Work Online Success Story 4 – Meet Work at Home Mom, Frida

Last updated on July 11, 2020

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I have interviewed three people on my blog about their online job experiences and you can read the stories here, here and here. In all three, I interviewed people who had been working online for at least three years. 

Not today! 

This work at home mom has been working online for a little over a year, from June 2015.  She tells us about the highs and lows since she started freelancing.  Why didn’t she throw in the towel when it got rough? 

Find out!

What led you to start freelancing?

The need to have a job that allowed me to earn money and supplement my husband’s income, as well as take care of my children, all in the comfort of my home.

When and how did you start freelancing?

I started freelancing in June, 2015. I went online and typed ‘work online jobs’. Many of them were scam jobs as they asked for upfront fees but out of those searches I came across transcription and felt that it was what I wanted to do.

I then searched “Transcription” on Facebook just out of curiosity and that’s when I found the group Awesome Transcribers. I joined the group, followed the posts silently for a month and then made up my mind to do transcription. I then contacted one of the trusted trainers and trained and I’ve been working from then.

Frida, working from home.
Frida, working from home.


How were the initial days like as a work at home mom? What were the things or who were the people that helped you grow in the initial days of your career as a Transcriber?

It was quite challenging in the beginning. Every word or terminology sounded like it was out of this world; terms like time stamped transcripts and TAT. I look at it now and I laugh at myself. I had a good trainer and immediately after the training, I tried all the transcription sites she had recommended. I got into Upwork very swiftly.  I guess by then it was not as challenging to get your profile published as it is now.

For deadlines or TAT’s I had to make a schedule that would work both for the client and for me, as a work at home mom. This is because at the beginning I found it very hard to juggle between house work and transcription. I made a note to work with 24 hour TAT’s because that way, I would transcribe in the wee hours of the night and proofread the job in the morning after my kids left for school and the young one was still sleeping. This timetable has worked well with me because I find time to rest, time to take care of the young one and time to do my house chores.

My trainer Sheeroh Kiarie and the group Awesome transcribers were a big help when I was starting, I could turn to my trainer for any question and advice I needed and that really propelled me to where I am today.

I went back to my notes from my trainer a lot in the beginning; this helped me in my accuracy and my professionalism. The ATK helped in motivating me that they were better days ahead, seeing people’s testimonials of how good they’re doing pushed me on.

I’m a believer too, so I know that God favored me and he answered my prayers with these.

You mentioned Upwork. Many newbies find bidding to be quite challenging.  Did you face the same? How did you overcome it?

Bidding in Upwork was challenging for me too when I was starting off. I remember bidding for 3 weeks straight, bidding one job a day and getting no response.  This is where I took the initiative to read the Upwork blogs. In the blog, I learnt how to write great proposals, how to talk directly to the clients need in my proposal and how to bid on the right jobs that went with my skills.

I implemented everything I had read.  I then applied for a job and I was shocked to be hired 30 minutes later.

Newbies should take due diligence and research things for themselves and gain knowledge. I remember when I was about to give up, I actually browsed transcription freelancers in Upwork who were highly rated. I would go through their profiles, see their overviews, how much they were earning and the consistency in their work.

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I psyched myself up and told myself that even as a work at home mom, I would one day be among the highly rated freelancers in Upwork. I believe that and prayers helped me not give up.

Where do you usually get transcription work from?

Currently, I get my transcription work from Upwork. Upwork is an excellent freelancing site as I have really grown.  When I started out, I had the passion for it but my main motivation was money. I was paid less money and I took up audios that were a nightmare to transcribe just because I wanted a job. In other words I did not believe in myself. Experience and great work has helped me overcome this fear and now I am able to tell the client what I want in a very polite and pleasant way.

You get the chance to talk to your clients, keep a long-term working relationship with them and the feedback is such a boost to one’s self-esteem!

How has the experience been as a freelancer? Tell us some of the challenges and joys?

Freelancing has been a good experience for me. Being able to earn a dignified income from the comfort of my home, seeing visible results and realizing the potential that freelancing has is awesome.

Challenges that have come with this job is lack of consistent work sometimes; they’re times you can be busy for 3 months straight and then not have a job for a week or two. I have now learned to apply for long-term jobs.

There also difficult clients out there, people who will talk to you rudely and it takes a lot of strength to remain professional.  I have learned how to be more diplomatic this way.

The joys are of course the kaching- the money, making new friends across the globe because after a while those clients become close to you. I actually have a client I got from and I convinced her to move to Upwork. She moved and since she has my Skype, we talk often.

