.

The topics range from cryptocurrency to blockchain technology.

They are currently looking for experienced journalists and writers. You have two options when it comes to writing for Bitcoin Africa.

You can write as a guest and get featured on the site, or the second option which is hiring you as their freelance writer.

The pay varies and really depends on the type of work and quality. You can get in touch via their Write For Us page where you’ll be given more details. 


Wirex is a little different and unique in that it focuses on converting “traditional” money platforms into blockchain-supported systems.

Concisely, they need to find ways that secure crypto wallets can be integrated with existing payment methods like debit cards and mobile applications.

This is where your writing expertise comes in.

They accept blog posts on any crypto topic. If your article gets published, you get exposure to worldwide crypto enthusiasts and receive $30 worth of BTC. 

You can send your application letter here


The list keeps growing!

Unhashed readily accepts interesting and informative content on blockchain and cryptocurrency.

You can either write guest posts, a one-time post or become a contributor.

If you choose to become a regular contributor, you will receive compensation for that. 

I contacted them for specific pay details and they responded that the pay varies on a case-by-case analysis. Your experience and skill will determine what you earn.

How We Trade

Can you write informative articles on cryptocurrency, forex trading, ICOS, crypto exchanges and so on? If you can, then How We Trade will pay you a $1 per 100 words.

They expect the articles to be between 700 and 1500 words. 

You can also write guest posts for the site but there’s no compensation for that. 

They confirmed to me via email that they are currently paying in fiat currency (i.e US dollar) but they have plans to pay via crypto soon.

I liked the site as it has a wide reach, not to mention the very rich content contained therein.


Here is another opening for Bitcoin and general cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

This company is looking for experienced writers with writing, reporting and WordPress experience. If you can do video reports, they accept that too.

I wasn’t able to get information on their pay rates, despite sending two follow up emails. 

However, I was later able to find out that they pay their writers in Bitcoin or Ethereum. 

You can send your application letter/pitch here

Invest In Blockchain

Invest In Blockchain seems to focus primarily on Blockchain technology writing only.

They have regular hiring openings, which you can sign up and wait to be alerted when they have some.

Just like most of our discussed companies, they offer two forms of writing: guest, which is not paid but you get exposure and a link back to your site,and paid per article, where you get paid for every post.

Just recently, they began hiring full-time writers.  Pay – $0.04 per word.


As you can tell, the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain has created a new source of income for talented writers.

These are both new and growing fields, and luckily, not saturated at the moment. You know what they say about the early bird, aye…?

So put on your confidence jacket and send your application/pitch to one of these sites. All the best in your hunt!

PS: If you are looking to top up your income as you engage in freelance writing, you need to know that these sites will come in handy!

Vindale ResearchShare your unique opinion and get paid for it! Product Developers are willing to pay reviewers between $5 and $75 per completed survey.

Nielsen Mobile App: This app pays you $50 every year just for keeping it installed on your mobile device!

Swagbucks: A rewards site that pays you to play games, do surveys and watch videos. Get $10 for FREE when you sign up!

OneOpinion: A survey site that pays its members between $1-5 per survey. One of the best paying!

PineCone Research:Earn $3 per survey. Get a chance to do product testing as well!

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