What is the ONE thing that you would like to tell newbies in the freelancing space?

Newbies, make sure you have the passion and the patience to do freelancing work, whatever field you are in. This is because before you get consistent work and cash flow, it will take time.  Secondly, as a work at home mom, I’ve had to be very conscientious about time management. Having a things to-do list helps me to be more productive. I now know that freelancing is self-employment; it’s  a business, but instead of looking for a shop and selling products, you are the shop and the products. The business is you.


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  • Kumbe si dream ni reality! I am getting excited even though I haven’t started yet! But this encourages me to knock on those online job doors!

    Thank you for this inspiring piece.

  • That’s great. This story is an inspiration to us newbies. Thanks Sheeroh for bringing to our attention this insightful story.

  • This is awesome. I am also undertaking transcription training with Sheeroh and am enjoying every bit of it. She is the perfect trainer and I can recommend her to whoever wants a good trainer.

  • Wow, nice inspiring story there. We should always work hard and never give up on transcription despite challenges that may arise. Thanks Frida and Sheeroh for the insights.

  • I’m a newbie and taking this seriously. I love transcription. I want to master it’s art then quit my current stressful job.

  • A good success story, especially for the newbies. Hard work and determination are paramount if you want to excel in this business. Feeling motivated and aiming for the sky! Thanks for sharing.

  • I like this. How much for the training? Duration as well? If a quick learner! Kindly advice. If possible, just write it here as I’ve ticked on alerts for this particular post.

    Kindly. Thank you.

  • Hello Sheeroh, what a motivational piece and thanks for the great effort of responding to me and many others, may God bless you abundantly.

    I read your response and I am ready to start the lessons and also start working through your guidance.

    Please let me know how to go about it.

    Thanks again.

  • That is an inspiring testimony. I want to be a master too. Thank you for the encouraging words and the beam of hope for us newbies.

  • This is so inspiring. And Sheeroh you are not just a trainer, you have the passion to make one succeed in this. I am greatfull and wish i started with you earlier. All is not lost and I know I am headed there.

  • Amazing story. I was halfway through transcribing an audio when I took a break to read this, and I have more psych to finish and push on 🙂

  • Hi Fridah. So inspiring gal and I can see your star is brightly shinning. Go go girl. When I will give it a thought, I will approach you. Be blessed

  • This kind of blogs makes me motivated always. She is such an inspiration and a true testimony that mums can take care of their kids and still earn from the comfort of their home. Good work Mama Mose and thanks Sheeroh for the blog.

  • Hey Sheeroh. Was just wondering, how good should one’s grammar be. And are there any recommended books to improve on the same?

    • For any online job, you should have a good command of the English language to be able to effectively communicate with your clients. For transcription, you also need to have good typing, research and listening skills. There are so many resources online on how to improve your grammar. Mr.Google will help.

  • This is encouraging. I have been on the fence for years. Sheeroh can i have a one on one with u? I am not young but interested.

  • This is such an awesome experience and testimony from Frida. I’m a newbie on Upwork and this journey has really taught me to be patient. I’m sure my mentors @David M @Sheero K here can testify I’m not patient at times. Almost a month now and am still learning on how to be a successful freelancer. Highly recommend Upwork.

  • Wow! I almost gave up after the first test. Thanks Sheeroh for that motivation.
    I thought many freelancers try it just once and make it unlike me who scored badly.
    I won’t give up!

    • Which test exactly Carol? Nevertheless, freelancing isn’t for the fainthearted. There are sites that require you to take tests and you might fail severally before you finally pass. There are sites like Upwork where you need to bid regularly and be very patient before you land your first gig. Determination pays! Great attitude Carol. Hang in there.

  • This is inspiring. I however lost morale when i failed my transcribe test in chapter five. Thats almost four months ago!! Plz Sheeroh is it possible to redo the tests again? I got like 2 trials remaining. I really want to do this.

  • Hellow , Fridah thanks for the inspiration..i agree at times one feels like giving up but you have proved otherwise to top it up you manage with a young one too,Congrats. Sheero that’s a good job i feel motivated..Be Blessed.

  • This is the encouragement I needed so much. I gave up bidding on upwork but I’ll give it a try today. Thank you so much Fridah and Sheeroh.

    • Hello Nita. If you have good English and listening skills, then transcription will be a good freelancing gig for you. There are other online jobs available and I encourage you to get my ebook for more detailed info.

  • That testimony is so encouraging especially to newbies and those who’ve not yet started.

    I feel so motivated.

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